Prego Mego - Week 33 (BABY BOOK!!)

This week I am 33 weeks pregnant with Cohen!

First off, I'm SO excited about the baby book! It arrived today and I think it is beeeeeautiful!

Dupioni silk is so pretty and I picked royal blue. I was going to do Cohen's monogram but I decided to go with his name. I got the idea for this book because it is the same as our wedding book. Our wedding one is champagne with our married monogram and no ribbon. Anyways, I opened this book and found the sweetest little pages! There are tons and they have embossed little images on them. I ordered some extra blank pages I'm going to have lines printed on for hospital and home visitors to sign.

These are not all the pages, but a few I snapped pictures of......

LOVE it :)

Things are moving right along. The weeks and days are flying by! We are still busy. I'm having more and more moments when I wish I wasn't busy. It's really inevitable right now though. I wish I was snuggled on my couch more days and nights but whining about it would get me no where.

Another special blessing delivery arrived this week! Cohen has a prayer quilt now :) It's amazing and I will post it soon.

My freckles have gotten darker. I don't think it's the sun either. I'm still wearing my SPF everyday.

My hair has gotten thicker. I got it thinned. I just get too darn hot.

When I stand up after sitting on the couch, my thighs and legs hurt so bad. I figure this is because of the extra weight. I'm not really sure but I do know that sometimes I feel like I'm going to fall, ek.

I can tell Cohen's kicks and jabs are becoming less swift. I bet this means he is getting bigger and is running out of room.

I still see a lot of movement on the outside.

He is still getting the hiccups quite often. They sometimes tickle me.

My tummy has gotten harder but I'm pretty sure I can pinch fat. That's probably not a great sign, haha.

He is head down a lot more lately. I'm getting those shooting pains down low. Lovely. Overall, I'm having a bit more pain and discomfort, but I'm sure that is normal! I'm probably like 5'2" tall and 4'5" wide.

I'm still waking up about once a night. I'm hurting a little worse when I get out of bed.

I think I am getting a bit more nervous and emotional each day.

I go to my normal OB tomorrow. I think maybe I will get some measurements and see the little guy :) Hopefully he is getting big! I'm getting too. I think I'll avoid the scale this visit.

Brent got Cohen's room taped off and my friend, Kristen, is going to paint it on Monday. :)

I'm not having his bedding made as I was before. I'm deciding on the bedding a bit down the road.

I'm having a brunch on Saturday and I'm pretty excited :) It will be so nice and my hostesses are expecting about 35 or so people.

Here I am.....

My arms are feeling puffy so I usually have a cardigan on...

I just got the dress from Target. The medium fits great for being a non-maternity dress. It almost goes down to the floor even. I could have done a small (surprisingly) but it would not have allowed any growing room..for the still-growing body parts. I think I like it better in person that pictures.
I think the dress will be great post pregnancy as well.

I think that is all for this week.

Thank you all for the comments on the house. I will post after picture but it may be many many moons before that happens. We are only going to have a chance to do a few things before Cohen arrives. I'll do some posts on it here and there.
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  1. Love the baby book and the dress! You look great!

  2. Ava has the same baby book (different colors)!!! It is beautiful in the royal blue and white! You look fantastic and yay Cohen for growing growing growing!!

  3. Ah you look so so great!!

    And the baby book is absolutely beautiful - I love the cobalt blue!

  4. you look gorgeous!! love the book! xxx

  5. I love the baby book! It is beautiful. Can you please tell me where you ordered it from? I would love to order one for our newest addition coming in August!

  6. Beautiful book! You look great.

  7. Such a cute book, where did you order it from??

  8. Love the book. You look wonderful!

  9. Please share where you ordered the book from!

    The freckles - that is actually referred to as "pregnancy mask." My freckles got progressively darker as my pregnancy progressed. Wear as high of SPF as you can stand when you are outdoors b/c the sun makes it even worse. I actually got a dark patch above my lip - it is horrendous! I have a perpetual mustache!

    Also, the pelvic pains? If they get too bad, ask your doctor if he/she can prescribe a pregnancy belt. It helped me tremendously.

    You are beautiful! Congrats on making it another week!

  10. The book is beautiful, Megan and love that dress on you!!! :)

  11. You look great and I love that dress! Where did you get that adorable baby book from? It is so perfect!

  12. you look lovely megan :)

    At 39 weeks, getting out of bed sucks even worse. Honestly, though--around your time I do remember feeling pretty bad. I'm pretty sure you're feeling all that pain (when you get up from the couch) because cohen is probably starting to shift more downward. I remember my pelvis just killllllllling then.

    Now, I feel like a 90 year old getting out of bed, lol.

    Oh, and I feel you on the puffy arms. It happened to me too :/ I HATE wearing short sleeves or tanks. So I am thankful that I'm almost done with this pregnancy before summer truly hits here! (I may just always plan my pregnancies that way)

    PS: wanted to say that your 'new' house is SO cute and has a TON of charm...just didnt get to comment yesterday!

  13. LOVE the baby book :) It looks just like our wedding book. Our wedding book sounds just like yours. It was the same fabric in ivory with a ribbon and had our monogram on it. I love it :)

  14. You look great and I love that dress! Where did you find Cohen's gorgeous baby book? I'd love to get a wedding book for a friend...

  15. I love that baby book! That blue color is so pretty! What fun you will have filing it all out!

  16. The baby book is gorgeous! I love dupioni silk. That dress is fab. Love it.

  17. What an adorable baby book! I love the blue. You look great, and your dress is perfect. How great that it will work post maternity too?!?!

  18. The baby book is beautiful, love the royal blue silk! You also look fabulous in that dress! So Cute!

  19. The baby book is gorgeous!! Love your dress, you look so pretty!

  20. the baby book is gorgeous! LOVE the colors. You look so cute in that dress!

  21. Aww... you are beautiful! And that book is fantastic! :)

  22. Cohen's baby book is absolutely adorable!

  23. I love the book! DO you mind telling us where you got it?

  24. Oh the book is so so so pretty!! Where did you get it made?

  25. What a cute dress! I love your creativity with maternity clothes!

    I remember when Harrison would get hiccups while I was pregnanct with him! He got them all the time and you are right-they tickle!

  26. HI! I have never commented before but I read your blog everyday! It is very inspiring!

    Where did you get the baby book it is gorgeous! My husband and I are expecting our first in October and I have been looking for a good baby book :)

  27. Love the baby book!

    And, PS -- I'm the one that met you last Saturday at Greg's BBQ. It was really nice to meet you and I hope I was less creepy than I felt!

    Sending good thoughts your way as you meet with your OB soon!

  28. That's precious! You are one beautiful mama!

  29. You look beautiful in that dress and that baby book is just GORGEOUS! I am so excited about the house and it looks so charming and cute! Everything will work out-praying for you always! Love, Becky

  30. I love that dress and think I just might have to swing by Target tonight!

    The baby book is adorable :)

  31. Baby book is super cute and so are you! I bet you are getting excite and don't worry, God is there for you! :) Hope your discomfort gets better and yay for baby coming soon!

  32. love love love the baby book! and you look adoreable! :)

  33. yay, you look beautiful!! great buy on the dress, you'll definitely be able to wear it after Cohen arrives too! :) and the baby book is wonderful! hope everything is going great!!

  34. You're adorable, as always. I LOVE the baby book. It's so pretty.


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