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Thank you all for the sweet comments on my post yesterday. My day started off a bit unpleasant, but by noon I was actually happy and in a good mood. The sun was shinning and it was actually, sightly cool outside. Ya know, cool being 90 instead 109. I tried not to dwell on the things person I don’t have, but the things people I do. I tried not to dwell on the fact that two months ago was the last time I held my baby. I so look forward to holding him again someday.

For those of you that asked, the “name frame” that I posted with Cohen’s name in it in this post, can be found here. Emily over at Chocolate Blue makes great name frames :)

I was thinking about some things I like right now. I just thought I would share. 

For a few weeks I was addicted to these things….

I like them…LOTS. If you haven’t had them, run. They are amazing. I can’t eat them right now, but I do dream about them. I’m currently trying to get Brent to take the rest of the container to his office so I’m not tempted. {Don’t worry, this picture was taken only after a few handfuls were missing. It’s halfway gone now.}

The food issues you might have seen me tweet about is related to the PCOS and I will do a blog post on that soon. This is not a likable issue.

A few weeks ago, I saw girls tweeting about the Falsies mascara. So I purchased it. Maybelline, you did good! I like it and highly recommend it.

Lately, I like playing with picture editors. My photography skills, or lack there of, aren’t much to write home about. I’ve been playing, making collages and changing up picture colors. This picture was done on Picnik.com. I have Lightroom too, but I really need a tutorial on it.{this picture was taken on Brent’s birthday 7.12.10}

I’ve not thought of a good name for this guy yet, but I like him….

I’ve not unpacked my picture frames for the kitchen sink window just yet, so he keeps me company when I do dishes. For those of you who don’t know, Brent and I went to Arkansas. We love the hogs. I picked up this little piggie on clearance for a few dollars at Target. I think my handwriting is usually grotesque, but I was thinking of writing “woo pig sooie” or our last name on it in red. Actually, I guess I could do both…one on each side. I don’t even know what paint or brush to get. Will the red paint stand out and be bright on the dark color? Clearly I lack creativity in design.

I’ve not read a magazine in over a year. I’ve not like really read one. I’ve looked at a few, but that’s it. I bought these a week or two ago and I just know I’m going to find time to read them. I like People Style Watch and Vogue lots. I guess there probably isn’t much reading in the Style Watch but you have to pay lots of attention.

Speaking of reading, I’ve been reading some. However, I often feel guilty when I do. When I’m reading, I need to be writing thank you notes. When I’m reading, I need to be unpacking. When I’m reading I need to be sleeping (or trying). I also wanted to read along with this book club. I might still.

These are some yummy summer recipes I’m going to be sharing on my food blog soon. My mom made them all and I liked them all SO much!

I will be doing a monthly post for my sponsors starting in September. For now I wanted to mention two things….

My friend, Tahnie, who is a Stella & Dot Jewelry Stylist, is having a special until the end of August. From now through August 31st, if you hold a trunk show with her you will receive an additional $50 in free jewelry! Even if you don’t live near her, she has had many successful online trunk shows and you can do one of those!

Also, my friend Amanada, who is a Thirty-One Gifts consultant is having an August special. ALL embroidery is only $1 for the month of August! (Normally $6.) If you have any questions, contact her at sunangelac@aol.com.

Both Amanda and Tahnie’s sites can be found on my sidebar.

Have a good Thursday!



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    Using that same mascara right now and I really like it too! also, I ordered from thirty-one (from a girl I work with) and just got my item this morning, supercute stuff! I want that corn recipe!!

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    The Falsies Mascara is the BEST! My only gripe with it is that it dries pretty fast so you have to be quick with the second coat… but it's my new favorite (and for only about $7!).

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    Falsies is the BEST mascara EVER!! Love it!! I also picked up that same little piggy friend from Target clearance. I had been watching him for a while just waiting for that %50 off sticker :) I think red paint would look great on him! Fancy him up a bit :) Still praying for you, as I know anniversary days are hard!

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    i've been wondering about the falsies mascara! good to know. i've always used maybelline great lash so i considered trying it, now i must!
    excited to see the yummy recipes :)

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    i think you should write on mr piggy in ivory, to keep with his worn/rustic look. he's a cutie!

    now you've put me in a quandry. another blogger praises l'oreal double extend beauty tubes mascara. they say it doesnt smudge and washes off super easy with just water.

    is Falsies hard to wash off?

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    I'm a rather new follower to your blog and I'm not sure if I have commented before but I had to on this one! Those peanut butter filled pretzel nuggets are my FAVE!!!!! I love them!!! I'm also gonna try that new mascara

    Oh, I've always used paint pens on little projects!! Can't wait to see the recipe for the chicken salad!

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    Have you thought about going a different route with Mr. Piggy, little chalk board paint and chalk, you could change up his wording when ever you wanted… :-)

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    I think your pig is adorable! I though of an idea for you.. paint him completely with chalkboard paint! You can get it in spraypaint or a can. He would look great with just black, and then you could write little notes on him or soo pig yooie or whatever. :)
    Just thought I'd share!

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    Prayed for your little family yesterday! :0)
    I need to try out that mascara! Looks awesome! Love your little pig! Too cute!
    PS… your mom must be an awesome cook! YUMMY!

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    Can't wait for those recipes, they all look delish! Have you thought about using a red paint pen on the piggie? They work really well and it would be easier than using a paint brush or something :) Or you could stencil it on with a foam paint brush if you don't like your writing!

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    Love the lil piggy! I'm going to have to try the new mascara! I also liked everyones idea about turning Mr. Piggy into a chalk board!

    Still have you and the family on my prayer list! I enjoy every post you have about sweet lil Cohen and all his sweet pictures.

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    I will have to try the dishes and the mascara. I am in need of some now and refuse to spend much on it. I had a pig, Elliott, when I was younger. Not a real pig of course but I called him Elliott. Not sure why. :)

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    Totally late to the party and off topic but I am horrified at the comment you got from MarigoldMama.

    Some people are so filled with hate that they just don't know any other way to be other than downright mean and rude. Her words disgust me.

    I haven't donated but I've also never felt begged or hustled or even hinted at that I need to or should. Honestly, I was interested to hear about the bills you were receiving. I have no idea how any of that works and I'm sure it put a huge stress on your financial situation. Who is to say that some of your readers might be in the same situation with one of their own loved ones someday? I found the information you were willing to give enlightening and informative. And hey, it happened, right? One of my favorite things is that you tell it how it is.

    I would be sad to find out that you were unable to be as honest and straightforward in the future because of comments like that. The internet world is so strange to me that people would have the gall to say such hurtful things (I like to imagine that they wouldn't say them in real life).

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    Clearly, the pig's name should be Sooieeee! (sp?) :) It's cute. I'm originally from AR and love me some Hog football (when I can catch it on national TV that is!)

    Thanks for the tip about the mascara – I will def check that out! Oh, and I'll be very interested in your PCOS post b/c I have it, too! :(

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    Mmmm, I love everything "salad". I like pasta, chicken & just any kind of good salad! I've lost my artistic ability (or, at least I feel like it) I used to be really in to art in High School. As the years go by, it just seems that I get a little less creative. I need to tap into the right side of my brain again!

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    I cut vinyl and would love to cut anything you would like to put on him in any color as my gift to you :) If you want to email me we will work out all the details :) I think of you guys daily and prayers are said often.


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    oh man the peanut butter filled pretzels are sooo dangerous/delicious! I love the ideas for the pig. I think you should paint both things on it. Can't wait to see what you end up doing!

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    Hi Megan — I found your blog about a month ago and have slowly been reading through it. Yes, the whole thing! I live in a suberb of Tulsa, so I love reading about the places you and Hubby go for dinner and entertainment since my Hubby and I go to some of the same places :-). Also, I have PCOS, so I've been through a lot of the same things you have relating to that.

    Cohen was such a beautiful baby. My heart has been so moved with love and compassion for you while reading your story. I've cried and cried through much of it. Ever since finding your blog, I have prayed for you and Brent. I have asked God to wrap you up in His loving arms and hold you very tightly.

    Thank you for sharing your life, your journey, and your self with us :-).

    Oh, and I'm going to try that mascera! :-)

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    I've not commented before, at least I don't think so, but I've prayed for you all so many times. I've enjoyed reading along your blog. Thank you.
    Mascara: Gotta Try it
    Pig: As for writing on it, get paint pens… at office supply stores or craft stores. Super easy to use, as it's just writing…and you don't need to mess w/ the brush mess!
    Good Luck!


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