Prego Mego – Week 22 & What baby stuff do you like?

I’m 22 weeks pregnant with Cohen today!

Our last appointment was on Thursday of last week. If you didn’t read how that went, you can here. We will be going to the Pediatric Cardiologist on Thursday morning. They were not able to get me in any quicker for the fetal ECHO.

I’ve done pretty good the past few days trying not to worry how the ECHO will turn out, as I know what’s meant to happen, will. God is in control and my worrying isn’t going to change things. I just pray. I certainly appreciate all the kind words I’ve gotten from you all.

Cohen is growing! He was 14oz and my last week and will probably reach 1 pound soon! I had a few other ultrasound pics and one was all the stats. The longest measurement was 11.5 inches so I’m guessing that’s how long he is. A lot of what was said at our appointment I stopped comprehending at a certain point. Doctor said he had long legs and feet. That is funny because his mommy and daddy do not.

(the majority of these pics were taken with iphone)

Here he is at 21 weeks & 2 days…

maybe he will be a thumb sucker?
lil feetsy
Here I am today…..
I wore red this week for Valentine’s. I haven’t worn short sleeves in quite some time. Puffy & pale, haha. I pulled my pants lower as I felt like they showed the current belly shape a bit better. No, I don’t wear black yoga pants and a tee everyday. I put something of the sort on when I get home from work though. If I have pajama pants on, I’ll switch for the pic if it’s a Tuesday, for my belly pic :o)

The past few days, I feel like he has moved/kicked pretty steadily from about 12:30-1:30. Perhaps he wakes up for lunch. It’s still crazy he is inside me! He hasn’t woke me from sleeping with kicks yet. I’m still having a miserable time sleeping. I know it’s evident when I wake in the morning.

This past Saturday, we registered! We registered at Babies R Us, Target & a local boutique (which I did a few weeks back)! We decided not to do Pottery Barn Kids because there wasn’t anything we just needed from there. Most of the nursery stuff will be custom(bedding), bought online or done with my lil hands. We aren’t finished registering though. We have some adjustments to make as decisions were hard! My question to you all that are mommies or those of may have heard about certain things….. WHAT DO YOU LIKE!? What are your must haves, necessities, favorites? If you have a link to a post you have done, will you post it with your comment for me? Email me? Anything you would like really! I would GREATLY appreciate it!

Babies R Us was PACKED and my back starting hurting walking around. Don’t let the gun in my hand confuse you, hubs was ALL about scanning things!
We took hub’s sister with us to Babies R Us as she is quite knowledgeable in the baby department after 3 babies. She also brought this little guy along….
He got a pair of jeans. You can see those on him in my previous post. Let me just tell you that the size of his new jeans are 9 months and he is currently 12 weeks! haha!

Oh, by the way, yall’s comments regarding “expecting mommy parking” were great! Yes, we do have a few here. Just not NEARLY enough. The only places I’ve seen the parking spots are Babies R Us & Church. So, I’m jealous of locations where there are more!

Not too much sounds good to eat lately. I don’t have any major cravings. I love ice cream & frozen yogurt. I often feel like I’m eating just to eat. I’m trying to stop that. For instance, I ate a pretty decent size breakfast last Sunday about 10am. At 11am, hubs had to run an errand and said he would pick up lunch. He asked me what I wanted. Well, nothing? I just wasn’t hungry yet. I placed my order anyway. Something I do really like right now is bacon, egg & cheese on an English muffin! We eat the double fiber English muffin and love it. We also use turkey bacon.
I must show you the inside…the heart :)
hubs has been using this to keep a shape that fits the muffin. We have been doing over easy lately.

Hubby has been SUPER good about cooking dinner for me :) By the time I get home, I want to crash! I feel like my energy is fading a bit. Either that, or I’m just on my feet a bit more in the day. By the time I get home, it’s hard for me to do anything.

I’ve switched to ankle socks only. The others are getting too tight.

I’m forgetful. It’s bad.

I have a warrant out for my arrest. Classy, huh? I got a speeding ticket in January. Mind you, it was my first spending ticket in like 10 years. Well, I had only about 10 days to go in and pay it. I got the minimum ticket. I COMPLETELY forgot. I remembered the other day and thought “oh crap”. So, now I have to go to court :( However, I’m not on the “docket” so that is no good. That basically means, I don’t have a court date/time and I would just have to go in and wait until EVERYONE’S name had been called and then try to get mine settled. Luckily, my father-in-law is a lawyer and set me up with one of is law world friends. She will walk me through court. Once the judge sees her, she said we will getting right on through. Hopefully shortening the process to just an hour. Oops. I won’t make that mistake again.

Guess what else I did. FORGOT TO PAY THE ELECTRIC BILL! (This was last Wednesday) I know you are thinking, well that’s okay, just pay it now. Well, it was too late. I forgot to pay last months. So, when I remembered last week, I called. I paid. Well the next day I got home and NO POWER. What the heck? I paid the bill! Well, they decided they wanted me to pay the newest bill. Well, I didn’t have the newest bill with me when I called the day before and I did the automatic system. So, they cut our power off for $63!!! I was SO SO SO upset. Mostly because the people were rude. It was cold and I just wanted to be snuggled at home. I got home about 5:20 that day and called. Two women were rude and I finally asked for the supervisor. He had to call me back. He finally told me they don’t do re-connects until 8am. The women acted like they could re-connect any time within 24 hours. They only do them from 8am-5pm! WHAT?! That is insanity. First of all, if they were going to cut our power off, they should have told me the day before when I WAS ON THE PHONE with them!! I paid the bill. It wasn’t expensive! I would have paid the other $63 had I known it was ready to be paid! Anyways, we stayed at hubby’s sisters. They turned the power on the very next morning. Yes, I told them it was just wrong. The cable company freaking works past 5, why can’t the electric. What is more important? And I mean don’t they know that pregnant women are FORGETFUL! Oh yes, I certainly told them I was pregnant. They could have cared less. I kept thinking what about the families out there with new babies or kids in the middle of winter. I thought about those that were forgetful and those that simply didn’t have the money. I honestly think electricity should be a common courtesy, of the world. I’m still debating writing a letter.

We are giving our current “child” lots of loving as always. He is the sweetest dog. We tell Cohen his big brother is a dog, hahaha. Sick, I know.

I think that is about it for this week. I will probably post soon after my doctor’s appointment which is on Thursday morning. My next regularly scheduled appointment is March 4th and I’ll do glucose test then.

Don’t forget to link me or send me those baby related things you can’t live without!!



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    I will get some things that I couldn't live without and send them your way. I am loving the little feet in the picture! So cute! I love my glider and can remember so many trips to BRU where hubby n I ended up sitting in them chatting about what we were doing. {we ended up getting a best chair though, so worth it IMO} and we are saying prayers for Thurs. Try not to worry even though I know that is impossible. Last but, not least you look precious! Yayy for baby bellys.

  2. says

    Hey girl! I love your blog sooo cute:) I also loved Mialyn's glider, and her swing. SHE LOVED her swing! She had the one that went from side to side and front to back and would stay in it forever! She even slept in it most nights when she was a newborn. I also loved my boon squirt. I STILL DO:) So convenient and at a good price. Look them up on Babies R Us if you haven't got one yet! They are great!!!

  3. says

    Oh dear, my mom forgot to pay her electricity bill one month and the exact same thing happened to her. She was so mad and threw a huge fit and then next day they overnighted her money back to her as an apology! Sorry that happened to you.

    You are looking great!

  4. says

    Good luck with your appointment on Thursday, lots of prayers for you and Cohen (and hubby).

    I can't believe you got your power turned off, that is terrible! We have automated billing for almost everything, that is life saver!

  5. says

    Seriously, don’t they know not to mess with pregnant women and their power? Just RUDE!!!!!! And I’m hoping to hear wonderful news with all your appointments coming up :) Love ya!

  6. says

    Can I just say your are about the cutest pregnant girl ever!

    No babies for us for awhile yet, but registering for all the great baby stuff looks like so much fun.

    Good luck at your appointment tomorrow, I'll be thinking of you!

  7. says

    I have the brown chair in our nursery that your hubby is sitting on at babies r us! its awessssssome :)

    way to go on taking an experienced mommy–that is how you should do it!

  8. Anonymous says

    When I was about 6 months pregnant in the 102 degree heat of summer I locked myself out of the house w/o my cell (idiotic I know). We live in a small subdivision and none of my neighbors were home. I walked up to our subdivision office, but no one was there. I was afraid if I walked too far my husband would come home and wouldn't know what happened to me. So I waited, and a city inspector came to check on the house that was being built next to our's. I asked him if I could please use his phone. He said "no it's against regulations -maybe you should put a key under your mat". And then he drove off leaving a 6 month pregnant woman standing in 102 degree heat! Thankfully, a nice neighbor came pushing her kids around the block right about then and let me use her phone to call my husband. And the city heard a complaint about their rude worker.

  9. says

    Hey girl! I hope that all goes well at your next appt. Little Cohen looks so awesome in those 3D ultrasound pics!

    My husband didn't know he had a warrent for his arrest for forgetting to pay a speeding ticket and he got arrested (before we got married).. good times! lol

    Your power company is ridiculous, but I suppose most are that way too.. glad you had family to crash with!

    1 thing I think is essential for for a new baby is a really good diaper bag. Too many of them are oversized and don't have good shape to them so they get too disorganized, and when you only have one hand to dig in there, you need some organization! ha. my essentials for a good diaper bag are: not too big, has plenty of organization pockets, has a firm shape (like a tote) and zips at the top and doesn't have that darn flip over flap (like on messanger bags) that get's in the way. I went through 3 before I found one that I loved with my first daughter. This time around, I know what I want and have decided on this diaper bag: is an ADORABLE baby website.. they have everything from diaperbags to nursery furniture and everything inbetween!

    Lastly, nursing in public was hard for me to get used to first time around… trying to keep the blanket on while helping the baby find the boob.. for me, this was seriously complicated and took some practice! They have those nursing covers now, that I'm sure you could just make yourself. However, this site is running a special right now for Valentines that basically gives you the nursing cover for free and all you pay is Shipping and handling. Here's the blog link I found it on and it will direct you to the website with the coupon code:

    Alright.. this comment is long enough! hope this helps!

    Good luck again and I'm thinking and praying for you!

  10. says

    sorry to hear about the electricity being shut off and the rude people!! i can't believe they did that.
    you look adorable in the photo! your tum is so cute!
    the ultrasound pictures are amazing, cohen's little feet are too cute!
    you 3 are in my thoughts and prayers as you visit the doctor tomorrow.

  11. says

    You look great and there is nothing wrong with being pale! LOL! We are glowing not pale right? I will be praying for baby Cohen! I know things will be okay. It's so fun to register and see all the little baby stuff…your ultrasounds are SO clear! I love how you can see everything in such detail. Take care and try not to worry!

  12. says

    Love your baby belly, so cute! Umm…Cohen looks ADORABLE in his pics! I hope our baby is a thumb sucker, is that bad? I CANNOT wait to register! We walked around BRU a couple weeks ago and I just wanted to do it then!!!

  13. says

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Yours is ADORABLE and your big baby is PRECIOUS! I just love me some puppies! Excited to keep up with your blog as you go through pregnancy!!! :)

  14. says

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and baby Cohen.

    I'm not pregnant and I forget to pay things all the time. I think it gets worse after the kids are born because you are so busy taking care of them.

  15. says

    Oh baby products… here is what we like:

    Dr.Smith's diaper rash cream – it has the highest % of zinc in it, so it is the best for bad diaper rash. You have to get it at the pharmicist, but dont need a prescription. We use Boudreaux for the rest of the time.

    Boogie Wipes – These might be a gimmick, but they smell good and dont make their nose raw.

    Sophie the giraffe!

    If you are going to breast feed, My Breast Friend is great. I was not a fan of the Boppy.

    We love our high chair…it is sleek and you can clean every nook and cranny.

    Thinking about you during your appt. today.

  16. says

    Wow so many things going on.
    1. Look at his little feet and face, adorable!
    2. What d-bags are those electric people…that is ridiculous that they wouldn't turn it back on.

  17. says

    Awww… I love all of your pictures! I don't remember what my favorite baby stuff was since my daughter is now almost 17 years ago. But, I do have some of her first newborn stuff put away that I just couldn't bare to part with. Have a great weekend and please check out my blog today – I have nominated you for an award! xoxoxo :o)

  18. says

    You are so cute pregnant! And is that a real thing about being forgetful and pregnant? Cuz I have a friend who was like that when she was pregnant and another one who IS pregnant and forgets things. Weird!

  19. says

    Just found your blog! Love it. Best of luck with your appt:)

    Some of my must-haves are:

    1. LOTS of receiving blankets
    2. LOTS of footed sleepers (zippers instead of snaps a plus)
    3. Wipes warmer (some consider not an essential, but they keep the wipes way more moist as well as warm)
    4. A nursing pillow ("My Breast Friend" was great right after my c-section, but after a few weeks I preferred my boppy)
    5. A swaddling blanket with velcro, plus sleep sacks for when baby is a bit older

    There are obviously lots more, but those are my mains:)

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