Cupcake Photo Shoot

On Friday I picked my nieces up from school. I decided to take them to a local cupcake place. They love cupcakes. This wanted a picture with their cupcake. I thought I only had my iPhone but luckily had my little Canon Elph in my purse too. These pics were taken with both and I think they are SO funny! The girls are quite the posers! I love all the pics but I think my favorites are towards the end! The older one is the leader in creating the poses, haha.

This was her pose….


I hope you all enjoy looking at them as much as I do!!! :) I heart them.

I also hope you all are having a good Saturday! We have been working all day on going through the garage and loading stuff off to a storage unit. Oh, the joys.

Mom is here and cooking something yummy for dinner tonight I’m sure. She keeps asking me what I want and nothing sounds good. I hate that feeling!

Last night, we went to a 30th birthday party for our brother-in-law (the above girl’s daddy). Lots of fun and pics to come. Tomorrow night, we are having a family Oscar dinner get together.

More soon.



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    too stinkin' cute! what a great aunt you are!!! :) hey – will you email me your address? i know i have had it but i wanted to make sure i had right one! :)

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