Stamps to the Rescue

Ellen and her dog food company, Halo, have partnered with the USPS for a great cause! By buying these stamps, you help donate meals to animals shelters. You can probably buy the stamps at your local post office or on the Stamps to the Rescue website here.

I look forward to the stamp below :)

If you go to Halo Pet’s website here, you can see other ways (listed below) to help donate meals.
Other supporters of the campaign include the,, American Humane and The Humane Society.

Happy cute pets on your envelopes :)

Speaking of meals – I made a yummy one..though not for pets..chicken spaghetti! I posted it on my food blog HERE.



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    I just saw these on a poster at the post office last week, but they didn't have them in yet! Hopefully my post office will have them the next time I stop by, they're too cute for words.

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