I had a good birthday :)

Thank you all for the sweet comments on my newest Prego Mego post! I was glad to hear the comments about furniture as well. It’s reassuring to hear if you have it and like it! Thanks for letting me know! I have a questions posting coming soon …as far as “do you have?”…”do I need?”…etc.!

So, since I document pretty much any event in my life in this blog, I figured I needed to add this one in. Sometimes I’m not always on top of posting things just as soon as they happen. The blog is a relaxing thing so I just do it when I get around to it :) I have decided instead of printing out every picture I take for a photo album ( I use to), I will just print my blog into a book :) These are pics from my birthday. I turned 26 years old on January 4th. I had a wonderful week and I was quite spoiled!

Our fam :) (including lil Cohen) I love this pic! (even though I look a bit pale!)
The above picture (and a few below) was before dinner on the 3rd. We went with a good portion of Brent’s side of the family for an Italian dinner.

(Hubby took the pics minus the ones with him in them)

my favorite dessert! bread pudding :)
birthday loot!
Sonya got me this sweet book!
On my birthday, these pretty & delicious cookies arrived from my sweet friend, Katheryn.

On the 6th, a few of my girlfriends asked me to join them for dinner. They too spoiled me with food and gifts :) It was me, Morgan (sis & law) though she had to leave a bit early, Kristen, Jen & Jamie.

Kristen, Me, Jen & Jamie…

sweet gifts
The picture doesn’t do this necklace justice but it is beautiful! Thanks to Tallee & Jen
As you may have heard me mention previously, my parents got hubby a razorback throw for Christmas. Well, immediately, Elton and I tried to take it over. I think my mom got word so she sent me a blanket for my birthday! It is pretty much the softest blanket EVER. True, it may not really match home decor. But for hubby and I laying around watching TV, it’s perfect. Now, we both have one :) ~ The Blanket is the Raschel Throw from Bed, Bath & Beyond. You can check online. They more than likely have your college or NFL team!
Jessica got me this SUPER fun shoe calendar! I LOVE it. Each day it has a fantastical shoe!!!
I saw this bag at Banana while hubby and I were shopping during Christmas time. I voiced what a great tote/baby bag it would make :) I figure you can never have too many! He and his sister got it for me. I LOVE IT!

Thanks to all my friends and family for a wonderful birthday :)

Please say prayers for Jessica as she will be going to have Penny at 6am tomorrow morning! We are in warnings for a winter storm also! I hope it storms for no work…but I hope it doesn’t so I can get to the hospital to see Jessica & Penny!

Tonight, I went and ate Mexican with some girlfriends. A few mommies were needing “adult” time :) Baby Beaux got to join..lucky man!

xoxo ~ Megan


  1. says

    ohhh I have those socks from B&B works—they are so cozy. Just seriously be careful going down steps and such b/c of the aloe in them, it makes them slippery! my sister fell down the steps in them…ouch!

    happy belated bday!

  2. says

    Glad you had such an amazing birthday!! I love that bag- no babies for me in the near future, but maybe I could convince my hunny it'd make a good nursing school/wedding planning bag! :)
    Btw- I left something for you on my blog!

  3. says

    Happy very belated birthday!! I had the 2009 shoe calendar and loooved it! I'm going to cut some of my favorites into squares and frame them for a bathroom or something…. :) Enjoy all your loot!

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