happy birthday to my husband :)

Today is my wonderful husband’s birthday :)

If our old pictures weren’t in storage, I would totally post more young Brent pics. The one above, I just happen to keep in my wallet :)

He is 29 years old today.

I’ve debated on how sappy to make this post. Well, because, I’m pretty sappy right now.

I’ve debated on just writing this as a blog post or writing this as though I’m writing it strictly to him. That would never really be the case…because you all reading it.

I think I’ll save the sappy stuff for his card. Your welcome :) (readers and brent)

So, I’ll say a few things.

I love Brent.

He is the best person I know.

He is the best daddy I know.

He is the best dog owner I know.

He is the best friend I know.

He is the funniest person I know.

He is the best non-famous singer I know.

He loves me, I know.

I’m lucky, I know.

He is the best uncle I know.

He would do anything for anyone.

To me, he is pretty much perfect :)

In September, we will have been together 8 years.

In October, we will have been married 4 years.

In June, Brent got the best, most perfect birthday gift.

>Even though Cohen isn’t with us here anymore, Brent taught me so much while he was. I’m excited for our kids in the future. They are lucky :)

Last night, we did some celebrating. I have a lot of pictures, but for now, here are two…..

the birthday boy……

I could go on and on….and on and on about Brent…but since I love pictures…and they ARE worth a thousand words, here a handful of pictures from the past 8 years….they aren’t in any particular order….

when we first got Elton….
I started laughing so hard when this popped up…I had to post it….
popped collar (intentional)

spa on our honeymoon
honeymoon in st.lucia
when elton was a pup:)
hahahaha. I think this was 04ish…tacky sweater party…
Brent & Judd
I love that he likes to cook….and he’s cute while doing it….
my 26th birthday – Jan. 2010
he LOVES the razorbacks….
he loves his nieces

Once I give Brent his gifts, I share some with you. They’re fun.

Happy Birthday, honey! I love you!



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    Don't you worry about whether it was too sappy or too anything…that was the cutest post! Love posts to husbands are completely called for, especially when we're lucky enough to have found our matches.

    p.s. LOVE LOVE the pictures from the tacky christmas sweater party. You guys should try going out like that once, just for the heck of it, to see what kind of looks you get!

  2. says

    Happy Birthday Brent! I love that he loves the Hogs too! Y'all are so cute…and btw- I think my BFF knows you from college! She was a Kappa and thought you were a Tri-Delt??

  3. says

    So good to see you guys smiling! Loved all the pics…especially the one of yall dancing with your head thrown back laughing…such a pure moment! Yall are adorable. Happy Birthday to Brent!

  4. says

    Happy birthday to Brent! I LOVE the pic of you two together where you have your head back laughing :) And when you first got Elton, so so sweet!

  5. says

    Happy Birthday Brent! You are right, pictures are worth a thousand words. So much love between the two of you! We also honeymooned in St. Lucia. Where did you stay?

  6. says

    Megan, I know how hard it must be for you to try to continue with "normal".

    God, in you, is your strength, and I see and hear Him in you so strong!

    I love that you love your husband so much. In this world where divorce is one in two couples, your sappiness is so refreshing.

    May all of your husband's birthdays be truly blessed!

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    What great pictures, Megan!! I sat laughing for like 5 minutes at your tacky sweater party pictures. :-)

    From one Cancer to another – HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRENT!

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    i needed a good cry and laugh(hadn't had either today) — ya'll are the sweetest most adorable couple EVER. i am LOVING the one of him and elton when ya'll first got him..and the one of you laughing in the purple dress…and the first one of him and cohen..and well ALL of them! 😉

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    I love the picture of him with Elton when he was a baby & the spa robe picture! It sounds like ya'll have had many, many good times together & love each other very much. I hope your hubby has a fabulous Birthday!
    <3 Bon

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    i hope your hubby had a great birthday and you two enjoyed your olive garden dinner!!
    saw that on twitter 😉
    great pictures! i love the one of you and him dancing with your head back!! so cute!!
    such a happy lil family you have!!

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    I love the way you are with words. They flow and tell such a beautiful story. True love is an amazing thing….you two have it. I am continually amazed at you and Brent. You don't know me and I don't know you, but I love reading about your story. God Bless you. Cohen is lucky to have you as his parents.

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    I loved all those pictures! He looks so different and young without his beard! You two are the cutest couple and I wish Brent many many happy birthday wishes! Love, Becky

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    I loved this sweet post! ; ) Sounds to me like your BOTH pretty lucky to have what you DO in each other ; ) God Bless you both!

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    That was a perfect post, I loved it! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRENT!! It was so great to see all those pics of y'all and to see you both so happy, laughing and smiling. The recent one is great, y'all look wonderful. Hope Brent's birthday is magical. Take Care!

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    now be honest…how many times have you been told that your hubby looks like gerard butler??? =-) he could be his twin!!! happy birthday brent!!

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    Sometimes it's nice to have something to celebrate, even if you don't feel like celebrating. I loved looking at the pictures of your relationship together. It's a very sweet post. Hopefully he reads it and thinks so too.

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    Happy birthday to your sweet husband! So happy to see what fun you all had last night celebrating – the picture of the two of you dancing where your head is thrown back in laughter is my favorite. :)

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    Happy Birthday to Brent! What a sweet post. I am amazed at your strength within the grieving. After my sister passed I did not want to do anything for months. You two are so special.

    I sent the money through Paypal for the Stella & Dot Fundraiser for Cohen. I hope it helps some! :)

  19. says

    You captured my heart with this post… I'm sure Brent LOVED it!
    I enjoyed this greatly!!!!
    You look like like you have an amazing relationship with Brent and that is just awesome!
    LOVED the tacky sweater picture… My Love and I went to our first party last Christmas! It was great!!!
    Happy Belated Birthday Brent!

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