Tweets from Daddy (@Cohen)

First off, you may want to get a tissue. I love these but they do make me cry. Who knows if twitter will clear the system some day. I decided I’d blog them so I could have them in my blog book.

Cohen has the best daddy. He use to tweet lots. He tweeted to Cohen and he tweeted to anyone else listening.

I left the date and times by them. The first few were from before Cohen was born. As a reminder, the first two nights, I had to sleep at a different hospital than Cohen and Brent and my brother stayed with him.  I’ll attached the pics he posted with the tweet below the tweet…..

Okay Cohen, now kick mommy in the gallbladder. Haha Fri Apr 23 15:09:23 2010

Taping up Cohen’s room Tue Apr 27 20:12:49 2010

Sitting here with Megan, Cohen, and Elton watching these stuck up, crazy, self-centered, nutballs on “real housewives of NJ”. Haha Thu Apr 29 22:20:31 2010

Happy mothers day honey, from me, Cohen, and Elton. Happy mothers day mother, thanks for the helping and regulating on some yardsale folk Sun May 9 14:30:02 2010

5:15 Just entered the hospital for Cohen’s big day 5:28 AM Jun 7th

The baby has landed. 9:50 AM Jun 7th

Cohen is doing good 10:33 AM Jun 7th

Just went to see Cohen in the NICU, he’s doing okay, he gave me his best Elvis impression 12:41 PM Jun 7th

Some tender loving care 1:59 PM Jun 7th

Just received great news, the arteries are flowing well! Possibility of other options! 9:07 PM Jun 7th

I’m jacked up higher than Lindsay L*han in a sniffing contest at the top of Mt. Everest! My son has the heart of a Lion 9:10 PM Jun 7th

I’ve finally decided to take a moment to celebrate the birth of my son. My gift to him is that I am now taking a shower. 10:22 PM Jun 7th

You and the hospital staff asked for it son, now I’m delivering 10:23 PM Jun 7th

Just went and saw the boy and He’s doing well. We’ve got a big day tomorrow so mom, boy, and dad need some good sleep. Daddy loves you guys. Tue Jun 8 23:34:48 2010

Cohen just went into surgery, I swear he gave me a fist bump on the way in. Wed Jun 9 16:18:45 2010

First call came in, he’s been prepped and is doing well, next call in an hour Wed Jun 9 16:45:07 2010

Second update… On bypass and everything is still okay next update around 6:30 Wed Jun 9 17:27:22 2010

Latest update, a good amount of repair has been done and we are still in good shape. Hang in there son we’re right there with you. Wed Jun 9 18:32:05 2010

NEWS FLASH! He’s off bypass and doing well, heart is beating on it’s own and now they will be observing to make sure everything is okay Wed Jun 9 19:34:38 2010

Next update in 1 hour Wed Jun 9 19:35:02 2010

BT is one happy puppy so far Wed Jun 9 19:36:57 2010

Operation went well! Just met with Doctor and he feels good. Cohen will be available for us to see in an hour or so. Wed Jun 9 20:44:00 2010

The year Cohen was born, the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup after 49 years! Your Welcome Chicago!! Wed Jun 9 23:19:08 2010

Rough first day post-op, knew these days would come. Hang in there son, everyone is behind you. JCVD has nothing on your Lion heart Thu Jun 10 10:54:16 2010 (I asked what JCVD is and it’s Jean-Claude Van Damme. So, that’s movie talk, haha.)

Going to explain to Cohen how to call the Hogs soon. Razorback nation let out one big Hog call and show him how it’s done. Thu Jun 10 11:56:48 2010

Opp I think he heard you guys Thu Jun 10 11:58:02 2010

I think the hospital blankets they give us here actually make your body colder? It’s Freakin’ FREEZING in here Mr. Biggelsworth Thu Jun 10 13:21:13 2010

We seem to be doing alright in here, doctor came by a min ago and said things are looking good Thu Jun 10 15:38:55 2010

All is quiet around D-wing right now. Cohen and I are just nappin’. Thu Jun 10 17:14:20 2010

Just went and saw him, he’s holding strong Thu Jun 10 22:17:48 2010

Cohen is having to have a little surgery tonight. He’s been doing well today, and he just needs a little adjusting. My Mighty Cohen Fri Jun 11 21:56:03 2010

If anyone’s listening up there, now would be the time for a miracle Sat Jun 12 11:33:54 2010

@StephenAtHome Stephen, my wife and I are loyal fans, our little boy is in children’s medical (born 6/7/10) could use some Colbert humor. Sat Jun 12 17:54:52 2010

@ArkRazorbacks The Marshall’s (Brent, Megan, Cohen, & Elton) wish the Hogs best of luck tonight. Woo Pig Sooie!!! Sat Jun 12 19:13:19 2010

Another tough morning ahead, my little man can handle it Sun Jun 13 10:17:17 2010

Cohen, mommy and daddy are so proud of you for being so tuff. You will prove the world wrong again. Sun Jun 13 13:12:50 2010

Thank you to our great friends the Cermak’s, it’s because of you I have indigestion on top of my nerves.haha just kidding, thanks! Sun Jun 13 15:29:20 2010

Hi, accepting any and all reasons, causes, & solutions for why lactic acidosis levels would continue to rise in a neonatal. Has heterotaxy Sun Jun 13 19:37:47 2010

I’m pretty sure Cohen’s favorite song is “I Ran – Flock of Seagulls”? Don’t know why, he just really likes that song. Mon Jun 14 22:39:43 2010

Just listened to latest doctor rounds, they say Cohen is still hanging in there. All vitals holding strong and LAC# is decreasing Tue Jun 15 08:29:43 2010

K mission! Looking for alternative sterile coverings that dont have gooey w/ wetness of any type. Meant to go on skin. Using DuoDerm Wed Jun 16 14:26:49 2010

Thanks to everyone who sent in their suggestions, the great nursing staff here @ Childrens was able to develop a new dressing for him Thu Jun 17 01:33:16 2010

Thk you for all the prayers. My boy was the sweetest and the time we spent together was the greatest father’s day gift a dad could ask for. Sun Jun 20 16:29:12 2010

I love you, honey. I loved/love your tweets. You are such a good daddy!

PS – My Brent quote of the day (he said this last night) “I might be going out on a limb here, but next to you and Cohen, I would say the prettiest thing is cheese on a burger.” haha yes, he makes me laugh. 

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  1. says

    What a touching post! What a loving daddy! Cohen is a very lucky little boy to have a daddy that loves him so much.

    I did need a tissue, so thank you for the heads up! :)

    And that last line is too funny!

    Continuing to think of your family and pray for peace and comfort for your hearts!

  2. says

    Such a sweet post! Your husband is such a great daddy and you can tell from his tweets that he cherished every second with your sweet boy. You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers!

  3. says

    YEP, you're right…totally needed the tissues. He stayed so positive throughout and knew his boy was a fighter from the very beginning! what a fabulous Daddy!

  4. says

    You're right, I need a tissue!
    This was awesome! Thank you so much for sharing. We got to learn a side of Brent! Cohen is a lucky little one to have two loving parents, along with the rest of his supports! Know he's looking down on you with a smile!

  5. says

    This was a very sweet post. I loved all his tweets and his humor. I really liked his latest quote at the end of the post. Even though it was funny, it was also the sweetest comment ever!!! You are truely blessed to have such a wonderful husband and Cohen was blessed to have such a wonderful daddy.

  6. says

    I love his sense of humor and how positive he (and you!) were throughout Cohen's life!

    My fave: "The baby has landed."

    It's so great that he makes you laugh. That's definitely a good thing in a marriage! :)

  7. says

    Awww those texts were so sweet. Since I'm not on twitter it was so great to see all the sweet things Brent said about little Cohen. :)

    And the "Brent quote of the day" was hilarious!!!

  8. says

    That was a precious post Megan! Brent has a wonderful sense of humor despite all you both have been through…he is truly an amazing Daddy and always will be! And you an amazing Mommy :)

  9. says

    Crying a river. For real. And holding Elle a little tighter. You are an angel! A precious soul. And, your Brent, is an amazing daddy! I can't wait for Cohen to be a big brother!

  10. says

    Thank you for sharing Brent's tweets. Made me smile and cry.

    Love the one-liner about the cheese. Although, your four-legged baby might be a little upset he wasn't mentioned with you and Cohen :)

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