iPhone 4 & apps + girls lunch

This past weekend my brother came in town. He was needing a new phone so he asked if he could buy mine. I went by AT&T to see if I was due for an upgrade. Sure enough, they said yes. So, the I got the iPhone4 for $100 after my brother split the cost with me. Now he has a perfectly good working phone and I have a new phone :)

I’m loving it. I will tell you the biggest difference is the camera. I also think the phone, in general, is faster. We all know I love using the camera. My old phone didn’t have the video option. I’m excited to have a flash as well. The only picture of Me, Brent & Cohen, where Brent and I are looking at the camera, was taken with my old iPhone. Since, the old phone didn’t have give the option to shoot or save the images in high quality, the picture prints a bit blurry. I still framed it. I’ve tried everything I can, but you can’t add pixels that weren’t there to begin with. I’m glad to know I won’t have any issues like that with the 4.

The guy at the store did convince me to get the OtterBox case. I was pretty against it originally. I thought it was a bit bulky. However, when he told me if something happened to the phone, it would cost $600 to replace, I immediately changed my mind…

Yes, it’s a bit bigger. I don’t mind though. 

I’ve never had many apps. I always hear people talk about them or see an ad, then I usually forget to get it. On my old phone, I had a few photography ones and some randoms. I know iGriza is a pro when it comes to app so I asked her about a few over the weekend. My new favorites I downloaded Saturday are the TV Forecast & Bill Tracker. I think she or someone else had also tweeted a while back letting me know about Prayer Journal. I’ve enjoyed having it.

Yes, a pic of our sweet little guy is my wallpaper. The man who sold me my phone and switched my contacts told me my baby sure was cute. I replied, “aw, I know. Thank you.”…. :)

 I’m loving putting things in folders. I’m going to look for more recipe apps. Right now, I have All Recipes & Whole Foods Recipes.

I like the photo apps a lot. I’ve had ShakeIt, Hipstamatic, PictureShow & Polarize for a little while now. The others I’ve not had too long.

Tuesday, I met some sweet friends for lunch. A few of them wanted to know about ShakeIt, so I showed them….

Katie & Emily

Jessica, Lindsey & myself

Jess’ girls, Penny & Lucy

Man, what did we do before iPhones?! It’s a phone, computer, camera, etc in our hands.

If you have any apps you think I should try, please let me know!!! I love trying new ones!

Hope you are having a good week. Thanks for voting for our nieces & nephew for the Gap casting call.



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    Definitely check out "Wig It" and "Ghosted" for Halloween! You can add scary ghosts to any of your photos.

    Or Monster Meter too, to show the little kids that there aren't any monsters in their rooms. 😉

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    Wow! I just went this afternoon and got the iPhone 4 and the otter case in pink lol. I was against it to but I drop my phone so much that it was the best bet :) I use weather.com app a lot and I also get books on the iPhone so I have a lot of those. I've been looking for picture apps so I'm gonna try the ones you recommend. I'm also currently addicted to the fruit ninja game :)

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    i have iphone envy now! i keep thinking about it, but am worried that the media package on our monthly phone bill will make it crazy high. i need to look into it cause i'm due for an upgrade.

    and that's the sweetest wallpaper ever.

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    I wish so bad my camera had a flash! I have the T-mobile version of the iphone, but no flash. That makes such a difference in picture taking. You look great Megan!
    One of my favorite apps is the Weight Watcher point tracker. B/c when I DO try to keep track of my points it helps 😛 But, I've been bad at it lately. It even has a built-in barcode scanner!

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    My older brother makes apps in his free time. He has made one called "iLight" that turns the flash on the back of the camera into a flashlight. It's really easy when you need a flashlight fast! You can find it under the app store and its .99 I think!

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    I didn't know the Otterbox came in pink! I thought it was only available in black, I agree with you that it's bulky but supposedly it protects your phone like a tank.

    I just recently got an iphone so i'm new to all the apps but I love the DirectTV app, I can set my tivo to record stuff when i'm not home. I've also discovered the groupon app.

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    I just went to AT&T online to see if I was eligible for an upgrade! Sadly I'm not, and I'm not paying the full price for the new phone :( That camera and screen resolution are crazy good! My dad and hubby have one and every time I see theirs I get phone envy. I will have to check out those photography apps, I have so few apps on mine because I just never take the time to search or ask anyone.

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    I'm amazed you don't have shazam! I am sure you know how it works…If you love a song and you wonder who sings it you put your phone up to the radio/stereo and it will tell you and link you up to youtube so you can listen to it! When I'm not listening to XM radio and just regular radio I have used that app at least 10 times a week….

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    Bill tracker?! I think you may have just changed my life!!

    I love my iphone and my bill, with data plan, is actually cheaper than I was paying for the blackberry. People really dont realize how the benefits outweigh the costs!

    Get words with friends! And I love my GReader APP, Netflix app, epicurious (another good recipe one), and sportacular to keep up with my football scores :)

    Have a good Thursday!

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    My hubby has the iPhone 4 & I WANT THAT PHONE!! I have an old iPhone & the 4 is just so much better! My favorite app is DirecTV. I love that I can set the DVR anytime, anywhere!! Shazam is really cool & I'm addicted to Words With Friends.

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    You'll love the 4! We just upgraded from the 3g last month and it is amazing the difference. I am dealing with PCOS and TTC and trying to watch what I eat and monitor carbs, etc. Lose It is a free app, and it amazing for helping me do that! I seriously use it constantly, and in 3 weeks have lost 8 pounds just using it.

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    I LOVE my iPhone! My favorite apps are:

    Pandora & Key Ring (you know all those annoying cards for every place you shop? You can scan them into your phone and just have the checker scan the barcode from your screen. GENIUS! I threw all those annoying cards away and made so much space in my wallet). They're both free!

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    I love my iPhone 4! I'm not sure what I did before I got it. Ha! I'm gonna have to get some of those apps you have! I don't have very many but I don't know which ones I would like!!! Thx for sharing!!!

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    The switch to the 4 was definitely fun for me. I'd agree – faster, and the camera…those were the big pluses. And it's actually smaller size-wise. :) I liked that, too. The clarity of the screen is amazing compared to the other versions.

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    Thanks for the shout out! So glad you got the 4! Some other great apps to try are Instapaper, my lists, iexit is AWESOME for road trips, the kindle app, REEDER
    please do an update post on the otterbox and tell us how you like it and if its worth the $$

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    Love all of your posts! Such a sweet background! Some of my favorite apps are Shazam, Echofon(for twitter), and UYH (this is an app where you can write notes in your own handwriting)! :)

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    Fun!!! I dont have an iphone since I'm still with Sprint. I keep hoping they'll somehow quit being JUST an ATT phone. *sigh* But, whatever. :)

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    I finally just got the iphone4 2 days ago..even though it came out 3 months ago in Canada, I just could NOT find one anywhere!! I've downloaded a lot of the photography ones too and I just love them!

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    I absolutely love my iPhone. I had to stand in line for 9 hours at an Apple grand opening here in Toronto to get it, but totally worth it. I love hearing what apps other people have. I am addicted to Angry Birds. It will actually keep me up at night playing just trying to get all those little green pigs. Have fun with your new phone.

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    I've got to admit that I'm pretty attached to my phone. I use it for everything. The notes function is probably one of my favorite things because I can make a note of all those little passing thoughts I usually forget like change the living room light bulb, was the dogs toys, etc.

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    Few tips:

    1) Search for "Wonderful Life" on the iPhone App store. Download the top App with the stars. Plays sounds from the movie.

    2) Get Uverse so that you'll save on your iPhone 4 bills.


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