How did I forget about photobooth?

* I announced the giveaway winner in the previous post!

Thanks for the comments on my sweet baby’s precious feet and hair. I treasure them.

Over the weekend I was playing on my computer and thought, “oh yeah, I have photobooth!”…don’t I? Well since it’s not on my application bar, I had not even thought about it. I went looking for it. I’ve had a Mac for a long time but my last one didn’t have a camera.

I found it and started playing…

I sent the above picture to Brent and he responded….

I even did a small video clip….

width="420" height="366" bgcolor="#FFFFFF" flashvars="flvurl=,itag,source,ip,ipbits,expire%26signature%3DA788F631ABF298863A41FBE11B342DB9E25D662D.AA6FF333B2B305B6B9EC9B8566827C9ED6275BC1%26key%3Dck2&iurl=" allowFullScreen="true" />

I have no idea why I raise my eyebrow. It’s not intentional. It happens in pictures as well. It’s been an on-going joke forever. My eye makeup looks super dark…it wasn’t. May have to work on the surrounding light when taking video. Though I can’t promise I’ll be doing many videos! I think I sound funny. I lived in Texas for 18 years, Arkansas 5 years and Oklahoma 3 years. There is your explanation, haha.

We snapped a few others over the weekend. We couldn’t get Elton to participate.

I have more where these came from…and let’s just say, you may not recognize me. haha



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    Hehehe.. photobooth is soooo much fun!!I have quit a few that you may not even recognize there is a person in the shot.. LOL

    yours are cute!!!

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    I do the same thing with my eyebrow! It's automatic when I smile. I once had a friend jokingly make a video of dozens and dozens of pictures of me with my eyebrow cocked really high on my forehead! I was mortified when I saw it, but I just embrace it now. Your pictures are really sweet, I love the one with your dog :)

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    That picture of you and Elton is just adorable! He's got the sweetest little face :)

    I added you on Twitter awhile back, but because I'm private I don't think you can see when I respond to your tweets. If you want to add me, I'm sassycassie3232!

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    OH.MY.GOSH that pic of you and elton is the cutest EVER!! i love it!
    cute lil video, you are a doll!
    photobooth is always fun 😉
    i hope you are having a good day pretty girl!!

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