Stationery vs Stationary

I’ve learned a few lessons today.

Don’t write your blog post at 7am when you wake up.

When you get ready to post it at 10am, PROOF read it now that you are a little bit more awake.

I’m speaking to myself here.

I DO know the difference between stationery and stationary. Not only did I mis-use it, I think I left an ‘n’ out of it at one point. So, of course that post was up for about six hours until I actually read it again. So, to the few of you that read it the first time, sorry :) I promise I will try to wake up before creating a blog post and then proof read, haha.

{Credit to Erin & Nina :) }

See cute stationEry in the previous post :)



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    The fact that I didn't even notice shows how not awake I am in the morning! It happens to us all! I do that on status updates all the time, and have to go back and rewrite them. I am OCD like that!

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    Hey we've all been there! No biggie at all. A little story to make you feel better, I referenced making something from scratch as "wholemade" instead of "homemade" on my blog and my family will probably NEVER let me forget it. Now every time we are home they say "hey these are WHOLEMADE." Pretty funny really! Happy Day to you xx Nina

    p.s. glad my little gift to Erin came in handy for this post too :)

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