Friday Favorites

Some things I’m crushing on this week.

I knew I couldn’t tweet my new cell phone cover without the details. Believe me, if someone tweeted this beauty, I would want details too!

I’m sure many of you share my love for Jonathan Adler items. I got the cover at a local stationary shop. I saw it and thought to myself…do I really need that? Sure enough, I whipped my phone out of my purse only to be reminded of the dents and scratches all over my current cover. I looked online and found the cover for purchase on Paper Source here.

I also tweeted a week or two ago about many of our items getting broken in our move. As I unpacked, I found crushed wedding gifts, vases, glasses, etc. :( I know it’s only stuff but it was still pretty upsetting. My sweet friends over at The Naturally Caffeinated Family sent a package this week with these beauties in them….

Almost the entire set of my favorite Pottery Barn stemless wine glasses were shattered. NCF was SO thoughtful to brighten my week by sending me a new set! THANK YOU, sweet lady!!

I’ve had this frame for a while now. One of my besties, Kristen, got it for me from Mexico I believe. I love it. I’ve not had any pictures printed lately, but when I do, I’ll find the perfect one to go in it. I LOVE the shells! Every time I walk by it, I think of how pretty and ornate it is.

This little guy is my shadow. I honestly don’t know what I would do if he weren’t by my side non-stop. I talk to him, I cuddle with him. He is super human-like..

These two are also my favorite. BT & Glen. Many of you may already know them. Brent bought them for Cohen. BT is named after the first heart surgery, the BT shunt. Brent got it the morning of Cohen’s heart surgery. A few days later he spotted the cute gorilla. He wanted to name him Glen for the second surgery. We were worried he would sell before it was time for the second surgery, so we bought him. They are now also part of our home decor. I get worried if I cuddle them too much, I will wear and tear them. I want them to last forever.

And of course these two are my favorite…

Happy weekend :)



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    I just found your blog through a friend and spent hours reading all your posts. Thank you for your honesty & transparency. What a crazy year you've had, but I praise Jesus that He has been with you every step of the way. I'm praying for you and your next adventure.

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    My little dog follows me everywhere too. When I'm home, she's my shadow. I really don't know what I would do without her.

    I hope that you have a great weekend!

    Oh, and you're right, awesome cell phone case!

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    awww, you are so welcome! we are so glad that you got them, and all in one piece! :) enjoy enjoy sweet friends! I love your list! and I love your pics of Elton, they are so good, and he is so cute :) and of course of your boys too! Xoxoxo

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    love the phone cover! i wish there were cuter otter box covers. i drop mine so much i've actually grown to love that big chunky case! hope you guys have a great weekend!

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