I’ve seen several bloggers create collage-type picture posts. I’ve decided this is a good option for when I take lots of pictures. For instance, in Brent’s birthday dinner post. I probably had 15 more pictures I could have added.

I was playing around tonight, creating some, and I made the one above..and the one below….



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    I love collages… it's a great way to fit tons of pictures into one post. If you're like me, I like to have my blog printed each year and I want to have all my favorite pictures in there… not just the ones that "fit" in the post. Ya know? You did good for your first collages!

    I didn't get a chance to post on the necklace of Cohen's footprint.. LOVE IT! I'm sure you will cherish that necklace forever.

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    I love the collages. It looks like you're using picasa. How do you get the text once you place your pictures. I'm able to place the pictures but can't seem to figure out how to get the text.

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    Love your collages! You are just glowing in the first ones:-) What did you use to make them? I wish I were better at that kind of thing!

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    Hey check out that is what i use to create my collages. Its free to join but you can also pay like $20 a year to do more stuff. Being a photographer i use it a lot!

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    "I Miss You Too" author Unknown

    Mommy please don't be sad,I miss you so much too.It's
    beautiful here,but I worry a lot about you.I sleep with angels
    watching me…there is only love up …here.I am never lonely or
    afraid because God is so very near.I walk with Jesus every day,He
    is very kind and loving.Don't worry Mom, He holds my hand when we
    cross a golden street.I never cry or hurt myself,I see Grandpa
    every day.I play and laugh and sing a lot and I hear you when you
    pray.Please Mommy, don't be sad. Because
    even though you are not with me,I am really still with you.

    I thought this was beautiful, hope you are doing well.

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