Let’s see..since my post on Friday, I’ve gone to the doctor, gone to Fayetteville and my sis-in-law, Mandy, had her baby!

Let’s start off with the doctor. I went to the dermatologist Friday morning. He was wonderful and got me in quick. He saw that a little cyst above my lip needed to be lanced off. I asked if it would be okay to be in public because I was going out of town. He asked where I was going. Well, anywhere I go..someone is going to me, right!? haha. I think was a bit more paranoid. Once it was over, I felt like I had a bad collagen job or something. After the numbing shot wore off, it HURT for about an hour or two. Then, I was left with a tiny little bruise and a puffy upper lip.

While at the dermatologist, I lifted up my sleeve to the inside of my wrist and said, “look, I’m still allergic to black dye.” He laughed and said that it did appear so. My sister-in-law, Morgan, does hair and I thought I should test it out to see if the allergy has gone away. I dyed my hair off and on for years. Then, in 2008, I broke out all over my body. Even though my OLD dermatologist said that it wouldn’t be an allergy, I drove myself to the allergy clinic for a patch test to find out that I had, indeed, become allergic to black dye. It’s technical term is paraphenylenediamine (PPD) and it is NOT my friend. I’ll be in search of an au natural dye for when I go gray. Let’s just say, I now still have a puffy lip (which you probably can see in the pics below) and I’m on a steroid cream. Last night my wrist was looking much worse than when my doc saw it Friday. I emailed him a picture and he said it looked like a severe allergy contact dermatitis. He called me in a cream to put on it. Way to go, Megan. I can’t wear black or dark clothes without washing them at least once or twice before wearing them. It’s awesome.

I didn’t go to my nurse for weigh in and such on Friday. That is going to be Wednesday. Hopefully this week I will also know when I’ll be going back to the OB.

Friday afternoon, we headed to Fayetteville. It was planned as a “guys weekend” for Brent and Kyle. However, I decided I wanted to go see a few of my friends as well. They kind of did their thing and I did mine. I almost backed out Thursday night. I had a little break down. It, like many other things, was going to be a “first”. The first time to Fayetteville…without Cohen. Had it not been for Fayetteville, there would have been no Cohen. Brent and I met there 8 years ago this month. Brent talked me into going and I’m so glad I did. I’m not to thrilled about how the game ended up, but the sea of red was oh-so-fun…

Sometime, I’m going to lots more pictures of the tailgating areas. I’ve only tailgated at a few other schools, but I’d be willing to bit Arkansas is WAY high up there in team spirit. It has to be a 10 mile radius of the above.

Sweet razorback treats could be found everywhere….

major team spirit…..

I’ve never seen as many stuffed elephants as I did on Saturday. I mean people built little fake roasting pits. It was hilarious.

Most of the pics below are from Friday night. I bet you can guess which one isn’t…

Last night between 12 and 1am, my sister-in-lawish, Mandy, had baby Paxton! HERE is where I went to/posted about Mandy’s shower. I didn’t think I could handle going the hospital, but I did receive a few pictures and how PRECIOUS is he!?…..

I love him already. Brent and I will be going over to visit when they get home!


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    Paxton is so sweet… love his tiny little face :)

    Those piggie cupcakes are adorable. I know it's a razorback but when I was dating my boyfriend (who also went to school in Fayetteville), I started calling them piggies and it just stuck. Glad you went… and even more glad you had such a good time.

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    Congrats to your family on the new baby! He's precious!

    I know it must have been hard to head to Fayetteville, but good for you for going. It probably did you so good to get out there for a bit. And you look gorgeous. I don't see a puffy lip anywhere!!

    And what happened to your boys?!?! Girl I was pulling for the Hogs big time!

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    i was at the game on saturday and i can definitely say that arkansas fans have AMAZING spirit…so so fun! hope your lip gets to feeling better and the reaction goes away soon!!

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    I'm loving all of your collages! I did my first one the other day and I think it hooked me! It was so easy! I'm sure that it must have been so hard for you to go to Fayetteville missing a very important piece of your family. But I'm glad that you were able to do it. Cohen wouldn't want you guys to miss out on any of these things that you guys love to do.

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    So glad that you had a good weekend! You look beautiful at the game! Congrats to your family on the new addition. I love how you are editing your pictures and putting them in collages, so fun!

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