Cohen update & random pics

Cohen has been stable for about 48 hours:) We think he has gotten some good rest. His acidosis (lactic acid) levels have gone down about 6 points in over the past two days. That is a major answered prayer! They are hoping his calmness & resting will help him heal after his busy first week. The kidneys and liver have taken hard hits with the meds and procedures, so our specific prayer now is LIVER & KIDNEYS – PLEASE PLEASE START WORKING.

There are tons of levels and stats I could go over with you all. They all mean – we need the liver and kidneys to work. The heart cath put a lot of dye into Cohen’s body. The dye is hard on kidneys and liver. He has had two heart caths but on the second one, they had to put twice as much dye in.

They may start dialysis tomorrow. They are still making some decisions as to the best option for Cohen right now. He needs time. He needs time but time can also make things hard if they get worse. We had a few bad minutes this afternoon …mostly of worry. However, we are thankful Cohen has had a peaceful two days of rest. We just sit and stare at how sweet he is. I did snap a few with my rebel that I’ll post in a day or two.. I have a few iphone pics below. Yes, he is cute no matter how the picture was taken :)

Cohen’s stats are showing that his heart is probably working with the heart surgery he had on Wednesday. His BT Shunt and TAPRV repair are doing as they should, as far as we know. Now, we have some obstacles that hopefully Cohen can pull through. He is trying so hard and I know that’s all he can do.

He wants to be awake with us so bad. He opened his eyes this afternoon and yesterday morning. It’s not a terrible thing but he really shouldn’t be doing that. So, they increased his paralytic. His eyes are pretty.

I’ve snapped a few pics in the past few days I thought I would share with you guys. Sorry, they are all iphone..not always the greatest in darker light situations. I’ll try to keep my point and shoot close by. My rebel isn’t always quickest to whip out. Cohen has gotten some sweet and soft gifts I’ll be posting pics of those soon, too.

This is currently my favorite necklace….

Here was our sweet little guy yesterday……… (I’m still avoiding putting the open chest pics on blog)
They have his sweet pup, BT, resting by him and keeping some lines propped up nicely.

As I’ve mentioned, Brent is all on top of his notebook. It keeps us up-to-the minute on Cohen’s stats and when the doctors do rounds he has questions to ask and things to write down. It’s a great thing for us to keep up with everything.
We have been using this wagon to tote around some things to car/room/waiting room in attempt to get organized. It’s been in my sight for a day or two now and I keep thinking that hopefully Cohen can take a ride in it someday when he has no cords :)

After one of Cohen’s procedures, one of the nurses, April, put these sweet little booties on him :) I thought they were adorable! They came with a matching hat.

I was sitting on the couch the other day and this is what I saw…..

Another sweet pic… Brent was making a list with Cohen of the professional baseball teams. We plan to take him to a game at each stadium.
The past few nights, on one of our best friends, Natalie, has come up to visit with us :) Tonight, she brought us some yummy dinner…some of our fav in Dallas. This picture is from the week before Cohen was born but I forgot to post it. We went to dinner..

We are having a few visitors here and there. Natalie is the only one we’ve had really come sit for a bit. We’ve had a few sweet people swing by briefly and we have a few people requesting to bring us meals. So thoughtful. As far as Cohen’s visitors, they still don’t want many people back because of risk of infection with his open chest. His daddy and I are pretty protective as well. Hopefully, we will get there.

I continue to get emails asking how Brent and I are. We are still hanging in there too! We have the best reason in the world to be strong so most the time, we’re okay. I’m still sore and having some pain but definitely up walking more. I was HATING the wheelchair. Still using it for long distance hallways and such. Cohen probably has enough milk to share with a small army. So that is a pretty repetitive process that I’m so trying to stay on top of every 3 hours.

Once again, thank you all for the prayers and spreading the word about Cohen’s situation. God is in control and I know he is touching others lives through Cohen. I’ve certainly enjoyed reading the emails/messages hearing about it. I know a lot of you are blogging, tweeting, etc about Cohen and though I may not be commenting on it, I so appreciate it. If I come across one, I always so Brent as well. At some point, I’d like to have a link to all the posts on Cohen. I’d love for him to be able to read them all in the future. So, someday…watch for a post requesting your link if you have posted about our family 😉

So just a reminder, the kidneys and liver must start working. We need that tinkle to start!

I thought I’d share this text from Brent. As many of you know, I love ICEEs…and I love Super Target. I came up to the waiting room the other day when Brent was still back in the room and I got this text…



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    Awwww….. such sweet pictures and I love the one of dad going over the stats with his son. I wish there was so much more I could do sweetie but please know I am and will continue to pray for you and your family that all gets right with Cohen so that you can bring him home sooner rather than later. I have started a prayer chain for you in my end of the world as well. Sending lots of prayers, love and hugs your way! xoxoxo

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    i love seeing when you have posted a blog!!!
    little cohen is at the top of my prayer list.
    i am praying for his kidneys & liver to start working EXACTLY how the LORD intended for them to work.

    bless you, brent & cohen…

    those booties are precious!

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    Come on kidneys and liver! We need you to work properly so Cohen can heal!

    I have been praying for you guys for many months now. I don't know how I found your blog, but I am glad that I did.

    Your strength is inspiring. Cohen's strength is inspiring. He is such a strong little boy.

    Seeing the pictures of Brent and Cohen is just so touching. It just brings tears to my eyes.


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    Continuing to pray for Cohen and you and your family! What precious pictures you have of Cohen…the one with Brent sitting next to him is so moving!

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    Praying now for LIVER AND KIDNEYS!!! You definitely have a little fighter there. He couldn't wait to open his eyes to see his mommy and daddy! Those pics of Brent are so sweet with him sitting next to his little boy-what a great daddy! I am a daddy's girl big time and love to see other good daddy's out there. And the notebook is great, especially as a record for Cohen as he gets older to know exactly what was going! STAY STRONG. We are all PRAYING!

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    Megan, I want you to know… that every morning as soon as I wake up I am jumping on my phone to see if there’s an update on precious Cohen. You and Brent are doing so great and know you’re giving Cohen the strength to fight this!! We love you!! :)

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    Dear God, you can make the flowers bloom, the coulds rain, the wind blow, and the sun to shine. You can heal the most sick. You can touch little bodies with your Hand. You can hold mommys and daddys up while they care for the sickest children. You give hope, humor, faith, and countless blessings. Help this mommy and daddy, Cohen, and his grandparents fight through this storm to end up on the sunny side of life. Amen.

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    Heavenly Father, We know you are in the midst of Cohen and his family right now. He is your child and you are watching over him. Please heal his kidneys and liver and help them to begin to start working. We love this sweet family so much although we have never met in person. We know you have a special plan for sweet Cohen and we pray for a long healthy life with his mommy and daddy. We love you Jesus and thank you for your continued blessing of Cohen's life.

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    I just stopped and prayed for Cohen's liver and kidneys. God is so good and he loves that little boy so much…I am believing with you that his body will starting functioning properly!

    Also praying for you and Brent and your families. It must be so stressful for you not having answers and living from moment to moment (not to mention the physical pain you're in). I pray for peace, rest and joy to fill your spirits!

    As a Mom, I can't even imagine what you are going through not being able to hold your little man and seeing him in this tough situation…no words, but I'm thinking of you today.

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    Praying for you all! With my niece in the NICU for eight weeks, reading how devoted you two are to Cohen reminds me of my sister and BIL. My sister also was diligent about pumping to give Adali as much milk as possible once she could have it. Keep up the great work and Cohen definitely knows that you are fighting for him, as are we!

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    I will continue praying for your beautiful baby boy! I have spread the word to all my family and they are all praying for sweet Cohen. Keep taking one day at a time.

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    My heart breaks to see him like that. I can't even imagine what you are going through. I'll be hoping and praying that he gets better soon!

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    He is such a beautiful little one. Thank you for sharing the picture of him beside his dog, it made me smile & cry at the same time.

    My prayers keep coming. For Cohen, for his liver and kidneys, for you, for Brent, for your parents and for Elton too. I know that he misses you and can't wait to meet Cohen.

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    Praying constantly!! I love the pictures!! How sweet is Cohen!!?? Love him!! Praying for liver and kidneys!! God will take good care of him, like He has done so far!!

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    Praying constantly!! I love the pictures!! How sweet is Cohen!!?? Love him!! Praying for liver and kidneys!! God will take good care of him, like He has done so far!!

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    Your comment about him wanting to look at you and them increasing his paralytic made me cry. The same thing happened to us with Brayden. He was on sedatives and paralytics but kept fighting it! They finally banned me from talking to him or touching him for about a week. =( You guys are in our DAILY prayers. Chris comes home from work every single day wanting an update! I put yall on our Bible study prayer list too. Praying, praying, PRAYING!

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    Continue staying strong for your little boy and your family!! Way to go so far. You have so much support around you. Congrats to your husband on his first father's day too!

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    Oh my word, I almost started crying when you shared about Brent listing the baseball teams with his son.. what a sweet daddy Cohen has! Just to sit and talk to him.
    So glad to hear Cohen is doing well, I'll keep praying for you all!

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    Praying for sweet Cohen and his kidney and liver to be made perfect! I know everyday…every minute is rough but you are not alone. God is there with you this very minute and so are we in our prayers!

    "Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go." Joshua 1:6

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    I am continuing to pray for Cohen and you and Brent to stay strong. He is a fighter and that will come in handy when he is older! Prayers from GA.

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    You guys are an amazing family. Brent sitting there making a list of the baseball teams is the sweetest thing ever. Glad he is doing well and I truly believe you guys will be heading out for that Icee before you know it.

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    Megan I think of you constantly, every day since Cohen has been born and even before. I Praying hard for Cohen, but you too. It's tough as a mom that just had a baby to be worrying with pumping, healing, carrying for yourself when all you really want to do is be with your baby. Asking God specifically to surround you with his healing and his love, and praying that sweet Cohen would be in your arms soon, happy and healed!! Much love friend, hang in there and know you are thought of daily and prayed for. Btw, those little legs of his are precious.

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    May want to check this out regarding the lactic acidosis…

    I was praying and then noticed your sidebar mentioned you had been on metformin. I then read that metformin can cause lactic acidosis and kidney/liver problems. The only reason I mention is that if you are still taking this, you could ask your doctor if it's in breastmilk, etc… or if it could be passed to baby while pregnant.

    Praying for you and your sweet boy. You are an amazing mother. I admire your courage and strength in the Lord. Praying for protection and a that God would put a seal over Cohen's heart.

    with much hope,

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    Oh Meagan ~ I continue to pray for Cohen. You all are in such good hands in Dallas. We fell in love with everyone at Children's and looking at your pics brought back so many memories. Thanks for these updates as they let so many know just how to pray. I know this road is so hard and we continue to pray for God's perfect peace and comfort for all of you and healing for your sweet, sweet boy.

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    I can't read anything you post about baby Cohen without crying. He's such a beautiful baby boy and I just know he'll pull through this. Found you through Tumblr, via your friend's diet blog. Sending my thoughts and prayers.

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