Baby Book Details

Last night I was so tired that I forgot to include some important details about Cohen’s baby book!

The brand is Jan Sevadjian. She is located out of Dallas, TX.

There are several websites that carry these albums. I ordered mine directly from Jan. As I’ve mentioned, my brunch was a last minute decision and I decided at the point of planning, I wanted to have a baby book ready for it. Therefore, I went right to the source. I didn’t know if I could get it in time if I ordered it through a middle man. I knew about these books because Jan did our wedding book as well.

(sorry, taken with iphone)

Jan was quick and easy to work with! I told her what I was looking for and she basically said no problem. The book is worth every penny. I did pay a bit extra for quick shipping..and it arrived within about 3 days of finalizing the order. I am SO pleased!

I spoke with Jan and she said the best way to contact her is via email:

More pictures of the book can be seen in this post.


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    Wow, girl…I love Cohen's book! I found Jarrett's on clearance at TJ Maxx for like $7. Sometimes I wish I would've gotten a nicer one, but I've already got everything filled out in this one. Anyways, I love it! It's so gorgeous!

    Love, Bon

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    Gorgeous! That blue is stunning. And, I like his name on the cover. It reminds me of my wedding book, which I need to finish…

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