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You all probably know my love for nail polish at this point. If not, you can search for the ones I’ve posted. They are pretty :) I came across OPI’s Ate Berries in the Cannaries and thought it was so pretty! I didn’t have anything similar to a pink like this….

This on the other hand….
I’m not so sure. This is the new OPI line for the Shrek movie. It is called Who the Shrek are you? (do I italicize the names of nail polish?) I’m a huge Shrek fan, and I really love the color green. However, I’m just not sure this green would like right on my nails.

I also finally gave in and bought Batiste Dry Shampoo from Sally’s. So far, I’m liking it. I got the one in the pink can also known as Blush. It smells like gardenia. I naturally have very curly hair. I wash it once or twice a week. I usually once and then dry it. If I wash a second time, I wear it curly for a day or two until the next wash. I can’t do curly long because it is SO thick and it doesn’t stay looking good. It’s starting to hurt to stand and dry my hair. I know, why don’t get a chair to sit in. Well, it’s not convenient really. So, it was either a hat or Batiste for about one day per week :)

I figure since it’s not logical for me to buy clothes right now…or shoes…besides necessity, I figure I shall buy a few beauty products :) I’m already having visions of chopping my hair off and I NEVER thought that would happen. It won’t happen. I think it’s a pregnancy thing. Hopefully, my allergy to dark hair color will pass and I can have my hair dyed again in the future. My sister-in-law (who does hair) said she would bring hair color and wine to the hospital this summer :)

Happy Friday!


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    I wish I could get away with washing my hair twice a week! Mine is thin and gets oily fast, so if I go more than 1 day, it's really gross looking!

    I love the pink nail polish! I don't think I could pull off that green either…

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    I'm allergic to hair dye too!! I've always hi-lited my hair, but the first time I tried to actually color my whole head, it ended badly. I had 3rd degree burns all over my entire scalp. But, if you do want to die your hair, I've learned that using foils helps because it doesn't actually touch your scalp! Just a thought =)

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    I love that berry color!!!! I'm going to get a pedi today, and will definitely be looking for that shade!
    I'm glad you mentioned the dry shampoo. I've been meaning to try some for my second day hair!!

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    This is my favorite dry shampoo!! I love it! If you don't like this one, don't give up. Try another brand. I have a brand from Sephora that I bought and don't like at all. I swear this is the best invention ever!

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    Dry Shampoo is great!!! I also use the Pssst brand but I buy mine at Ulta! I love that store!

    I just got a pedicure with that same pink color! I love OPI! Such a great brand of nail polish!

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