Cohen’s prints & locks

When we found out that Cohen would be going to heaven soon, we decided we wanted his little prints made. The hospital had staff to do this, which was nice. I also requested locks of his hair.

I posted about a necklace here that I had the exact print below put on. I love it. I plan to frame the prints, I think. I kind of have an irrational phobia of the house burning down and losing Cohen’s prints and locks. Silly? Maybe. I am planning to get a fireproof lock box. So perhaps I’ll frame some of the prints and put the others in a lock box, along with his hair and a few other things. Honestly, a lock box couldn’t even hold all the physical memories I want to hold on to. I haven’t even washed the clothes I wearing when he went to heaven. They are sitting with many of his things.

I just thought I would share these pics…..

Cohen had lots of hair, like his mommy and daddy :) The first time I held him……



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    I'm so glad you were able to get those beautiful keepsakes! Its another tangible piece of your Angel Baby! Sending love your way! I hope you're doing well!

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    I am so glad Cohen got to experience finger painting!

    I totally agree with getting the fireproof box. Some things are too special to lose.

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    I highly recommend a fireproof box or getting a security box at the box.

    but i also highly recommend that you take his prints (they are so precious) and have two sets of color copies made preferably on archival quality paper to inhere the color. You could keep one copy (with the original) in the box while the other one you could hang.

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    Such beautiful prints. I am so very glad that you have them but so very sad that you don't have your precious Cohen. I'm all teary now.

    Good idea about the fireproof box. There have been so many house fires in GA due to storms this summer. We just never really know what the future holds so I would absolutely protect those precious items as much as humanly possible.

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    i agree with the fireproof box idea — don't want to ever lose them!!!

    having said that…i'm so glad you were able to have this precious keepsake! what a sweet memory of your firstborn!!

    bless you!!

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    Oh, Megan…. This brought tears to my eyes!!! Just beautiful and touching. My heart just breaks for you but so glad you have these keepsakes!!

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    Your face in those pictures brought tears to my eyes. I could FEEL your emotion. What a special thing to have though…and yes, I would put them in a fireproof box. Maybe get a great quality copy of them and frame those, but if something would happen to them, it would be horrible. And, don't feel silly for thinking about the fireproof box…I'm a worry wart too.

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    Oh Megan, I am so glad you have the prints of his sweet little feet and hands! I would get a fire proof box to keep the orginals and get copies made to have out on display. Great pics I was crying while eating my cereal. Thanks for always sharing! You and your family are in my prayers.

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    I am so glad you have these special pieces of Cohen although I know it is not the same as having him here. I am praying for your family and sending lots of hugs.

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    Oh how I wish you had that sweet baby to hold. So thankful we serve a loving Father who truly is enough. Prayin' for you, sweet girl.

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    so precious. what if you scanned in the prints and printed out a digital picture of them to frame, and then put the originals in a lock box? that way you could fully enjoy them without worrying. :)

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    Wow Megan – I am always AMAZED at your pictures. I took TONS of pictures of Olivia but didn't even think to get the camera out when we were making her prints, etc.
    We have that same little holder for her "wisps of hair" too.

    Also, I saw that someone recommended that you make color copies of his prints. I completely agree. I'm also freaked out about our house burning down, so I made a copy of her prints to frame and to give the grandparents, and we have the actual ones in a safe place.

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    What wonderful keepsakes to have. I know you will treasure them always and it is not silly at all to put them in a fireproof box. In fact, that's a great idea for anything that's precious (I may have to get one myself for pictures). I'm still praying for y'all!

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    That's wonderful that you got to get those prints and Cohen's hair.

    I would do the same thing with the fireproof box. Losing stuff like that would be devastating.

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    Those pictures are just heartbreaking :(
    But good on the other hand right? So happy that you have those prints and a little piece of sweet Cohen's hair!

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    These are so sweet. What perfect little footprints.

    I've been reading a bit lately about fetal microchimerism–basically, how residual fetal cells remain in a woman's blood essentially all her life after she gives birth. It makes me think of you and Cohen and how Cohen is physically a part of you forever; part of him will flow through your blood the rest of your life. I thought that was a beautiful part of God's design of motherhood and a really lovely affirmation that your son is ALWAYS with you, in a way, and how there's physical evidence of the way he was a part of your life and a part of you.

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    I really loved that necklace you got with his sweet footprint. I'm so glad you have these memories to keep, you should definitely get a firesafe box, that's a great idea. And I can't believe the clippings of his hair, it looks so long!

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    I just love that picture of the two of you the first time you got to hold him – brings tears to my eyes every time! What a precious memory of him!

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    thank you so much for sharing all that you do. it really brings us all closer together to you, to cohen and to the wonderful thoughts we have when thinking about it all.

    thanks to you.

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    Those little feet and hand prints are the most precious thing I have ever seen. I also urge that you get a fireproof box and possibly make prints of this somehow then frame it, if it is possible. It's to precious to not have in a safe box just in case, and to precious to not hang on the wall!

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    Ok, I'm all weepy eyed! I hadn't even thought about the clothes your were wearing and how it would be hard to wash them. His little feet and hands are just so sweet and the pictures, i just love them!

    And, I don't think it's silly at all to get a fireproof safe or security deposit box like another suggested. We've been meaning to get one for a while now also.

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    Those are so sweet and I can understand your worry and wanting them in a lock box. I think it's sweet that you will have his prints around your neck. And I love how much hair he had!

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    That is so great that you were able to get those keepsakes Megan :) His footprints and handprints are absolutely perfect. His hair was beautiful. He was a beautiful baby. You look beautiful in all of your pictures you've been posting lately. I haven't commented on every post, but wanted you to know that I think you look beautiful :) My heart aches for your heart still… I'm glad that you seem to be finding a good balance of remembering your sweet son and also continuing to live your life.

    Big hugs!

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    Keepsakes are priceless. I work in a high risk labor and delivery unit and do a lot of these with our stillborn and newborn death babies. I know these nurses feel the same way I do–as hard as it is, and even when I cry, I get joy out of knowing that you will one day look back on this and smile through your tears. There is nothing I as a nurse can do to help the pain, but doing things like this help me help you the only way I know I can. Thank you for sharing your story with all of us.

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