Happy Halloween!

Hope you all are having a good weekend!


Brent and I aren’t dressing up this year, but we are still having a pretty good weekend :)

Brent did have the perfect costume picked out for he and Cohen :(

Cohen’s angel outfit is beautiful, I’m sure.

Here we are last year….

My homemade ladybug costume. It did have store bought antennas and wings (forgot to put on for pic).

You may first remember seeing this picture from this post (announcing baby Cohen). We went to a fun party last year, recapped here.

I didn’t use my awesome punch bowl for anything this year, but hopefully I will next year!

As I previously might have mentioned,  most of my fall decor is still in storage. Besides the pumpkins I crafted with here, these are the only Halloween goodies I put out….

Reminder- the link I listed above, that takes you to my pumpkins, also has a Mr. Linky in it if you want to add the link to where you posted about your pumpkins! I love to see everyone’s.

I’ll have a few pics to post from the weekend along with November’s sponsor post and a giveaway!

oh, and I’m planning to do a hair post!


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    I wanted to thank you so much for joining in for Summer B's Daddy Butch's silence day! I know it meant so much to her! She is a great friend of mine and she is just going through so much right now! It really meant alot to me that you joined in on the day of silence as I know you are going through a difficult time and I pray for you and Brent lots too! Love your outfits from last year, and I love that your puppy was a lobster how cute!!

    Where did you get the sparkly skeleton candle? Love it!!


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    You always look so pretty. Love the decor, too. I love anything covered in glitter :) Not typically a skull person but LOVE glittery ones. Cute Cute Cute. The punch bowl is super cute too.


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    Cute costumes! We didnt do anything this year either. SO as I was just reading your post, I decided to go back and read when you announced you were having a baby. And how ironic, Novemeber 3rd, 2009 is the day I found out I was pregnant with our angel Caden. He passed away in April. I know how you feel about being emotional yesterday. I was too. Thinking of you :)

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