not only do I love to share sweet Brent and Cohen with you all.....

but we really do have such a sweet doggie...

Elton Xavier....

is super cool.

He gets us through a lot of moments. We have always said we treat him like a child. I'm afraid it's true now more than ever. We are so glad to have him.


Thank you all for the sweet comments yesterday. Brent read them as well. He blushed. He thanks you too. I love him..and his tweets from Cohen's hospital stay.

So glad it is Friday! I am heading to the dermatologist this morning. I have two places on my face I want to get checked out for safe measures. I'm a freckle girl. 8:15 is early today. I stay up too late. It's raining and I've been tempted to crawl back in bed. I probably would if my dermo wasn't the bomb in getting me in 16 hours after I call. He is a multiple month out kind of doctor, so it was quite nice of him. I also like doctors who occasionally call me on the phone themselves. I think I actually go see my nurse to get measurements taken today as well. Yikes. I also think I'll be scheduling with my OB to have a look at my ovaries in hopes of cysts being gone...or at least not as many. Lots to do today, yes. Pick.up.Brent.a.toothbrush. I can't remember how many mornings I've told myself that. It's now been two weeks...oops.

I will be curious to see how this pans out...
LOTS of red. Uh, do I have a red shirt or dress clean/in my closet? Hmmm. Do I have jeans I can wear?....that fit? Bigger hmmm.

Don't forget the Keep Calm prints giveaway here.



  1. I love my dog so much. Don't know what I would ever do without him. It's sickening, I know but he has seen me through everything. God bless the doggies, huh?

    I used to forget buying things too so I stocked up at Costco on toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, shampoo. I think we're good for a year ;)

  2. Such a handsome boy :)

    Good luck with all the Dr. Appts!

  3. I'm wondering how the game will turn out too ... I can't believe people have been camping out since Tuesday to get in!

  4. What an adorable/handsome/freaking gorgeous dog! He looks like such a sweetie!

    Hope the Dr. visits go well!

  5. Elton was what drew me to your blog to begin with. Then I started reading about sweet Cohen and I've been hooked since.

    We have two Boston Terrors, er Terriers. They are our children as well. If you want to ever hang out with other crazy BT owners, come by www.woofboard.com. It's a forum for BT owners.

    Good luck at the dr's!

  6. Seriously, your dog is the cutest thing EVER!!!! I’ll be rooting for the Hogs!!! :)

  7. Elton makes my heart melt. He reminds me so much of our Boston Coco. I don't know what we'd do without her!

  8. Elton is such a cutie. My aunt has three female Boston Terriers - her house is always in an uproar!

    I'm all Vol, but I'm highly interested in the Bama/Arkansas game. My uncle is an Arkansas alumni and still lives in the area. I'm hoping to get to catch some of it in between our game and tailgating activities.

  9. I will have to show our yorkie, Rylie, Elton's pretty pictures. I'm sure she will have a crush on him! He is awfully cute! :)

    Now.. all that red you posted, not so cute! We bleed blue...GO CATS! :)

  10. Elton is adorable! I love Boston terriers because they always look like they know something we don't.

  11. Elton is adorable...isn't it true how they're there for you when you need them? No judgments, just love. Also, that b&w chair he's sitting on is so stylish, I love it!

    You made me smile about remembering to get Brent a toothbrush. I've spent the last week forgetting to get garbage bags and I've been to the store like 7 times. ;)

  12. Elton is so adorable. My husband and I have a BT as well. Her name is Bean, and she just turned 3. We totally treat her like a baby, since, well, she is out only "child" right now :) I've been reading your blog for a few months now -- you do a wonderful job, and I enjoy reading your posts.

  13. I heart Elton! I LOVE those chairs in your front room. In fact, I love your whole front room.

  14. Elton is a hunk :) Lol. Our pets are our "kiddos" too. We have a BT mix and small Beagle. We love them dearly. They really are a comfort!
    And sometimes as much work as kids!

  15. Oh sweet Elton!

    I love those chairs he's sitting in! Gorgeous!

    Hope your appointments go well today. And praying for no cysts at all!!

    I need to pick up deoderant. I've needed to do that for two weeks. hmm...

  16. Elton is such a cutie!! Hope your dr's appts go well. :)

    I went to Alabama, so I have to say Roll Tide! I'm so ready for the game this weekend.

  17. I'm so glad you all have Elton. There are so many times in life that my dogs have gotten me through. Just because they love us so unconditionally.

    That last photo is so cute!

  18. Such cute pictures of Elton! I'm actually interested in how that game will turn out too, and I'm not even an Arkansas fan, but I would looove to see them beat Bama. Thinking and praying about you and all your dr's appointments.

  19. You have such a cute doggie! I'll be cheering for Hogs this time but on October 9th I will be cheering for the Aggies!!! I hope your doctors appointment went well!

  20. I know I've told you over & over...but, I love Elton! I'll keep you in my prayers & I hope your appointments go good!

    <3 Bon

  21. Your dog has such a sweet personality - I swear it really shines in every photo.

    Yay for amazing derm doctors - mine takes months to see me - even for something that's an "emergency." Bah.

  22. Love the pic with your little boy. Good luck at the game today too!!

  23. Go Hogs & Gators!! Beat the Tide.


  24. love, LOVE your blog! and w/ that being said...

    (sorry - just had to throw that in)

    hope yal have a beautimous day!

  25. He is so precious. And I LOVE the chair he is sitting in!

  26. Your dog is just so adorable!!! I hope you had a good day.

    I have everything almost ready for the fundraiser. I am just trying to figure out the details on how people will pay. I'll let you know when it starts.

    Have a good weekend cute girl!


  27. He is so cute! I prayed for you today. I hope your appointment went well!

  28. Awww Elton, so handsome and always camera ready! What would we ever do without our dogs?


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