Weekend Recap :) & 1st time scooter experience

Hi everyone :) I’m sad the weekend has come to an end. It’s weird not having to wake for work tomorrow.

Brent came to Dallas on Thursday night. We just laid around and then went to bed. Friday, Brent worked most of the day. We are so grateful that his company is helping him be able to work some from Dallas with a laptop and his cell phone. On a typical day in the office, he sits at a desk, in front of a computer with a headset on. We went to grab some lunch and then went to Staples so he could get some office supplies.

Friday evening, Brent and I grabbed dinner at a place right down the road. We were pretty tired and didn’t feel like doing much or really getting dressed differently.

Our growing family :) (minus our sweet pup, Elton :()

Saturday we slept in, which was nice. I didn’t sleep that great during the night, though. I’m allergic to PPD, which is parahenylenediamine. PPD is mostly considered a black dye. I use to not be allergic to it but a few years ago, I found out after a patch test, I am. I hope it doesn’t last forever. I hope it is a hormonal thing. I have the most sensitive skin ever. I had colored my hair off and on since I was a teen. I,all of the sudden, got an AWFUL rash. Doctors weren’t sure about it..just like they don’t understand my skin. I did Google research and requested the patch test in order to determine a PPD allergy. Sure enough, positive. ANYWAYS, I am usually pretty good about washing ALL clothes before wearing them. Well, I had bought some maternity pieces on clearance a few months ago (the black dress in previous post for $5.38 at Target and the pants from some place also in that post) They were cheap and I figured I would grow into them. Well, I took the tags off and never washed them. I have grown into them now, so I wore them a few days ago (both in same day). Mistake. I have an unattractive, itchy belly now :(

We had BBQ for lunch on Saturday and then ran some errands. Brent needed a computer bag to tote is work laptop back and forth and I needed a few more larger and COOLER pieces of clothing. DALLAS IS HOT. Though a lot of my friends that live here do say it is hotter than normal in May, I was just not expecting to be quite so hot. I’m not only hot outside, I’m out inside. We headed to Target. I know I have mentioned this, but I’m not lasting for very long on my legs. The heat and all is making me swell and within minutes of standing, I’m ready to sit! When we walked into Target I asked mom and Brent if they thought I could ride in a scooter. They said they see no reason why I shouldn’t be able to. I had my mom ask the guy. They had about 4 or 5 scooters sitting up at the front and the guy said sure..

There should probably be a scooter post all in itself because Brent COULD NOT STOP LAUGHING AT ME!! He whipped out his iphone within seconds and started recording. They are all pretty short videos. I really can’t believe I’m posting them. I look round and tired! We are in no way making fun of scooters. Brent is just laughing at my ability to drive one. I think they are WONDERFUL for someone that needs them. Let me assure you, it certainly helped me from having painful Target experience.

I look stressed in the video because at the time, I was certain I would have no luck finding anything to fit. It’s pretty funny how quickly I zipped through the swimsuit section. In the first video, Brent does commentating. In the second video, I nearly ran into a poor lady and I just heard Brent trying to hide his laughs from me.

{I keep pulling my hair back because I lost my ponytail holder and it had been in one all morning..therefore,looking ick}

Brent had no luck finding a computer bag at Target but I was able to find a $7.00 clearance maternity top and a $15.00 dress (that I will probably wear as a shirt for now) so that was nice :)

After Target, I experienced my first “big city” TJ Maxx experience. I am a TJ Maxx fan, typically. However, Dallas is quite a different experience in TJ Maxx. I am use to a free-standing, organized, non-swamped store. That is not the case here. It is in a shopping center, packed FULL of people with no organization. Needless to say, I made it to the front of the store and found a chair quickly. They did not have the selection of bags that I’m use to. So, we then went to a close-by Marshall’s. I just remember both Marshall and TJ Maxx having purses, luggage and computer-type bags. Here we are at Marshall’s. You can tell we had to get a pick-me-up with our Starbucks in hand. Hubby was carrying a gown for me that I hope fits for the hospital. I wouldn’t try it on in the store so maybe I’ll do that tomorrow. Brent is trying on his computer bag. I was holding a shirt that I didn’t get because it was white…and probably didn’t fit so talked myself out of thinking it would. Brent did get the bag. We like it. It is Ben Sherman and was a great price.

We rested for a few hours after errands and then Brent and I decided to go see Ironman 2. We weren’t sure when the next time we would be able to see any movies after the next few weeks. We got in the car and decided to grab a bite to eat before going in the movie. We weren’t too hungry and I knew I would want some popcorn. We went to The California Pizza kitchen…

We got the avocado rolls and they were delicious! Just the right amount of food before the movie.

We really liked the movie! I thought it was just as good as the first one really. I love Gwyneth Paltrow. Brent thinks she is a bit odd. Maybe, but who cares. I thought Robert Downey Jr. did a great job and I think Don Cheadle is pretty funny. I did think it was a different type of roll for Scarlett Johansson.

One of the great things about the movie is that we saw it at the Landmark Inwood Theater….
This theater had comfy couches….
We had no idea prior to that we would be able to have such comfortable seating. You should have seen our giddy-ness when we walked into the theater.

We slept in a today as well (Sunday). Brent left a little after noon. Luckily, he will be back either Wednesday night or Thursday morning and have a long weekend here :)

Thank you all for the sweet comments on my Prego Mego 36 week post :)

This week I will be looking for a robe for the hospital, writing lots of thank you notes (finally), going to the doctor on Wednesday, mapping out routes to the hospital, touring the hospital, doing a giveaway on the blog with CSN Stores and maybe having lunch or dinner with some friends.

Hope you all have a good Monday!


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    Looks like a great weekend! Shopping, movie and yummy food! That theatre looks so cool too! Never seen one with couches like that! And I have always wanted to ride one of those scooters! ha ha! You looked so cute on it! 😉

  2. says

    oh my gosh, that scooter pic just made my day! LOVE IT. we saw iron man 2 this weekend too, although in a regular not-so-comfortable (and FREEZING COLD!) theater.

    hope your week goes well! :)

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    I would totally think you deserve a scooter anywhere you go.

    Also, don't worry about "finding nothing to wear". I think anyone who has been 9 month pregnant has been there. NOTHING IS COMFY or wants to stretch that far right? I was so upset that I went to Walmart (ick!) and got tank dresses in big sizes (non-maternity) for the last two weeks. It worked and my legs had air flowing to them. :)

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    I am glad that you took the scooter around in Target (you do ALOT of walking in that store and you have every right to accomadations! You have a baby in your belly! ; ) I loved that movie theatre too! I probably would have fell asleep! Glad you had a great weekend!

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    When I had my knee surgery my mom would always encourage me to try the scooters but I was too shy. Even just pushing a shopping cart typically ends in disaster for me so I didnt have much faith in my skills with a scooter.

    Also, a new theatre just opened here in Austin and they have recliners and blankets to use while watching the movie but tickets are over TWENTY dollars to just the show. Was that theatre as pricey?

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    Those scooter videos were so funny! I was sitting here giggling through them! You're so cute – thanks for sharing them! :) I'm so jealous of those comfy couches!!! I've never seen anything like that!

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    Aw, what a fun little weekend! i cannot even tell you how much your little scooter excursion made me laugh (i may have laughed so hard, i might have even peed a little! again.. not hard to do nowadays!) haha. that theatre looks AWESOME! ive never seen one with couches!! Maryland is so not cool. so glad you had a relaxing weeked with Hubs!

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    haha.. love the scooter! I was tempted to use one of those when I was on bedrest just so I could go to the store! but, I never did end up making it to the store 😉 I can't believe how soon Cohen will be making his entrance! Lot's of prayers and well wishes your way!

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    You are so cute! I couldn't help but laugh @ the videos with Brent! HAHA! I couldn't believe you were able to sit in a movie theatre with only 2 weeks left in your pregnancy…then I saw the couches! Be thankful for them!

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    It has been CRAZY HOT here lately. So sorry that you're here in the midst of the heat stroke inducing weather.

    I love TJ and Marshalls but do not have the energy to go to either in Dallas. This makes me sad because I love a good deal!

    Hope you're doing well. Please don't hesitate to shoot me an email shoul you need ANYTHING. For real!

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    I had to comment on this post! We are almost exactly the same weeks pregnant. I'll be 37 weeks on Thursday and just the other day we went grocery shopping at WalMart and I highly considered using a scooter! My husband suggested it because my feet have been huge from swelling. I didn't use one but next time I just might!

    I also cannot find ANYTHING comfortable to wear and I'm so self conscious about my huge ankles and feet that it makes it even harder! I ended up getting a maxi dress from Old Navy the other day and it's wonderful!

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    Where is Elton? Sorry, if you mentioned this in a previous post.

    At first when I saw the title Scooter..I thought you were talking about a scooter that you take out on the road. I was like oh my goodness..not a good idea. HA!

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    those videos- oh man. Just watch, josh will have the same ones posted on you tube of me in the near future I'm sure.
    we saw iron Man this weekend too.. it was good… but it had it's moments.

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    Videos were hilarious :) Me and hubs saw Ironman 2 this past weekend…but we did not have the wonderful couches…very cool!!!

    I found some really great "after" baby pj's and comfy hospital clothes at Kohl's….I think they were part of Vera Wang's line and they were super comfy and affordable :)

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    It IS unseasonably hot in Dallas right now! I hope this isn't a sign of what is to come. The scooter looks awesome! I wish I would have thought about that when I was prego. :)

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    I loooove TJ Maxx!

    Also, the scooter picture and video have me cracking up! Glad you documented the event with a picture and videos for your lovely readers :)

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    hahaha ok I am CRACKING UP! I just now got to see the videos! hahaha Mainly I'm laughing at your ability to drive the scooter! and how you almost ran over that lady! haha And tell brent, how about he tries to carry around a 6 to 8 lb baby and see if he 'CHOOSES' to walk around a store!

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