necklace details & brent’s birthday celebration

Thank you all for the sweet comments on the necklace. I feel very lucky to have it, along with Cohen’s prints :)

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I have the company details for the necklace. I think these type of things make wonderful keepsakes. The company is called Meadow Hill and here is their website. There are several options if you click “Thumbies” and “Buddies”.

Brent’s birthday was a few weeks ago, on July 12th. I did a fun post about him here. He has mentioned maybe doing a guest post on the blog, soon. I think he needs some convincing. Team?

Some of our family and friends had a small dinner on July 11th. We had a good time. I tweeted several fun pictures but never uploaded them all off my camera. I now have.

As I’ve probably mentioned before, Brent loves to sing. He really is a great singer. I did take video of him singing this night. HOWEVER, I didn’t realize you would be able to hear me singing as well. So, as I videoed him, I sang along. Therefore, I was closest to the phone camera…you can hear me over him. Not cool. I’m AWFUL!!! Anyways, he serenaded us for a few hours.

Speaking of singing, I got an email from a friend (who knows Brent has talent in the singing department) on Brent’s birthday (which the friend didn’t know). The friend works for american id*l some. He asked if I had any video of Brent singing that he could give to producers. I was like…well, what luck! Today, he turns 29 and last night, I completely ruined the video! Well, 29 pushes him out of the AI opportunity. It was comical.

At least that doesn’t stop him from singing for all of us. When I say us, don’t worry, I’ll get video of him singing to post for you to hear.

I know there are lots of pics. The little ones are just fun to photograph. I also know my camera settings were a bit off, as I still haven’t really learned how to work it with the changing light. We were at Brent’s stepbrother’s house.

my mom made a yummy cake
Penny, Lucy, Kyle & Jess came :)
Lucy wanted those balloons
Taylor talking to Penny
Taylor & Beaux (Taylor, Beaux and Tatum are our nieces and nephew)

Triston, Beaux & Jonathan

tatum dug in..with her face…while she was waiting on a fork haha
she loves her face poses



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    Oh my that cake that your mom made looks Ah-mazing!! And the pic of Tatum and Beaux is precious :) I can't wait to hear/see the video of Brent singing whenever you get a good one!

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    unrelated to your post but I thought you might like it…

    Ask My Mom How She Is

    My Mom, she tells a lot of lies
    she never did before.
    From now until she dies,
    she'll tell a whole lot more.
    Ask my Mom how she is
    and because she can't explain,
    She will tell a little lie
    because she can't describe the pain.
    Ask my Mom how is she,
    She'll say "I'm alright."
    If that's the truth, then tell me,
    why does she cry each night?
    Ask my Mom how is she,
    she seems to cope so well.
    She didn't have a choice you see
    nor the strength to yell.
    Ask my Mom how she is,
    "I'm fine, I'm well, I'm coping."
    For Gods sake Mom, just tell the truth
    just say your heart is broken.
    She'll love me all her life,
    I loved her all of mine.
    But if you ask her how is she
    she'll lie and say she's fine.
    WE are here in Heaven.
    we cannot hug from here.
    If she lies to you don't listen,
    Hug her and hold her near.
    On the day we meet again,
    we'll smile and I'll be bold.
    I'll say, "You're lucky to get in here, Mom
    with all the lies you told!"

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    Brent – Happy Birthday. You should totally post and then tell us if anyone has ever told you that you look like Gerard Butler?? Especially in the front blog photo. Is that weird to say….probably it is and I am sorry.

    But I would love to hear how you have been processing everything. Megan has that necklace of Cohen's footprint…do you have anything similar but more "manly"?

    What would you tell wives in similar situations so that they can be more understanding? My husband is pretty matter of fact and doesn't show a lot of "emotion"….so when we had a miscarriage he processed it WAY differently than I did…I struggled for months, he not so long.

    I know that your situation is WAY different than that…but I would guess that your approach has been somewhat different than Megans…and might offer hope and support to another man out there going through the same thing.

    Just an idea for a "guest blog" post!! :)

    Blessings, Kristin

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    I've always wondered if Brent considered AI! I think you should definitely post a vid of him singing, and he should definitely do a guest post. I need to get my man to do a guest post on my blog … that's more like pulling teeth though, so we'll see 😉 Loved the picture of your niece and nephew sitting together!

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    Love all the pics…except your nephew needs a converting from that OU hat!! Maybe a nice red one with a Razorback on it???

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    looks like you guys had so much fun!! I love all the pics of you and the little ones:) I love the happy birthday sign too, did you make it? I am excited about Brent's post too!
    Oh and I love the necklace! How adorable that his lil footprint was made into a necklace! so special and darling

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    Brent should definitely do a guest post…the male perspective and all 😀 oh and Happy Late Birthday to him too. Loved the pics! So cute.

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