Our weekend

Hi everyone ~ Hope you all had a good weekend!

****Please pray for this sweet heart baby, Ella. She is in Dallas and has just had her second heart surgery. She is two weeks old.

A few things first….
*Thanks so much for all the comments on the PCOS post. I greatly appreciate all the encouraging words. I also love to everyone’s stories.
*The falsies mascara comes off easy for me. I use baby oil to take my eye makeup off.
*I think I forgot to mention, I LOVE the idea of using the chalkboard paint on mr.piggie. Well, I hadn’t named him, but since I just called him mr.piggie, maybe that will be his name.
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We had a nice weekend. It is STILL so hot here. We didn’t really feel much like getting out and about. Friday night we stayed in. I enjoyed my shrimp and celery, haha. Brent and I watched Dateline, Primetime, 20/20, etc. We love those shows. I feel like we may have watched a movie, but I can’t remember which one. We’ve been wanting to go to the movie, but I need to wait until I’ve gained a little more willpower to avoid the popcorn! ha.

Saturday, most of the day, we were pretty lazy! We have a ton to do but we just didn’t feel up to doing it. We did a few things around the house. Brent watered the yard. This heat is doing a number on it. For dinner, we went to dinner with two other couples, one in which we had not seen in a while. The other, being Jess & Kyle. You should have heard how confused our waiter seemed when I asked for a handful of romaine and a few shrimp : / Jess snapped two pictures with her iphone. I wish my iphone had the flash! Although, it does kind of make my face look bright and white!

Yesterday, I spent some time with these cuties. I will tell you, the love them some shells & cheese! The eat lots of other things, but if they could pick just one….”shells” would be it. Oh, they are our nieces :)

This is back-tracking a bit, but Friday Jess did a “What’s in your fridge post?” and I thought it was too funny. I didn’t have time to blog mine but I snapped a few pics and tweeted them to her, haha. Here is our fridge. Quite bare as we are only cooking fresh and my diet is so limited right now.

Sunday was filled with more laziness! I don’t know what our deal was. We watched some interesting show, well many episodes of it, on the IFC channel. We did do some grocery shopping at Target.

That about sums the weekend up!

Monday went pretty good. I did start out the day by getting the “how’s that baby of yours?” question. Luckily, it was from someone who did know I was going to Dallas and that Cohen had some heart conditions. She just did not know the outcome. I handled it pretty well.

I do marketing. I probably have 500 people that I “market” to in town. Some, the ones I was closer to, knew about Cohen’s diagnoses before I left for Dallas. Some did not. With that being said, my boss and I are changing up my position for now, in several ways, which will all be for the best!

I’m ready for fall. Anyone else?



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    On Friday someone asked me when we're going to get to work on having kids. I kind of just sat there with my mouth open, making weird "uh, um, er" noises. SO awkward. Although I think my situation pales in comparison to yours, I still understand those questions that kind of punch you in the heart.

    So sorry :(

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    I am SO ready for fall – it's been beyond hot here, too. Football and cooler weather = major excitement!

    So sorry that you had to answer the dreaded question – I know it doesn't get easier, but you are a continual inspiration to all of us.

    I could eat dinner with your nieces any time :)

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    That could be the most beautiful photo of a fridge, makes me want to go clean mine out…but once I start I'll probably get hungry and then just eat instead of cleaning.

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    Girl, I STILL love me some shells & cheese! I know it's just one big brick of preservatives, but there is just something comforting about macaroni (or queso!) made with Velveeta!

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    I LOVE LOVE LOVE fall. Halloween, pumpkins, the leaves, ahhh so nice. However we're never satisfied enough are we? In the spring we just say we want to swim all the time and are ready for summer!!

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    Im so ready for fall too! I need to do a post on whats in my fridge.. but clean it out first!! Hope we can get together soon! Ive missed you!! Always thinking about you lots and praying lots and lots! You are one of the bravest girls I have ever met! I love that you share your life on your blog with us:) xoxoxo

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    I have an almost full can of chalkboard spray paint if you want to borrow it for Mr. Piggie. Thanks for posting the link to my post. I wish everyone would follow the instructions. :)

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    I'm definitely ready for a break from this heat! Bring on the fall (and football too!).

    Your fridge looks like something I could shop out of. Ours is way too empty!

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    I want some shells and cheese noW! Such cuties they are , the heat is doing a number on our yard here too! Glad you got out with some friends for dinner, you look beautiful! I just cried for you about having to answer the question about Cohen, I can not fathom how tough that was. Praying for you constantly sweet friend.

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    I def know how it is when the waiter looks at you weird when you order just lettuce. I have PCOS also and am also trying to loss weight. I will order my chicken or shrimp and when they ask what side I want I say…"Just lettuce". "OH you wanted a salad?"…"No just lettuce please!" LOL Hang in there its all for the best!

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    Hey sweetie!! Just wanted to stop by and comment :)!! Glad to see you are doing okay and I pray for you all the time!! If yall come up for any hog games, let us know :)!

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