Tatum turns five

Last Sunday our niece turned 5 years old! I cannot believe she is 5. I was there when she is born and it's just crazy to think 5 years have passed. It's been so fun watching her grow all these years. For the past 3 years, I've lived less than a mile from her :)

Here are some pics from last Sunday and then a few below them I've snapped over the years.

hubby and I got her some sand mermaid thing...

tatum, taylor and their cousin, brooklyn...playing on brooklyn's daddy
lots of people
cake time!
baby beaux...his 19 pounds of glory

we wanted taylor to smile but she wasn't going for it. she will be 4 this coming week!

cousin zach being silly

Now here are some older pics from the past few years. When I say some, I mean it. I have hundreds. I'm that aunt, yes :)

Newborn Tatum!
tatum with hubs (her uncle brent) @ the lake
1st birthday!
2nd birthday!
her smile was so funny when she was little
:) think she was about 2 1/2 here
3rd birthday

4th birthday
about 4 1/2
this is from a week or two ago.. I just thought it was really funny. (before gymnastics)

love my nieces!



  1. Happy Birthday Tatum...what a cutie!! :)

  2. haha love the headband for gymnastics...and can i also say i lOVEE that kitchen!! awesome. time flies doesn't it!? happy birthday to your niece!

  3. Oh, I adore my nieces too!! And I love her name!

  4. Looks like a great party! Happy Birthday to Tatum!

  5. So sweet! I love the gymnatics pic!

  6. You look SO adorable in that picture with her as a newborn! I've never noticed your cute little freckles before. Love them!☺

  7. such a pretty girl! are you sure she is not related to you? lol.

  8. She is precious!! Happy Birthday to her! Gosh, time flies doesn't it?! My niece will be 4 this year and I still can't believe it!

  9. how cute are all those pics! you look gorgeous girl!

  10. Your nieces and nephew are SO cute! I know Cohen will be just as adorable :) Thinking of you! Becky

  11. What sweet pictures. Those kids are all adorable! I just love the name Tatum too! Can't wait to see baby Cohen join the group!

  12. Your nieces are so darling, I just looking at their pictures! How fun for you to be able to go to the party and watch her unwrap all of those fun gifts. :)


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