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As you know, Brent is a HUGE razorback fan. He sent me the link to two shirts that he wanted. I ordered the one from the top link. I figured he liked them both and it was the least expensive (less than $20, including shipping). Two days later, he sent me the second link and said he liked it best. RATS. I ordered the second shirt. Two shirts and $40 later, I decided I wanted to send a child in need a pair of shoes. That’s right, I had been wanting the glitter TOMS Shoesand I finally got them…..

{a pair of new shoes is given to a child in need with every pair of TOMS Shoespurchased}

Now, Brent and I have our fall items that we were wanting :) haha. We spent less than $100 and a sweet kiddo has some sweet shoes.

Remember yesterday when I posted that my sister-in-lawish, Mandy, had her baby? Well my MIL (the photographer) posted the delivery slideshow HERE. 

It made me watch Cohen’s slideshow a few times. It made me miss him a little harder today. I’m not any less happy for Mandy and I love baby Paxton! It’s just that feeling that I can’t explain. It comes and usually don’t stay for long.

I still need to post Cohen’s Memorial slideshow.

Brent showed up last night with pretty flowers….

I think he likes how excited I get. And I know he knows they make me feel good if I was having a sadder day.

Speaking of flowers, he brought these home a few weeks ago and I don’t think I posted a pic. Super pretty…

AND my mom planted my planter pretty too….

Yesterday, I purchased these cuties….

There will be some paint involved. I’ll post those when I’m done.

I really want to learn to like pumpkin flavor better. I’m thinking of making some pumpkin seeds. I remember having those before and liking them. I think I’ll look for a cinnamon & sugar recipe. Anyone have one they want to share??

I want to share these wonderful beanie cuddle things. I’m not sure their names. I’m not really sure the details. Our sweet friend Sasha gave them to Brent and I and they are AMAZING! You put them in the microwave and heat them. They STAY warm for a LONG time. You don’t have to deal with a cord for a heating pad or anything. Maybe you can cool them too. I’ve not tried that yet…

I posted a recipe for delicious stuffed red peppers HERE.

Last night, I was emailed a prayer request that broke my heart. Honestly, there are so many people out there that could use prayers. This girl, Leslie, was pregnant with twins. She went into labor at 19 weeks. One baby was stillborn and the other passed a few minutes after birth. Not long after, amniotic fluid filled Leslie’s lungs and ended up causes her to have a heart attack. She is currently on life support. Leslie’s husband lost his first wife already and he and Leslie have been raising their three kids. SO SAD. Story HERE.

I’m saying lots of prayers for Summer as baby brownie makes their way.

My heart has also been heavy for Daniel & Lyndsi as their adoption process took a heartbreaking turn. 

Please continue to pray for babies/kiddos Bowen, Ewan, Hailey, Max & Brayden. I know these aren’t near all the ones that need our prayers, but these you can know their specific prayers by reading the blogs.

Also, my brother made a move for work and could probably use prayers too! He is many hours away from us in Texas!

Have a good day!



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    I've been following for a little while and finally decided to comment. I have those shoes too and I love them! I was a little worried about the sparkle and how they would match with my clothes, but they really go with everything! Now that I have a pair of TOMS I want a dozen more! Have a good day!

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    The girl, Leslie, you told about in your blog is a friend of my brother-in-law and sister-in-law….they go to church with them…I already have prayed many times for them today.
    On a lighter note…I loved the glitter shoes…may have to find those here.

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    Awww, love Paxton's slideshow, his wide eyes make me laugh, so sweet. I can't imagine all of the conflicting emotions that you must feel when someone close to you (or not close to you) has a baby. I don't like pumpkin much, but I do love pumpkin seeds. I make mine with seasoned salt, but I love the idea of cinnamon and sugar, yum!

    I will definitely say a prayer for all of those families. I feel like this year has been an especially tough one for so many families and their babies, I know so many IRL and blog friends going through difficulties and it breaks my heart for each and every one of them.

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    I love your Toms! I've heard they're super comfy! Do you agree?! I want some, but would love your review!!

    Saying prayers for those families in need of love and support right now…Thanks for posting, girlie…

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    love the shoes…can't wait to see the painted son's name is paxton, too!!! i love your paxton's bright eyes..thinking of you and brent:)

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    This is my first visit to your blog. Thank you for visiting mine and leaving your mark (via a comment.) From what I've read, you are an amazingly strong person with a incredibly loving heart!! I am so happy to find you.

    Happy fall …

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    I love your Tom's! I saw the silver ones online and thought they were really pretty. I never liked Tom's before, but once they became all "fancy" they started growing on me and now I think I need a pair. And for such a great cause, too!

    Those are some beautiful flowers you have, too!

    I read some of the blogs of the families that you're praying for and they are also in my prayers. Thank you for sharing!

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    I love your shoes! They remind me of the Wizard of Oz. I hope Summer gets her baby boo so badly it hurts! And all the others who need prayers so badly…God has a plan! I can't wait to see what you do with the pumpkins!!!

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