HAPPY NEW YEAR!! - A review of my 2009 :)


1.01.10 - I just wanted to type it out...feels a bit strange!

We had a wonderful New Years Eve and I'll recap soon. For now, I wanted to do a little review of this past year.

So, 2009 was quite a year! Not too happened, but the things that have happened...have been BIG things!

I'm not going to include any specific calender. I'm just putting down things that come to my head at this moment! Someday, I will make this blog into a book....or two or three :) So, I must document...as I do quite often you may notice! haha

Every color can be clicked. It will link you to a post regarding the topic or a group of posts that are designated in my "labels" section...If there are multiple posts on the topic they are in chronological order so, if you kept reading, you might eventually end up in a previous year!

January 2009
- I turned 25 years old :) Hubby threw me an awesome bowling birthday party!
- Our cousin, Christian, was born in NYC on 1.29.
- I started Lupron Depot shots for PCOS and went into menopause.

February 2009
- Nothing jumps out at me besides I love the month of lovie things <3

March 2009
- Hubby and I bought our first car together.
- Had a Fab Five weekend in Arkansas.

April 2009
- Lucy got Baptized.

May 2009
- Went on an amazing vacation to Cabo!
- Broke my hand & ring finger playing red rover and to have my engagement & wedding ring CUT off :(

June 2009
- The first of the fab five part 2 was born on 6.29! Molly Jane :)
- Took my last Lupron Depot Shot.
- Started the 1st of 3 (june-aug) rounds of birth control.

July 2009
- Celebrated hubby's 28th birthday with family & friends.

August 2009
- Got the news (via phone call) the Lupron Dupot shots, Metformin & Birth Control had done their job and my HSG indicated we could start trying for a baby in September.
- Got a new ring to replace my wedding & engagement ring.

September 2009
- Began trying to conceive!
- My best friend's dad passed away :(

October 2009
- Found out I am pregnant on 10.03!
- Celebrated our 3rd year of marriage :)

November 2009
- Heard Baby M's heartbeat!
- At 13 weeks, doctor believes baby M is a BOY!
- Our nephew, Beaux, was born on 11.17!
- Had a Happy Thanksgiving vacation with friends in Dallas and family @ the Big House.

December 2009
- At 17 weeks, doctor says he is 99.625% baby M is a boy :)
- Started a Kitchen Queens group with Lindsey.
- Had a Merry White Christmas with family minus my brother :( He was on a healthy living vacation ;)
- Found out our engagement spot closed down (fresh on my mind as it happened yesterday!)

Things throughout the year.... all months :)
- Prayed really hard to become pregnant & stay pregnant.
- Spent quality time with our wonderful families.
- Enjoyed fun times with some really great friends.
- Treasured each moment with the little kiddos we are so blessed to have in our world.
- Started REALLY watching The Office, everyday. As we speak, I'm watching Holly, Michael & the Warehouse Manager sing Life is a Highway in the delivery truck as we speak. LOVE IT. I sing Life is a Highway every time it comes on :) I'm singing right now..
- Blogged, blogged & blogged :) I've so enjoyed blogging and actually meeting with bloggers in person!

We also attended some amazing weddings, showers, birthdays, parties, concerts/plays, sporting events, dinners, etc.

2009 started out a bit rough but could not have ended ANY better than it has. Hubby and I are incredibly lucky and thankful and do not take that for granted!

Thank you all for being a great support & friend system!

I'm excited that mine and hubby's life in 2010 (and probably forever & always) will mostly revolve around this precious being...

{13 week pic}

and we....


I will tell you this, 2010 started out with me feeling that little bambino moving :)

I hope you all are eating your black eyed peas today! I will try to get our recipe posted on Sugar & Spice later on!

I'm so excited that tomorrow, Allison, Kyle, Katie, Erik & Molly are coming to town for a visit! They will join us, along with the Jessica, Kyle & Lucy :)

More soon!

xoxo ~ Megan

"Honey, I'm just throwing this out there... I really want to watch football but I just saw that your show, G String Divas, is coming on in 15 minutes....." ~ hubby HAHAHAHA yeah right, GROSS! funny guy!


NYC landmark vanishes...but not our engagement story :)

So I got the news this morning that Tavern on the Green in NYC would be closing it's doors tomorrow. I'm not sure how definite or permanent this is...but everything seems to indicate the Landmark will no longer be.

The building was built in 1870 where it housed sheep! In 1934, it became the restaurant known as Tavern on the Green.

Pic taken in 1934 - not by me of course ;)

I first went to Tavern on the Green when I was in high school. I loved it SO much. It was beautiful. It had so much character and I loved the themed rooms. I visited it another time several years later. Again, I loved everything about it.

I honestly can't remember if I've ever blogged about mine and hubby's engagement story or not.

In 2005, hubby and I decided to plan a vacation to NYC. We had been once before, but we were with family. We thought a nice trip for the two of us was in order! We knew we wanted to go to Tavern on the Green. I thought it would be a good idea to make a reservation so we could pick which room with dinned in. We made the reservation online and reserved it with our debit card. I let hubby handle that part because I was a student and he was the working man. At checkout, they had the option to get a delicious looking cake. I don't remember the price. We thought, maybe we should pretend it is our birthday so that we can taste a yummy bite of that thing! We decided to wait and check out the desserts on the menu.....

We arrived in NYC on July 27, 2009. It was misty with overcast. We had made a little itinerary so we could try to fit in the things we wanted to do. The first afternoon we were going to the Empire State Building followed by dinner at Tavern on the Green. The very top of the Empire State Building wasn't open because of 9/11 but there was still a viewing level that had a balcony. We made our way up. It was QUITE crowded on the balcony. There was a large group of tourists with many umbrellas. We stayed for a bit but couldn't really take many pictures because of the overcast. We got our picture taken by the photographer on site who printed them for us for a small fee. We then took a taxi to Tavern on the Green. We were a bit early and decided to take a carriage ride through Central Park.

We had a delicious dinner :) We were in the Terrace room....

After dinner, our waiter came out with a cake in hand and two glasses of champagne. The room was pretty dark but there were candles on our table. The waiter sat the cake down and I immediately thought he had the wrong table. We passed up the opportunity for the delicious cake. On a silver platter, surrounded in rose petals, the cake read "Will You Marry Me?"...I looked at hubby and said, "this isn't mine." He told me that it was. I, of course, freaked out. I kept saying "really, oh my gosh"..."really, oh my gosh" of course I started crying...we both did. He didn't get any words out before he started crying so good thing it was written on the cake! ;) Of course, I said YES!

I reviewed the day after dinner and it became apparent to me that hubby had been acting very quiet and not so much like his spunky self. I really didn't figure anything of it. I thought maybe he had jet lag since we we did wake at like 3am that morning to travel. Well, we sat next to one another, multiple times, with the ring in his pocket. It wasn't just floating around in his pocket. He had the whole box in his pocket! He was actually going to propose on top of the Empire State Building! However, the icky weather and large group of tourists changed his mind. So, if you have ever been to the Empire State Building, you may know they make you EMPTY your pockets before going up. He had to get me distracted and try to tell the ignorant(sorry, but that's what hubs said about him...he just wasn't GETTING IT!) security checker what was going on. He said he was extremely freaking out! He pulled it off and it was the perfect engagement at Tavern on the Green! It wasn't a busy night in the Terrace room. It was us and a group of ladies not far from our table. When they saw what was happening they began to oh and ah and then cry! After, they stood up and clapped and offered to take pictures. I have many pictures but these are my two favorite...

Our carriage ride through the park
This one was on our "Save the Date" magnet :)

After he popped the question!
This one was put on a cake at one of our engagement parties :)

I think the closing of Tavern on the Green is all to do with money. Here is the NY Times article.

I texted hubby as soon as I heard the news and ask if we could leave right now (this morning) for one last dinner there. He said no. There was no possible way.

I guess I'll have to preserve my t-shirt... yes, I shopped the gift shop after the engagement dinner. Don't make fun. It was a special night :)

So after tomorrow, the restaurant may be gone..but not forgotten! To us anyway....

xoxo ~ Megan


Prego Mego ~ week 16

Today, I am four months pregnant! I CAN'T believe it has already been four months! Time is starting to fly. I don't know if I like that. It's like I'm so excited for the baby to be here but I'm starting to feel like I have a LOT to do!

I'm a bit sad Christmas is over but ready to start a new year! I think this will be a fabulous year :) I like the sound of the year 2010! Along with taking down Christmas decorations, I'm starting to think of nursery decorations. Well, not really decorations but all things nursery. We are going to paint the walls but we can't do that until we pick fabric! Oh, where to begin!?

This fourth month of pregnancy has been a COLD one! At first, I thought it was going to be a long winter because I immediately began to ache when it got really cold. It's gotten a lot better! I really just ache when I wake from tossing and turning all night.

I feel like I'm sleeping a TAD bit better. It may be because I'm still so tired or maybe because we are keeping the room pretty cold.

Though the baby didn't see the weather this Christmas, we sure told him there was a white Christmas that was pretty :)

It was pretty snow but it has been quite icy! If it weren't for my rain/snow/water boots, I would have probably given baby M a few bruises :( Luckily, my boots have kept my clumsy self from falling! I see people wearing normal shoes, getting them all wet,but I sure don't know how they manage not to fall!

Since we did our Christmas card, I've been thinking about next year's and how the baby will be the "star" of it :) We love our dog...and we will after the baby is born...but he won't have quite as many pics on the Christmas card. Ahhh, maybe I should start browsing announcements? :)

I've been forgetful so very much. This afternoon, I bundled up, put my boots up and walked outside to my car to get something. What was I going to get? I have NO idea! I still don't know.

I don't really care for much meat, still. I've decided I could really live without it. I don't think that is much of an option if PCOS will always be apart of my life. This week, I've been on a drink kick. I love Gloria Jean's Cookie Carmel Chiller. It.Is.AMAZING!! I don't drink it everyday, don't worry. I've had one once a week for the past two weeks :)

Yesterday, I had to go to the bank which is by Braum's. I decided to drive thru and get a cherry limeade. I know a lot of you are Sonic fans. I do like Sonic. But if you like cherry limeades and have a Braum's close by, I HIGHLY recommend you try one out. Hubby and I use to get them all the time but I never think about it lately. Some locations are better than others depending on how they mix and portion it.

I like celery with pimento cheese on it.

This morning I had Starbucks new breakfast sandwich which I think consisted of a whole grain English muffin, turkey bacon, egg white & Swiss cheese. I was impressed! Now, if I could just take the time to make this stuff at home so be more economical. I don't mind eating food but I've not been that big a fan of cooking..and smelling it!

Speaking of smelling, Brent says I'm starting to have Spider Man like senses because smells are so strong to me.

I've been getting more butterflies and quick sharp pains. I've read and been told that this is movement of the baby. Well, I want distinct movement, little guy!! I'm probably jinxing myself! I'm hoping he will start kicking. Well, I can just see him starting to kick and then not stopping! At night, when quiet in bed, hubby and I will feel to see if we can feel the movement! Not so much, yet.

Baby M is the size of an avocado this week!

The past few days I've gotten a mild headache in the late afternoon up until I go to bed. I've not really done any research in my books or on the Internet. I once read headaches are normal because of hormones. Did any of you experience them?

For my big belly comments (shug), where else is baby supposed to go? ;) I'm short and I've also felt I had the shortest torso ever. I'm 5'2". The baby can't stretch it up or down. So, I think he is stretching it outwards! I already had a few stretch marks on my hips from "baby fat" & puberty I guess you would call it. Hopefully, those won't get much worse. I don't really think my belly looks as big in person (to others) as it does in the pics! If hubs sees me change clothes or put on a different shirt, he says "gosh, I wish I had the camera right now..that would be a good shot"... so, it's definitely changing.

16 weeks...
I haven't braved myself to lift the shirt..but here is a different angle!

So, I got to thinking....this may be the last week the tree is up. This may also be the only pregnancy I have during the Christmas season.. so I had to take a pic in front of the tree!
Hubby said "Elton, go pose with mommy".. ha. Not as easy as it use to be!

I thought they deserved a pic together :) Can you find Elton? Told you they love the new razorback blanket!

We go back to the doctor next Monday afternoon! Hopefully baby gives us good sonogram pics for my birthday :)

Hope you all are having a good week!

xoxo ~ Megan


Displaying Christmas Cards

As previously mentioned, I LOVE Christmas & holiday cards! I love sending and I love receiving! I think it's a nice greeting, typically sent via the postal service. Most communication seems to be through the Internet these days. It's so fun checking the mail for those few weeks when greeting cards are arriving! I also enjoy displaying them. I did the same thing this year as I did last. I attached ribbon to some of my bare wall, and clipped the cards on it! :)

Do you all display your cards??

I just posted the recipe for these delicious cinnamon rolls! YUMMMMMY!

Hope you had a good Monday! I finally drove in the slushy ice today..all by myself! It wasn't too frozen or slick when I was out. I believe late night and early morning will be! We may also get more snow this week! Crazy!

xoxo ~ Megan


A Very Merry Christmas!

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas!!! Ours was WONDERFUL! :)

I'm so sad it is coming to an end. I've been SO tired the past two days that's why I've been away from the blog. I've been trying to rest! So, I really was quite wrong in my previous post when I said I doubt that we would have any accumulating snow. I was VERY wrong. I never thought I would see "Blizzard Warning" on our local TV station. Yep, that's right...LOTS of ice and snow. I think the wind got up to like 50 or 60 mph. Crazy. It did make for a pretty white Christmas :) Hubby and I are VERY pleased with how our car handled in the weather. It was our first winter with it and for those of you who know me, may know that I have bad anxiety in a car with any weather condition. Though I didn't go many places, we didn't have any trouble but saw SO many that did. I felt awful for those having to push their cars :( Here are the pics I snapped on Christmas Eve & Christmas Day ....

See what I mean...LOTS of snow...lots of drift...

Elton is OBSESSED with the snow. He would play in it all day if we would let him! I'm hoping to get some video of him! I probably should have taken some with the snow was so fluffy and not as compact!

Christmas eve, hubby and I ran some presents to the parent's house of a friend of ours. They usually have a party every Christmas eve. We were planning to just drop in but people actually started arriving when we were there so we ended up staying about an hour or so.

hubby had fun with my camera on Christmas eve. I actually have about 100 pictures. He learned how to turn the flash off and on and mess with the settings. I picked a few..

Kristen and myself...

I thought it was hilarious he had Tyler pose by his truck.. I thought the camera did good considering it was about 8pm and dark outside.
Micah, Me & Paige
The girlies were so funny
Here are a few pics of me in the snow. There was no avoiding stuck cars in the background haha!
I don't really think this shows how deep the snow was on me..I probably look a bit shorter..but it did come up like mid calf... THANK goodness for my rain/snow/water boots!!!

Christmas morning :)

My parents got Brent a Razorback blanket and it is the softest blanket ever.. Elton immediately took it over.. I'm currently trying to as well ;)
Baby M got some sweet things!
My parents got Baby M his first Christmas book. It's from Hallmark and it's awesome because it records! So hubby and I read into the book and as the page turns it plays our voice reading the book. Love it!
us :) that's hubby's new digital picture frame my parents got him. They got it so he could have pictures of Baby M displaying on his desk at work :o)

We were blessed to have gotten some great things! We got a new set of pots and pans (the ones we picked before the wedding were sold out by the time the wedding came and we never got those new 3 years ago). We are also getting to pick out a new video camera :) Perfect gift with the baby coming!

Do you all know of any video cameras you like or don't like?? We are in the market for one! We have a few months we can spend deciding!

We are doing more Christmas this week with Brent's parents are his mom had a truck that didn't make it in with some of her gifts.

Here we are on Christmas day before going to Brent's dad's house....the pics we took in front of the tree were a little off as my mom isn't use to having to look into the little hole instead of the LCD screen.

I'm NOT a fan of this pic.. I look plumpish or something...that is normal, right?....but I still like it :)
I snapped some pics while in the car.. This is target...

This is Christmas night. We got to spend more time with family :)

Tatum playing in her new tub?
her battery operated mouse owns the tub...

sweet, sleeping Baby Beaux
Brent's mom took and framed these pics of the kiddos.. so sweet
Taylor was very into the Santa Claus movie with Tim Allen

My mom gave the girls fun shower caps and soap
such hams!

I hope you all had a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! :) I have a few more Christmas posts of projects and what not. Also, TONS of recipes of things my mom made that I'll be posting on Sugar & Spice. I finally got the banana bread on! :)

More soon!!

xoxo ~ Megan

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