TCBY!! (please vote!)

Hi all! I need your help! Do you love TCBY? I do. I love it a LOT. We have one here, luckily :) If you haven’t had it before, I can tell you, you would love it too.

Some of our friends from college, Sarah and Jared, have entered to win a TCBY franchise! They live in Northwest Arkansas, and I must tell you, I remember the day TCBY closed their doors in NWA. Brent and I lived there and I had to say goodbye to my white chocolate mousse.They definitely need a new one there! Out of the nationwide competition, Sarah and Jared are in the top 10 finalists. They made a cute video you can see when voting. If you would take just a few seconds to vote for them, that would be SO SO nice!!! (directions below)

I thought I would post a picture of Jared and Sarah…
I borrowed this pic from Sarah’s blog :) It was hard to pick because they are all good pics!

Here is the info Sarah posted on her blog..

For those of you that don’t know the story, here it is :)

Jared and I have wanted to own a franchise for a long time….. We both love TCBY. He worked there in High School and I went there a zillion times as a kid (before the one here closed down). One night last Fall, we heard of THE GREAT TCBY STORE GIVEAWAY. The prize is a valued at $312,000 and includes everything we would need for our franchise… and then some. We decided to go for it and make a two minute video and enter the contest. We recently found out that we are top 10 semi-finalists. This is a nation wide competition. The public will vote from today-May 10 and narrow the semi-finalists to 5, and then TCBY will pick the winner. We need YOUR VOTE!!! Please follow the directions below! We would really appreciate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The voting is now open!

Step 2: Forward This Info to All Your Friends

Step 3: Post This Message on Your BLOG/Facebook Wall/Twitter Account

Step 4: Print the Coupon Above to Receive Free TCBY Yogurt When We Win
Thank you so much for helping us!

We won’t be able to accomplish this without you!
Jared and Sarah

{Thank you, Kori. I couldn’t get the map to work with me on my computer.}

You have until May 10th to vote. I’ll probably do another reminder before then as well :)

HERE is Sarah’s blog.

Thank you all!!!


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    YAAAAAY!!!! Thanks everyone! We are so excited about the contest. It has been so fun! If we win, I owe you all a waffle cone :)

    Thanks Megan, youre the best!

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    I voted for them! There is not one close to where I live, but I did make my Dad take me by there last weekend when I was in Conway! I needed a chocolate malt asap!

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