Welcome, Penny Lane!!

Today, one of my besties, Jessica, had her baby!

Penny Lane came into the world around 3pm weight 6lbs 3oz & was 20 inches long.

I was able to spend some time at the hospital for a few hours before Jess started pushing earlier today. She decided to get some rest and the weather started getting bad, so I headed home. I got word when I was thawing the car that she had started pushing! I went ahead and drove home and then hubby and I went back up to the hospital when he got home from work and took the new mommy & daddy dinner. Lucy (Penny’s 13 month old sister) stayed tucked in at home with her nanny because of the weather. I bet it will be an exciting moment when they meet!

I snapped a few pictures! We didn’t stay too long as we had concerns about the darn weather! I’m sure there will be many more pictures to come! I didn’t get one of both parents with Penny as there were some “female” things happening while I was there so hubby and daddy hung outside the room for a bit.

Penny is JUST beautiful! I got to hold her some and she is precious! I know a lot of the pics aren’t centered as I was trying to get the silver bed IV bar out of the pictures from where I was sitting!

I love this pic. This was pre-pushing..Kyle was holding the mirror so Jess could do some touch-ups to her hair :)

proud grandparents!

I was pretty amazed!
I made Kyle and Jess some red velvet cupcakes per their hints :) hehe.. I took a variety when Lucy was born and I think there was a war over the red velvet!
I even managed not to smash them in route!
It was a fun day! I think it was very surreal for hubby and I to see the brand new baby. See them move from a labor/delivery room to a new room with a baby! That will be us before we know it! When I was holding Penny, I told her that she was super close to her friend (or boyfriend), Cohen :)

This weather, bleeeeh! I’m so sick of cold wet weather! We’ve gotten quite a bit of ice today. Hopefully it slows down! My friend coming from Dallas had to cancel her trip :( We have no problem sitting at home when we want to but it’s also nice to just get out when we want to. Ice doesn’t really allow that! Of course, I want to go see miss Penny tomorrow so ice..GO AWAY. Snow, you can come, if you are fluffy and that’s it. Hopefully hubs work is canceled tomorrow! This waddling prego won’t be tempting the ice!

More soon! :)

xoxo ~ Megan


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    Before you know it that will be you with a brand new baby! She is too precious! And those cupcakes look so yummy! Have a good weekend!

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    A friend of mine just had a baby and it really made me excited for those moments! I even told hubby that I was even more excited that we will be delivering two hours away so we will get a great deal of time one on one with less visitors. I can't wait (but of course I can because I want a full-term boy)!

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    Cutest Beatles inspired names ever; Penny Lane and Lucy (in the sky with Diamonds??)!
    And Cohen and Penny DOES have a nice ring to it…

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