Results from amnio & Prayer button!

So, if you read my post yesterday you will know I had an amniocentesis done yesterday morning. Though it was probably one of the most unpleasant experiences I’ve ever had (if not the most), it had EXTREMELY pleasant results…thus far!

My doctor had surgeries today and called from his car about 4:30. He said round one of the amnio results looked “normal as a nail” :) HUGE relief!!! We are thrilled to have gotten past this first hurdle. Cohen loves being in my belly and I hope he stays there just as long as possible!

I had the first round of results expressed but not all of them can be calculated that quickly. The major ones though can be detected and praise God, there are no major defects. This is good in our situation because as I’ve mentioned previously, with Cohen’s heart condition, doctor’s were certain his life with any chromosomal genetic defects would not be compatible with the heart.

If you are catching up, you can read about Cohen’s diagnoses here and here.

Doctor did ask me how I was feeling after yesterday. He said that vein thing isn’t typical and sorry. I feel MUCH better today. Still a bit sore but not NEAR like yesterday!

For the rest of the results from the amnio, it will take about one to two weeks. Doctor said he would call just as soon as they were in and we would probably come in. The rest of the results will give us a lot more insight as to where and perhaps what happened causing the heart defects. It will also tell us a little bit more maybe about future pregnancies. We go in for a normal appointment next Thursday. I’ll also have my glucose test done then. So, maybe results by then.

We are just so glad that these results are giving Cohen more hope!

Our major prayer is for the pulmonary veins to exist!

Next up…(some probably aren’t in any particular order of taking place)
-appointment next week with OB
-rest of amnio results arriving
-put our house for sale
-help my parents move into their house here
-sale our house
-move into different house
-meet with cardiologist and and surgeon at Texas Children’s in Houstin – March 29th(tentative)
-meet with cardiologist, surgeon & high risk OB at Texas Children’s in Dallas on March 31st
~Find place to live in Dallas…or wherever we decide feels like a good fit for Cohen to be born and have his heart surgeries.

Man on Man! One day at a time.. lots of deep breaths!

Several of you had emailed and commented about a blog button. My bf & blog designer, Allison, designed Cohen a button! Isn’t it precious! If you would like to take and post, go right ahead! You can go to her personal blog to grab the button or off my sidebar. You can also check out her work on her design blog.

To add the button to your page, simply copy the code underneath the picture at the right hand corner of my blog, and insert it into a new html gadget in the layout section of your dashboard.

Thanks SO much for all your thoughts and prayers! I’m still working to reply to emails!



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    That is such great news so far!!! I know you still have a long road ahead (hopefully not too long) but to hear good news is SO good!!

    I hope you get to feeling better soon! I can't even imagine how uncomfortable that had to be, emotionally and physically!! But God is good and he is going to take good care of you and your little man!!! I will continue to pray for good results!

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    Oh and I meant to tell you that I will also be praying for your house to sell and the move! My parents moved a few months ago, 15 hours away from us to TX. =( Moving is so hard, but I hope your move and your parents move will go as smooth as possible!!

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    Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. I was so out of the loop, I am so sorry. It was a lot of information to soak in between the 3 posts, and I was trying to hurry so I could get to today's. I am so sorry that this is all going on. I will be saying prayers for you all, and especially baby Cohen throughout this whole process. Glad to hear that the diagnoses doesn't seem as bad as originally thought??

    That is a very cute button.

    I saw it as I was scrolling down through my reader {I haven't been able to read many lately} and when I came upon the button, I immediately gasped. I was like, "Hey, I know someone that's pregnant with a Cohen…..oh no!!"

    :) & :(

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    So glad to hear you got good results! Every bit of good news will give you all strength for what lies ahead. I've added your button and will continue to pray for Cohen.

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    Praise the Lord for such great news. We will just keep steadily praying! Looking forward to hopefully seeing the fab five this weekend!
    I will have to have Amy walk me through the button thing! :)
    Love you, Lisa

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    what good news! i will continue praying for your adorable baby cohen, you/hubs and family!
    i hope you are feeling better soon, i think about you all the time. it's like you are a "RL" friend, i worry about you little miss!
    god is good! he has a plan.

    i am going to add your button right now!
    ms. potts had sent out an email to some of us ladies about a button and i'm glad to hear we have the go ahead to add one!!

    heart you hun!! and baby cohen!!

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    I just wanted to let you know that I am praying for you and your family and of course baby Cohen. I came across your blog last week and just started to follow it. I will continue to pray for you and send you well wishes.

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    praise the Lord!!!! to God be the glory – great things He hath done! and i have a feeling this is just the beginning of all the GOOD news for baby cohen. praying about his veins right this second. loves, friend!

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    I'm so happy the results are good so far! I know that made you guys feel a bit better.

    Are you going to permanently move to Dallas or wherever you decide to deliver Cohen?

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    so nice to have some good news in the mix! happy to hear and will continue with specific prayer!

    i have lived in dallas for almost 10 years so if i can help in any way on the search process, please let me know!

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    I am so thankful that y'all got some good news yesterday…answered prayers! I love the new button and it's already up on my blog. If you are in Tulsa, we should meet up for some bread pudding {your fave} and chat sometime soon before you move!

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    PRAISE THE LORD!!! This is AMAZING news! We prayed specifically for this yesterday morning and it's so great to see such a quick (and positive) answer! We will be praying for all the things you listed as well as covering in blanket prayer anything you may have missed! We're sporting your button!

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    GREAT news! I cant imagine how drained emotionally and physcially you are. God will take care of you all and we are still praying hard for you.

    We will add the prayer of your home selling. Everything will work out, i am sure of it!

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    Yay for good news! Keep up the positive thinking and take care of yourself. Your list seems like a great deal to accomplish. Remember to always accept the help that comes your way. I know you and Brent will choose the best for Cohen and yourselves. Keep up the great work momma!

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    Hey girl! Im still praying daily for Cohen! I just wanted to let you know that if you dont already have a good high risk ob here in Dallas I have an amazing one so if you need any information please let me know! Praying, praying, praying!

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    Praise God! What awesome news! We will continue to be praying! It sounds like you have quite a bit on your plate in the coming weeks-we will be praying for your stress level to stay down and that you get everything done that you need to. You are doing such a great job remaining strong!

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    I have been detached from the blog world lately and just today stopped by to catch up with your blog. I cannot imagine what you and your husband must be going through right now. I want you to know you will be in my prayers. I wish you and sweet Baby Cohen all the best. Stay strong and please let me know if you need anything!

    Blessings, Whitney

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    I don't know you and stumbled upon your blog from Kelly's Korner. I just wanted to give you some information about heart doctors in Arkansas. Like I said, i don't know anything about you, i just feel like God wants me to share this with you- and i hope it helps. First off, i am sure you are very familiar by now or have heard of Get a log in and search for brooklynskelley. I used to be a nurse for her mom, Kim. Brookie, as we call her, has hypoplastic left heart syndrome. Read her story-It is amazing. It will give you much hope and insight.

    Secondly, we have some great doctors in Arkansas. You can google one in particular- Dr. Jacquiss- He is a wonderful heart surgeon here in Little Rock. You can learn more about Arkansas Children's Hospital at You can check out the services and the doctors and such. It might help some.

    I cannot imagine how you feel- But i can tell you as a pediatric nurse, that children are amazing and resilient. I enjoy taking care of them so much more than adults, etc. It is so much more rewarding to me! It's so wonderful to watch God heal someone, but especially touching when it's a child. We will keep you in our prayers. Best of luck in your search for a physician. The Great Physician will send you to the right person–


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    I am a pediatric RN in cardiology at the children's hospital in Kansas City. You really need to look into CHOPS…Children's Hospital of Philadelphia..we send multiple families to CHOPS to have their heart surgeries…Wisconsin Children's also has a great heart surgeon, as does Minnesota…Denver Children's used to have the best surgeon for the arterial switch surgery, but I think he has moved to another hospital so you might need to do some research to track him down. These babies do really well and their recovery is amazing! I have taken care of "heart babies" for almost 8 years now and they are wonderful. check out

    Good Luck…Ashley

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    I just finished reading your story about your sweet little boy. My son had open heart surgery at 3 days old in 2008. He had transposition of the great arteries, VSD, and Double outlet right ventricle. We did not know about his heart defects until he was about 14 hours old. We live near Atlanta and he had his surgery at Egleston Childrens Hospital. Through God's AMAZING grace he has done very well. We felt like there was not much hope and that he was not going to make it. It was very tough to see what he had to go thru but we continously prayed everyday that Jesus would heal him. We had people praying from everywhere. I will be praying for your son and you guys. It is a rough road but one that will bring a closeness to God that you have never experienced. I look forward to reading wonderful updates about Cohen.

    Kristy Martin

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    I am a first time reader and I just wanted to say I am praying for you and Cohen!

    I know what you are going through and how scary and stressful all the appointments and waiting can be. God will carry you through each step! Hold on tight to Him and your family and friends. Prayer is an amazing thing =)


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    Praying for Baby Cohen! Wanted to let you know my younger brother was born with a diaphramatic hernia, among other conditions, and was not expected to live. His insides were all jumbled up. He was given a 1% chance of survival and my parents were told that if he did survive, he would be a vegetable. But guess what? He not only survived, several surgeries later, he was a healthy boy. He did have lingering issues, and surgeries through his teenage years, but nothing that affected his quality of life. Looking at him, he was as normal as anyone else. A prayer chain was started when he was born (since back then, they didn't diagnose these things before birth), and there were people praying for him 24/7. I will be praying for little Cohen – there is great power in prayer!

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    I'm so glad to hear that there is good news so far!

    I'm a new follower, I've been randomly stopping by from other blogs for a couple of months now but finally made the leap and added you to my ever growing list of blogs that I read!

    I'll be keeping your family and Baby Cohen in my prayers!

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    Oh Megan, I've been thinking about you and Cohen and praying for you. I have a prayer list in my bathroom and y'all are on it.

    I'm catching up on your blog today. I've been so M.I.A. from the blog world.

    I'm glad the results have been positive. Many people are praying for you and Cohen. God is good!

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