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So, I was supposed to have my amnio yesterday but doc had lots going on and it was moved to this morning. This could be painful…just to warn you. I’ll try to rephrase it nicely. Why post this? Well, I have nothing better to talk about and I’m pretty bored! And, I might as well journal everything, right?

I’m not sure if I mentioned this in my last post update on Cohen, but when we were at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas last week, he put on quite a show. He was moving all over the place. When the doctors would finally get a good angle of his heart, he would try to take his arm and COVER IT.

Well, today I really wasn’t too nervous going into the amnio. I know there are risks and they are bad ones, but God has a plan and I was just going along with things we have been lead to do. I wasn’t concerned with pain. The nurse walked us to the room we normally go to but this time there were more things surrounding us. There was a little tray with wrapped packages of “medical stuff” on it and also on the counter close by. When we went in yesterday, I asked about the prices of getting the results expressed. I just can’t wait another week or two. So, she came in with a sheet going over all the costs.

Before the doctor came in, I had left the room twice to go to the bathroom. Cohen hangs out on my bladder. Doctor came in talking and upbeat as usual. He asked us who we met with last week and how it went. He went over some things with us and he and the nurse got their gear ready. I was laying back and he said just to pick a place for my hands and try to keep them there. A few seconds later, without notice (which was probably smart), he inserted the needle. I previously thought the needle went in the belly button but when explaining things and cleaning my belly with that smugly yellow goo, he informed me the needle goes in the lower part of the tummy.

So, as soon a the needle is in, OUCH. I’m thinking, okay, grab the fluid and exit. No, not so much. They have the ultrasound going so they can see where Cohen is. Well, he was where they would have liked him to be….until the needle went in. Then, he thought he would like to play by the needle. No, Cohen, needles are not your friend. So, doctor starts moving needle around and trying to move Cohen. I keep thinking OKAY PULL IT OUT! SHOULDN’T THIS BE OVER!? No folks, this isn’t quite the same as getting your blood taken. I thought I was being smart by not doing research on the internet. Well, imagine a blood vial and it’s size. I had to fill up something about 3x that size..and not just one of them but 3 of them. So they did some moving and making sure he was out of the way. Since they were having to move the needle from Cohen, a little vein under my skin got nicked and you know what appears after that. I’ll give you a hint, it’s red and it was on my belly. FINALLY, it was over. I may have felt the needle but I NEVER saw it, I never even looked. I wasn’t sure if it hurt worse with the needle in or trying to get up and walk after!

Doctor told hubby and I with both did great! I might have yelled sh*t once. And it does not appear that I broke hub’s hand. Doctor & nurse told me to “bed rest” all day because I was going to be pretty sore. Hubby walked me out and I drove home almost in tears. He asked if he should drive me home but since we live pretty close they told me to go ahead. I can sometimes be a wimp but physically, I’ve experienced a lot of pain. This was just not pleasant! I came home and got in bed.

My friend Cameron came over and brought me some lunch and movies. The first few times I had to get up, Cameron had to give me a swift pull haha. It’s started to feel a bit better each hour as long as I stay laying on my back. Speaking of laying on my back, I can now see my belly move when Cohen kicks! Pretty neat. I can’t see any distinct things poking out but whichever side is kicked, you can just see it shake.

I would post a picture of the belly today but I don’t have the desire to get up and hubby is stuck in traffic on his way home as they closed the highway.

I don’t know if every amnio is as unpleasant but I certainly pray I never have to have another! I don’t want to scare those of you who may be having to have one someday. I’m sure every situation is different. I certainly don’t blame Cohen for any extra pain. He is just a curious and active little guy 😉

Yesterday, my mother-in-law emailed a cardiologist in Houston at Texas Children’s. We had several people contact us and tell us about him. Well, about 7 last night he called her! He also sent her an email. He actually helped train the doctor we saw last week in Dallas. He said he felt very comfortable with her but would certainly be glad to do an evaluation as well. So, we may be taking a trip to Houston soon.

Speaking of Texas Children’s & Houston. I’ve been watching The Little Couple for the past few hours and I just love this show! Maybe I can see her (Dr.Jen Arnold) if I go to TCH in Houston?

I’ve also watched several hours of the Real Housewives of Orange County re-runs today. I’m not sure which season it was but they are a hoot. I can’t wait for the housewives of New York to start next week.

Cameron brought me When Harry Met Sally and Julie & Julia.

Today was my first time to watch Julie & Julia and I thought it was pretty cute! I like cooking & blogging and it was to do with both!

I’m going to go now as the hubs just got home.

I will share the amnio results with my readers. The nurse said they would call as soon as they got them and it would be 24-48 hours. We will be praying for good results and peace with whatever comes!

Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers! And for wanting to read my blog :)



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    Thank you so much for sharing all of this. My husband went to school with Erik Mentzel so I saw you blog through Katie's and think you are such a strong an amazing woman and mother. I just love your outlook and honesty about your feelings.

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    You are an amazingly strong chick. I'm new to the blog world and recently came across your page. Your story really got to me and I pray that you continue to be strong and everything goes your way. Hang in there and smile!

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    Yikes! And I thought 7 vials of blood was bad for the blood clotting test. hang in there! Those battle wounds sure make the end result that much sweeter!

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    Wow, I'm glad it's over for you. You are such a strong woman!

    Isn't that so cool when you can start "seeing the baby from the outside?"

    I love "The Little Couple" on TLC, she seems like a really nice person and a great doctor!

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    I'm sorry it was so painful! I hope the results are what you want them to be!

    As lame as it is, when you said in your other post that you went to Texas Children's Hospital one of my first thoughts was that it would be so cool if you got to Jen Arnold lol! I love The Little Couple!

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    I'm watching the Little Couple right now too and I love them! I know that God will surround you with the right doctors that will have the skills and knowledge to help you & baby Cohen!

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    You are such a brave woman! Glad that is over for you and I am hoping for the best possible news for you! I really liked Julie & Julia too, I thought they were both adorable.

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    lots of love to you. I have been twittering you but don't think you see it since im private. I just changed and am not private anymore. Take care and get some rest. You have been on my mind so much :)

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    Hi, my very dear friend Jessica Rich contacted me and shared with me the contents of your blog, she knew I would be able to relate and maybe give some advice. My name is Rachel and I live in Tyler, TX. My daughter is Ava and she is now 4yrs old and healthy. Although I did not know about her heart problems while i was pregnant, we have no family history of heart problems. Ava was born naturally in 4 hrs and was 5lds 12oz. she appeared to be healthy, but looking back at pictures you could see a blue tint. The doctors never told me about her heart murmurs because they are normal for the most part when they are born. Ava had failure to thrive from the start, took her 2 week to gain 3oz. She also couldn't cry, she wanted to, just couldn't, we know now it was because she couldn't get enough oxygen in her lungs, my 1st pediatrician told me i should feel blessed that i had a happy baby. The next week Ava was 9wks old and we were at the doctors office because she was acting funny, our normal doc wasn't there so we meet with one of her partners, he was the 1st in line to help save Ava's life, she turned blue in the office and we were taken to the ER for critical RSV, which we came to find was compounded my 4 Congenital heart defects, ASD, VSD, TAPVR, and Cor Triatriatum membrane obstruction, this one was so rare that the cardiologists who 1st saw it after we flown to DALLAS CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL didn't know what he was looking at initially. She also developed another defect due to the pressures in her heart being so great called a coronary artery fistula, she had dilated RA, and RV, right ventricular hyperthropy, pulmonary hypertension, hyperdynamic systolic function, and my goodness i could keep going.
    They told me the same thing you did everything right, this isn't your fault. While they were trying to get her as clear from the RSV infection so she could have surgery, her liver and kidneys started to fail because of the added work that was being put on them from all of the medications. we had a very skilled team that continued to evaluate her progress and made adjustments that kept her medications to keep them from getting worse and having to do surgery. Ava was very sick and i stood at her bedside as she coded 7 times and died 3 of those times, I am telling you this not scare you but to let you know that even when you think you are losing miracles happen, being pregnant by itself is a true miracle. The doctors at Dallas Children's worked very hard to keep her alive and get her to surgery. We probably had about 6 cardiologist while there and we had 2 of the best surgeons, Dr Steven Leonard and Dr Nikota were the main surgeons on her team. Dr Nikota is no longer at Dallas, he is in St Louis now, but Dr Leonard is still there. He is amazing and brilliant and a wonderful Christian man, He prayed with me over Ava the 1st time I meet him, I knew I was the right place, he came several other times to pray with me when he knew i was having a tough time. Ava had her 7hr open heart surgery on January 30, 2006. She healed quickly after and we got to come home after spending 3 months in the hospital.
    Every January 30 we have a CELEBRATION OF LIFE Dinner for family and friends, this has been a way for us to focus on the positive and heal. We have been so blessed to have our outcome and I pray that you get the same outcome. I still see and talk to so many of the people from Children's, they are my family now. Please let me know if I can help you in any way, I feel that this experience with Ava was Gods way of saying that it will be my job to help others in similar situations. I can't say enough about Dr. Leonard and the amazing team there. My name is Rachel Overton and you can contact me on facebook if you would like or have additional questions, or would like to see pics of my sweet Ava, she's kinda small, but so perfect. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

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    Oh my goodness, I had my hand over my mouth as I was reading! I am so glad you had a sweet friend come over and make you stay on the couch, and keep you company! We don't have cable so I love hearing about these funny shows from you guys! Sweet little curious Cohen, he just wanted to play :) Praying for you and lil Cohen! (and Hubby too:))

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    Praying for you constantly Megan! Praying for clear and great results on the amnio. I mentioned you on my blog tonight and gave a link where they could come over and know what to prayer for specifically!! BTW, if you come to Houston, please let me know! I would love meet you and pray with you, perhaps get a bite somewhere! 😉 I know it would be a bust visit for you, so only if you have the time and would be up for it. Praying friend!!!

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    So so sorry you had to be in pain – that just stinks!

    I too am obsessed with the Little Couple – and Jen seems like such an amazing doctor and so compassionate!

    And When Harry Met Sally is one of my favorite movies ever.

    Hope you start feeling better today!

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    Wow you are one brave girl! I was getting squeamish reading that experience! Glad you did well and I hope and pray for Good News….

    That was sooo sweet of your friend to come over with food and movies…I have been wanting to see that movie…so now I am sooo going to rent it…
    You are in my thoughts and prayers
    Summer :0)

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    Ohhh honey, the amnio sounds awful. You are very strong and brave to be dealing with all of this. I'm praying for you that the results are good!

    I loved Julie and Julia! Glad that you have nice friends who will come and chill out with you.

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    I've never left a comment before, but I've been reading your blog for quite a while. I've been praying for your whole family. I am so sorry ya'll are having to go through this. The amnio sounded painful…to say the least. At least it's behind you! Your strength is inspiring.

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    I'm a new reader to your blog and I have to say that you are such a strong woman and just so full of courage. I really admire you.
    And isn't Julie and Julia super cute? I loved that movie too!

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    sweet megan, i am just now reading your blog in weeks and am just finding out the news about Cohen. i really don't know what to say but i'm sorry. i know you've waited and prayed for this baby and i don't understand why this has to happen to such a sweet and godly couple. know that you are in my prayers. i will prayer for you and specifically that God will heal Cohen's little heart. He can work miracles and i will pray he does for Cohen. thanks for keeping us updated so we all know what to pray for specifically.

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    Oh my, you have been through a lot. You are so so brave. I don't know what I'd do in your shoes. But I know I'd definitely look away and not see the needle like you did. That would make it so much worse.

    Still praying for you and your boy. God is good and you are in the palm of His hands right now.

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    Another new reader coming from Kelly's blog. Thoughts & prayers for you & your sweet, sweet little one.

    I would have to agree with you – having an amnio done is NOT pleasant, at all. When I had mine done with Sadie, the needle got caught up in the membrane of her deceased twin sister's sac. That was lovely.

    Honestly I was still not feeling great after just one day of "bedrest", so I added an extra day. I was so worried about the risks of it, too.

    I don't have a ton of time, so I will just keep it short & sweet for now .. but let me tell you, don't give up hope on Cohen. Our daughter, Sadie, is now 2 months old & doing really well. She wasn't suppossed to survive the pregnancy, much less make it beyond 15 weeks .. yet she proved all the Dr.'s wrong & is here. She's absolutely beautiful. All the issues she was suppossed to have (including a VSD & an ASD)? Well, to put it simply … they don't exsist. She is proof everyday that miracles happen!!

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