Friday Night Randoms!

Hi everyone :) Happy Friday!

I successfully stayed warm today! We woke up to quite an icy day. Hubs had to work but I did not. I watched Teen Mom most of the morning. Love that show. Between about 9am and NOW, it has snowed NON-STOP. I’ve not paid attention to the news as to how much has accumulated. About 3pm hubs came and picked me up so we could go pick up a few things at Super Target. One of the nicest things about where we live is we live RIGHT next to a Super Target! It is less than a mile from our house. We can go on a main road or connect through a few neighborhoods. I needed some milk, water, detergent, etc. I snapped a few pics…

Tree in our yard

Elton LOVES the snow SO much!!!!!
As soon as we let him in, he cried wanting to go BACK outside!!
Speaking of Elton, he cuddled with me this morning…well, every morning but i snapped a pic of his cuteness on my lap!
He really is my shadow. He wanted to help me put this shelf together…I mean he is pretty much sitting ON the parts!

While at Target, we picked up these things for Cohen! I decided to go ahead and get his clothes washed while we are in doors for a few days. The Who t-shirt was on sale for $3.24 and we thought it was super cute!

I will be catching up on these this weekend! The magazines have arrived over the past week or two and I’ve not opened one of them. I plan to start filling in some dates in my planner. I thought we had a lot of weddings last year, um no. This year might put up competition. The only difference, we probably won’t make too many of the weddings this year as a large majority of them are out of town and I will either be largely pregnant or we will have a newborn!

I will also be catching up on these. It is the 2008 & 2009 edition but I’ve not gone through either! You guys should see my stack of magazines I must sort through!

posted about “jeggings” the other day and I just wanted to kind of promote them as well! I bought a pair a few weeks ago while I was in TJ Maxx. They caught my eye and then I realized they were not real jeans. They look like jeans but the zipper and pockets aren’t there, though they look like they are there! There is a button. This is the only picture I have in them but they worked great tucking them into boots! Mine are pretty long on me, so I can’t wear them with flats unless I get them hemmed. They are no particular brand that I or you have probably heard of. If you want me to look at the tag, let me know. I’m comfy under my blanket right now :) They are soft and comfy and work great on this pregnant belly (I think I was 18 1/2 weeks in this pic.)

Every time I want to post about this, I forget! I’ve always been a big lotion person. I put it on every time I get out of the shower and have since I was probably in junior high. I picked Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel in shea & cocoa butter up at the store a few weeks ago and I LOVE IT! It is so soft and makes my skin feel great! I put it where things tend to be dry sometimes. I’ve also been putting it on my hips and belly as I know they are stretching out!

Told you this was random! :o)

Tonight we had Mexican food for dinner! We made ground turkey enchiladas & nachos with cheese, re-fried beans and jalapenos. YUM! We have good shows to watch tonight. Ghost Whisperer (not by hubby’s choice but I’ve been watching off and on for years), 20/20 & Dateline. We are currently watching Shark Tank. It is pretty interesting to see and hear about people’s inventions! Oh, on the Ghost Whisperer, they played “Where I stood” by Missy Higgins. I LOVE that song. I love when I hear it on a show. If you don’t have it or don’t know it, get it!

Hope you all have a good weekend!

xoxo ~ Megan


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    Beautiful pictures! Looks like you got quite a bit of snow today. Lucky you that you live so close to a SUPER Target – I'm jealous! HA! Elton looks so cute in the snow and your "not jeans" look neat and I may have to check them out – they are adorable! :o)

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    We got at LEAST 6 inches here in OKC. LOVE the jeggings… and your boots!!

    Noticed InStyle was in your stack to read. I love Heidi Klum and the article is a good one :)

    Happy Snowed-In Weekend!!

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    Aww those snow pictures are beautiful! I'm a little jealous. We haven't had nearly the amount of snow this year as we normally do! And the jeggings look so comfortable! I may just have to try them out.

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    You look really cute in your jeggings! I also have a huge pile of magazines waiting to be read. What's the first one you have on the pile in the picture? Starts with All… I don't recognize it. :)

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    I got a pair of jeggings for Christms – my Mom said she got them from Dillards . . . I LOVE them!! And I am like you when it comes to having a ton of magazine. I love going back and looking at older issues! So fun!

    Hope ya'll have a nice cozy weekend!

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    love the snow!!! elton is ADORABLE out there! and going along with your random thing… (ha!) i'm sure you've probably already thought of this and may have mentioned it on the blog and i just forgot … but when you start getting things ready for cohen, set aside an inexpensive receiving blanket (or just use one of the ones from the hospital) and make sure to brin something home for elton with the baby's scent on it after he's born. we wrapped sophie in a blanket for a few hours the night she was born and then d brought it home to the boys the next day so they could get used to it. don't know how much it actually helped, but both the vet and the pediatrician mentioned it so i figured it was worth a shot. … told you i was random! haha! hope y'all are having an easygoing night and staying warm!!!

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    I love love Baby Oil Gel – those products are just awesome! (And I have occasionally used one on my body while I was laying out. When I was a foolish tanner in high school.)

    And that Who t-shirt is too cute!!

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    Holy winter storm..yuck!!

    Super cute baby shirt!! I love the edgy thing like that

    Love your magazine stack, In Style in my fav!!

    Have a great weekend!

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    I'm so happy you commented on my blog because it led me to your amazing blog :) I love the jeggings! I try to wear skinny jeans in my boots but they are so uncomfortable! Jeggings look like a perfect alternative. Congratulations on your pregnancy too, so exciting!

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    Oh my gosh~ the snow is SO pretty! I wish it would snow like that in San Antonio. :)

    Lucky girl, living so close to a Super Target. It's the best!!!

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    You look great in your jeggings!! Mine have a zipper. I'm thinking it would be great if they didn't. I have lived in the things for the past 3 days. Usually I put on pj pants as soon as I get home from anywhere, but these are so comfy.

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    I can't believe all the snow you guys are getting. Insane. It's just gray and drizzly here. The joys of living on the southern coast- no white stuff ever!!

    Now that you mentioned Mexican food, I really want some. Too bad I'm holed up in my house with a sick hubs.. =(

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