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I hope you all had a good weekend :)

So I’m trying to tackle my thank you notes. It has been QUITE a slow process. I tried to get a handful sent out before I delivered. Of course, now, I have a large amount to go. I LOVE stationery and I LOVE sending thank you notes. However, my situation now tends to make me very sad when I write them. Every time I start to write about them, I just think about Cohen and how wonderful he was and how blessed we were to have him. I think about all the lives he has touched. My tears literally fall on the stationary. The ink smears and then I stop and give up for the day. So, therefore I’ve averaged like one thank you note every other week since we got home from Dallas. That is what has gotten mailed and not ruined.

Anyways, I’ve decided I really need to try to pull it together and get a few more done at a time. I’ve gotten such sweet stationery from family and friends. I wanted to share some of the personalized.

Most of these I have already used. My mother-in-law made these before my little brunch. I think they are precious and I love all the little sonogram pictures I have…

Inside of card…

One of my besties, Allison, made these for me. I love them.

I ordered these not long after we found about Cohen’s little heart. We had some friends and family make many nice gestures and I thought these would be so simple and sweet. I’ll still be sending them out :)

These I’ve had forever. Traditional monogram that I love.

For a while, my table will look like this…..

Thanks for being patient with me. And please know I am SO thankful to everyone for everything, even if you haven’t or don’t get a thank you note! I am also SUPER paranoid I’ll forget to send someone’s out. We’ve had FIVE addresses that have been given out in the past 3 months. I try to jot things done and hopefully I’ve complied it all correctly onto one list!

I just posted a yummy tea recipe here :)
We had a nice weekend and I’ll be back soon to do a little re-cap!


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    I too love sending cards through the mail… but I can't begin to imagine how hard these must be for you to write. And that sonogram picture of your sweet little man is so sweet- his smile melts my heart.

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    Don't rush yourself. Everyone understands why it's hard to write these kind of thank you notes. The thank you cards are so nice, especially the one with Cohen's sonogram picture.

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    Megan, darling….you do NOT need to send me a thank you! Chalk one off of your list to do. I know you are grateful. Thank you notes are hard enough to do when it is a joyful occasion! Love you.

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    those cards are precious =)

    i love sending cards in the mail!
    i am praying for you as you tackle this task and pray that the Lord will give you the strength to get through them megan!!

    pace yourself and don't let it become a burden!!!

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    I can't speak for your friends or family but I would have to assume that NONE of them would expect a thank you note! That's just too hard for you! Give yourself a break! It is cute stationery, though!

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