Cohen’s footprint around my neck

I’ve been meaning to post this necklace for a week or so now. I was so excited when it arrived and I love having it around my neck. I’ve gotten so many wonderful necklaces/charms. I can have a piece of Cohen, all the time, around my neck.

I have some pictures, that I will post soon, of Cohen’s little feet and hands getting their prints made :)

This necklace is extra special because it is is Cohen’s actual footprint. In the funeral home packet, there was a booklet of little keepsakes. This necklace caught my eye. We were able to take one of Cohen’s footprints, taken the day he passed, and have it put on the necklace…..(I probably should have wiped my finger print off before the pic : /).

There were 3 sets of prints made in the hospital of his hands and feet. The company was able to scan a foot onto a computer and then to their machine, to print the necklace.
Pretty sweet, huh?

I’ll be sharing my other necklaces soon :)



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    I had my Grandma's thumb print done by them when she passed away and wear it every day so she's with me all the time. It's a little expensive, but totally worth the money to do it.

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    I would love to know the company who makes these. My son's footprint is so special to me, and I would love to get something like this.

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    I am in agreement with the other posts…can you please post the company who made that? We lost a son also and I have always wanted one of these but didn't know they actually existed!! Thank you so much!! God Bless you and your husband…my heart breaks for you!!

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    That is the MOST amazing thing I have ever seen! Wow!! Something you will cherish forever!! I am so glad you have that!! Thanks for sharing with us all!!

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    Awwwww I love that necklace Megan. It's such an amazing keepsake. :)

    Your family is still on my mind every day! I often think of little Cohen when I take my daily walk and say a prayer for you guys. I'm so sorry to hear about Brent's grandmother.

    Hugs to you!!

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    That is so sweet! My first born son also is now my angel. I would love to know where I can have one of these made.

    Prayers are being sent to you also. Much love.

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    I work for a funeral home in kansas, and we too carry this special line of jewelry. The company is: Meadow Hill. I love it and love to see the different pieces that families pick out and how each one is so special. I also love that you will forever have this necklace and you can reach and touch it anytime you want :)

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    this is absolutely precious!! such a wonderful/special keepsake for you to be able to have. I haven't ever commented before but I have followed your pregnancy and Cohen's story and my heart breaks for you and your husband. I have sat here many nights with tears running down my cheeks while reading your touching blogs about your precious little boy. My heart goes out to you and you are in my prayers.

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    I came upon your blog several weeks ago. I am so sorry for the loss of your little boy. There are no words to say that can comfort you, but I keep you in my prayers. I wonder if you could tell me where you got the footprint necklace? I'm blogging now myself to help me through the loss of my daughter. I have her handprint and would love to have it made into a necklace. It would be a comfort to me. If you could let me know, I would appreciate it so much. Thank you and God bless.

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    I love your necklace! Such sweet little feet! That is the neatest keepsake I have ever seen and I know you must cherish it!

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    Megan that is a great way to remember sweet Cohen & a wonderful keepsake you can keep with you day to day. Could you send me the info about the company that did it? I lost a little girl about 6 years ago & would love to look into it.

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    I had one of those made of my sons prints. I had looked at that website that you used but in the end we went with another company. Mine is thin and flat. Yours looks like it is a rounded piece of metal. Is that true? I think I would like that better. I love wearing mine. I never take it off :)

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