New House Pictures – Before (Part 1-pre changes)

Hi all :) So I’ve been posting about what we are doing and how busy we have been. One of the major things we are doing is getting Brent’s grandmother’s house ready to move into. She moved in with his mom and has kindly offered us a place to live.

We aren’t sure how long we are going to be living in the house but more than likely it will be several years. While there, we are planning to make the house our home :) We are somewhat sad to be leaving our house we live in now, but in our current situation it’s not financially an option right now. Still hoping it sells soon!

Brent’s grandparents moved into this house in the early 1960’s. We aren’t exactly sure when it was built, but it’s quite old. I’ve always wanted to live in a charming older home and that is what excites me about this one :) For not, we are not going to be putting too much money into this home for multiple reasons.

I love reading blogs about houses and updates as well as decorating. I thought I would post a few pictures of updates we do along the way. I took these pictures a few weeks ago when the transition was starting to take place. We are still living at our current house right now and going over almost daily to get some things done. Some things we having are/must/want to repair consist of:

-There is no AC upstairs. We are have having a window unit put in upstairs.
-The electrical has some issues and of course that is extremely important to get fixed and checked. At one point, only certain appliances could be run..but not at the same time.
-There is some ceilings and walls with damage from roof leaks in the past. The roof was always fixed outside but the damage inside had not been. So the cracks must be fixed.
-There are some openings in closets to the attic that must be closed off so bugs and what not don’t get in.
-Paint bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen
-Remove wallpaper from full bath.
-Basement cleaned out. I didn’t get a before picture…but it was covered in dust from when the french drain was installed. Brent worked his booty off lat weekend to get it cleaned and it is making a HUGE difference.
-A few light fixtures replaced
-Leak in guest bathroom sink
-Having carpets cleaned in master
-Replacing carpet in middle room (nursery). It’s old and Cohen will need new and fresh :)
– A vent from master bedroom to middle room for air flow.
-The toilets need some work but probably not replaced just yet because we hear that can end up being more of a task that it’s worth. So for now, probably new seats and such.

There are a few other things but these are the ones that come to mind quickest.

One of our good friend’s dads does remodeling and his has offered to help us!

Brent’s grandmother lived in this house at least 50 years. These pictures are mostly before we started to move things out.

The kitchen

Maid’s room..which will be a pantry type room for us. (I believe it is called a maid’s room because when these houses were built, there was often a room built for a maid with a separate outside door entrance) There is no outdoor entrance anymore as Brent’s grandparents removed it and open the kitchen to have a doorway into the room…
maid’s room..(To the left is the doorway to the kitchen. When that was closed off, the fridge was there)

the breakfast area which is next to kitchen (kitchen on left)
one of the dinning room walls…
I love the rounded french doors.
looking onto dinning area from breakfast area….
another wall in dinning room…
living room….
more pretty french doors that open onto a covered porch….

closet and door leading to porch
guest bath (downstairs)…
this is as if you are heading down the stairs (from 2nd floor). There is attic fan behind screen…
full bath (upstairs)
has anyone ever glazed a tub? Our friends just did theirs white and it looks awesome. It wasn’t expensive so we will see about that in the future.
hallway upstairs…..

Middle room. We will make this room the nursery. The master is to the right of it. Yes, that is wallpaper, but luckily it is on really good so we are just painting over it! I didn’t snap the picture of the old green carpet.
I think Cohen will be a dog lover so the cats must go…His dad is so allergic these will probably make him sneeze….
end room… this will be the spare bedroom/office type room
Brent going through books….

Isn’t it cute? :) I LOVE the archways, french doors, wood floors, plantation shutters, etc. It has lots of character!

The next post will be one of the upstairs in progress and the downstairs being set up for the estate sale.

Since Brent’s grandmother has downsized, there will be an estate sale of her things. She has requested that the proceeds from the sale go to a trust account for Cohen and his medical needs. I about fell over when I heard that. Brent’s grandmother loves him so much. The trust is being set up right now. We also have lots of friends and family donating items they do not want or need to the sale. Last night, Brent and I went and picked up an old washer and dryer from a couple who had just bought new. I had met the girl once or twice before. She is a good family friend of one of our friends. She heard about our situation from our friend and emailed me about the washer and dryer. People are so kind! Cohen is one loved little boy! The sale will be not this weekend but the next, May 6th-8th.

More soon!



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    Your house is absolutely adorable. It’s has so much character like you said and so charming. It’s going to look fantastic once ya’ll get through with it!! :)

  2. says

    We lived in our first house almost 5 years and it was built in 1954 and very very similar. The kitchen looked almost identical to yours. I did like the charm but we had to move because Bailey's toys were taking over teh 1100 sq feet :).

  3. says

    You are going to make that a gorgeous home! I love the french doors and those plantation shutters make my heart go pitter patter. I can just see all of your beautiful things in there!

  4. says

    This house has CRAZY amazing potential! The doors, windows, arched walkways…all so fabulous! I can't wait to see what you do with everything. You'll put your touch on everything and it will be beautiful!

  5. says

    love the house! Feel free to let me know if you ever want to sell 😉 Ya know, if I have a job in that area at the time or something :) Good luck on the estate sale – that's wonderful Brent's grandma is so awesome! She's going to have such an awesome great grandchild soon!

  6. says

    ohmygosh Megan, I am in love!!! I have always wanted to live in an older home! They have so much character. You will be able to do so much with that house. Can't wait to see what you put together!!

  7. says

    Love the french doors as well. It made me tear up to read that she is donating the funds to little Cohen's health! So sweet. He is loved so much, and I pray for you and little man every day!

  8. says

    LOVE the house!!!! the arched doorways and french doors are fantastic! can't wait to see what an incredible touch you put on it, friend. what an awesome grandmother … so glad you, brent, and cohen are so loved. praying for a good sale!

  9. says

    Those french doors are amazing! The house looks like it has so much to offer and I cannot wait to see the changes you make along the way. How sweet of Brent's grandmother! She must really think a lot of you both :)

  10. says

    The house is absolutely beautiful. To be honest, I'm not one for older homes, but that is just gorgeous!
    What an amazing thing Brent's grandmother is doing in setting up a trust for Cohen. You are so blessed to have such support and great family and friends!

  11. says

    I LOVE your new house! It's got such good bones and great character. You could turn it into something really fantastic with just some simple changes. Love it!

  12. says

    That house is going to be such a precious home for y'all and Cohen! I'm so glad to hear about the estate sale to benefit his care; how generous and loving! He's loved so much already. :)

  13. says

    Love the arches!! Looks like you have some great "bones" to work with. Have you tried fabric soften and water (mix) to get the wall paper off. Usually works like a charm!

  14. says

    That is so amaaazing! I just teared up when I read about the trust. Cohen truly is a loved and special little man! I know we've never met, but I think about you often! Good luck with the sale and all the prep work!

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    Wow, what a charming house! It has so many wonderful features, you'll be able to make it into a perfect home for the 3 of you! You are so blessed to have so many wonderful family members and friends, I can't wait to hear how well the sale goes!!!

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    I love the new house! Even though it is old, it has so many wonderful features. You guys are so lucky you have so many people who love you (but you already know that I'm sure)!

    Tub reglazing – my aunt did this recently along with the tiled countertop in her bathroom. It looks amazing!

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    Good luck! Our house is 90 years old, and we had A LOT of updating to do when we moved in. But seeing the finished product was well worth it!

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    Maybe we can take a trip to visit the new home in the Hedrick Electric truck and get some of the electric work out of the way!! I am loving this new house! Glad you are doing. Tell the family we said hello!

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    Megan, the house is awesome & how nice of Brent's grandma! The house we just bought last year is older too. Don't worry, you have plenty of time to make it your own. The most important thing is the family living in it :) I know it must be hard moving at 33 weeks pregnant! I think we moved when I was about that far along. Don't be afraid to sit back & let everyone do things for you. You have a great excuse to do so 😉

    Love, Bon

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    Wow! That house has amazing architectural details. And, the kitchen looks JUST like ours did when my parents moved into their house. If there is anything I can help you with this summer when you are gone … I have nothing to do until August when school starts again and I'd love to help you out!

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    aww i'm so happy for you guys! God is good! and the house is cute! I can't wait to see pics after you guys decorate, it's going to look amazing, I know! and that is so sweet about the trust fund and donations, yay!

  22. says

    Hi Sweetie,

    I'm catching up on your blog. LOVE the house! You're so right… the archways, french doors, wood floors, & plantation shutters are amazing. You gotta love an older house; it has so much character. I know you'll make it VERY cute.

    I've been so absent from blogland lately but I'm praying for you and Cohen all the time. You're still on my prayer list in my bathroom!

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