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I’ve never been very crafty. I LOVE to look at crafty DIY projects but I’m just not too great at executing them myself. Therefore, I very rarely think of something on my own. Thank goodness for magazines and blogs! Something else I’m thankful for is Hobby Lobby. They have more colors of acrylic paint than I knew of colors that existed. Do you remember this post? I hit an after Christmas sale and got a TON of stuff for pretty much nothing. That is kind of how I felt yesterday….

The real little pumpkin did not come from Hobby Lobby, but it’s involved in a project.My mom also gave me some acorns..

I also got this…

Not all the little projects will involve pumpkins. My mom gave me these forever ago. They were in their old house. I think I could change them up a bit. I’ve gotten advice from my friend, Kristen, on them..

Are you working on any fall crafty-type projects? 
Maybe I could do a linky for you to show me ? ; ) I’ve seen a few linkys on other blogs for projects and I could spend hours looking through them all. Unfortunately, that’s the unproductive part, haha. 
I spent a few hours in the Urgent Care with Brent this morning. A line drive softball hit him in the foot last night and he came home hopping on the opposite foot. He woke up this morning with it feeling worse. He had x-rays done and it turns out to be a badly bruised bone. We left the doctor with his foot wrapped in a bandage and hobbling on crutches.  :( Boo. I feel bad for him, but hopefully it heals quickly.
In other news, I’m starting Provera today. Anyone taken in before? 
Thank you for all the sweet comments on Cohen and his Beads of Courage :) 

I got several emails with questions on the Beads of Courage program. Once I find the answers to your questions, I will definitely write you back. I promise I’m trying to get to all the emails.

Tomorrow, I’ll be doing an October sponsor and advertising update post. Lots of newbies this month. Check back because a few of them are offering great deals to my readers!


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    Good luck with your crafts. I'm trying to make a disney autograph book for my nephew…but my craft room is under construction since the basement is getting finished.

    I'd love to know how to donate to the beads of courage. We have tons of beads. I think the program is so awesome especially having seen little ones having to go through such big stuff.

    Provera might make you more crampy. I took it in 1999. You take it for 10 days and af should start within 10 days. Good luck to you.


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    Hey! I have taken Provera… a bunch! I think at least like 5 times. The only side effect I really have had from it was fatigue. It always made me feel sooo sleepy!! But other than that I tolerated it great! I have PCOS too and the Provera did exactly what it was supposed to do! My doc told me that if I didn't start within a few days after I completed it to take a test, that sometimes it can cause us PCOSers to ovulate! (But that didn't happen with me!) But good luck! I hope you tolerate it okay!!

    Btw… what is your dose for the hcg injections? I am taking them for a "trigger shot" for ovulation induction and just curious in the variation of doses. We are about to increase my dose.

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    Yay, I can't wait to see all of your finished craft projects! I'm very interested to see what you're doing with your pumpkins this year :) Poor Brent! I hope his foot heals up quickly!

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    I'm feeling very crafty too! There is so much inspiration in the blog world…the hard part is narrowing down what I'm going to do (and actually executing it). I'll have to make a trip to Michael's for supplies :)

    Sending get well wishes to Brent!

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    Hey! This is my first comment on your blog….I've been a blurker for a while. I love being crafty, but I don't think the execution is that great!!

    I have taken Provera before and I had no side effects and it worked perfectly! Blessings!!

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    I love all the ideas on the DIY projects in the blog word but I have never been very crafty myself! I wish I could help you out there but no such luck here. I cant wait to see yours though! :)

    Sending well wishes to Brent! Hope he has a quick recovery.

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    I took provera for the first time last month. No bad side effects really, maybe a bit more tired and moody. Took it for 10 days and started 3 days after. Was supposed to take clomid after, but had an emergency appendectomy `instead : no chance of pregancy for at least a month for me! But I hear nothing but positive and safe things about Provera, hope you have a positive experience with it too!
    Continued prayers for you and your family :)

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    I have taken Provera on two different occasions now. It was prescribed because my doctor suspects that I have PCOS (she never called back after the test results, so I don't know if I do or not- need to find a new doc asap!). It was given to me to help my husband and I conceive as I have very few periods without the help of birth control or other meds. No success so far though. I took mine for 10 days and started my period 3 or 4 days later. No side effects for me. Good luck!

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    I am always more crafty around this time of year! I never want to do anything around the house in the summer. :/

    I just took Provera this month (I'd taken it before, when I got pregnant with my son 3 1/2 years ago) to start a period. I was only on it for 5 days, twice a day, and I started on the third day after. I did have some more cramping, but nothing too bad. Now I've started Clomid and shots, with hopefully an IUI in about a week and a half.

    Good luck!

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    I can't wait to see your projects that you do! You always do such cute stuff!! I hope this medicine helps, no idea what it is, but praying for you often!!

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    Good luck with your fall projects! I diffently get more crafty in the fall/winter months. I love it!!

    I recently took Provera due to not having a period for 8 months. I took it for 7 days, started my period and then took Clomid for 5 days. I am waiting to see if worked! If it doesn't work I have to start the process over. My Dr. is going to give it 3 rounds and then we will move on to the next step. Good luck with everything! I will keep you in my prayers <><


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