I've been missing out...

While I was visiting for Thanksgiving, I came across Wisteria. If I had ever seen this catalog, I did not remember. I immediately fell in love! It has SUCH cute things! Do you all get Wisteria? If you don't, I think you should!

(sorry, iphone quality picture)

These are some things I hope to own soon....

I can't wait to get the Wisteria catalogs each month. I mean really, what is one more to the bunch? And no, this is not even all of them! haha. No, I don't get a chance to read each of them every month. In fact, I'm quite behind and I have QUITE the stack to go through. I'll consider posting a picture of the stack. Oh, it is some stack! Fortunately, I tear the pages out that I want to keep and the school across from our neighborhood has a magazine recycle bin :) I signed up for a free year of Martha's magazine and I believe the Woman's Day was free too. I figure why not..especially if they are free! I think my mom gave me the Better Home & Gardens & Real Simple subscriptions. All the others, I have signed up for! I think before blogging, I read magazines in my spare time!

I'm working around the house today. Still trying to get Christmas decorations up! Our new nephew and his family is coming for dinner tonight :)

I'll be doing Thanksgiving recaps soon :) I also got a few fun things on Black Friday that I will post soon! No, I didn't shop in the Dallas Metro...just some small shops outside the city :)

Hope you all are having a fab weekend!

xoxo ~ Megan



Hi everyone!!!

Sorry I've been away from my computer! I've deeply been missing reading all of your blogs and I cannot WAIT to catch up! Hubs and I have been in Dallas having so much fun! We have been...

~ Spending time with family
~ Spending time with friends
~ Spending time with & meeting blog friends
~ Eating
~ Shopping
~ Eating


We are thankful for everything we have. We truly have the best family and friends possible and feel so lucky.

I'm thankful to have all of you bloggers in my life as well :)

Hubby and I are SO VERY thankful to be expecting a baby!

Until next time....

I look like this....
(I'm 11 weeks & 2 days! I know this isn't the best picture as I'm having to lift my long plaid shirt.)

and I'll be growing while I eat this!!!

I LOVE carrot cake!!!

I will be posting more soon!

I hope you all are having a HAPPY THANKSGIVING and counting your blessings :)

xoxo ~ Megan


Twilight Saga

{Image via: Harper's Bazar}

Ahh yummy, yes :)

Well, I went and saw New Moon! Yes, on the day it came out! Crazy? Maybe. Crazy in the fact that I almost went crazy on the teenies that wouldn't stop TALKING behind us during the movie!!

Thursday night, Me, Brent and Cameron went and saw Twilight. It was only my second time to see it..first time in the theater. I was glad I watched it again. I hadn't read the book the first time I saw it. I thought it was good it lacked detail and it was cheesy. Katie, the more I thought about it, I definitely thought so! New Moon, on the other hand, was great! I went with Cameron, Jamie & Callie at 7 last night. Hubs didn't go. New Moon does leave with you a feeling that something was missing (in my opinion)...BUT I think that is only because technically it is considered a cliffhanger.. so, it just leaves you waiting for the next movie! There are some cheesy parts but I don't think they are near as bad. This one felt "deeper" and I cannot wait for the next two. I haven't read Eclipse or Breaking Dawn but I'm sure ready to start!

What do you all think? Have you seen New Moon yet?

In case you are wondering, I consider myself on "Team Edward" :) HA! Never thought I would say it but hell, you should have seen ALL the shirts people were wearing...even adult men! Hey, whatever floats your boat!

I thought the Vamp white make-up looked much better on the actors in New Moon.

Last week when I was in Omaha at my convention, a lady at the next table pulled out some lotion that had a delicious smell. I asked her what it was.... "Oh, its Bath & Body Works Twilight series lotion..."....WHAT? REALLY? Yep, and let me tell it, it smells great! I went and picked up one of the little mini bottles. I'll only use it on my hands. You should try it...

Oh by the way, the picture of Kristen & Robert above was from the Haper's Bazar shoot and I loved all the pics...

You all have any exciting plans this weekend?

My plans....

-Go get donuts (any second now)
-Make snacks for the Arkansas game that we are watching from home today
-Buy Eclipse & start reading it!
-Finish decorating tree 1
-Put up tree 2 & 3
-Read all the magazines arriving daily that I'm behind on
-Go see Baby Beaux

I'm sure I'll come up with more!

Hope you all have a good day!

xoxo ~ Megan


Another Slideshow of Beaux's Arrival! A must see!

Hi all :) I told you I'd let you know when my mother-in-law (the photographer) posted her pics of Baby Beaux's arrival! She created a slideshow with them! I think it's probably a combination of the pics and the music but man-on-man...it is a tear jerker!!! I'd grab a kleenex :)

(click link)


Isn't that precious?? I can't wait to have one of these of Baby M :)

My MIL did comment on my slideshow (in the previous post) and say she thought my pics were terrific :) So, that made me feel good :) I was using my new camera!

Momma and baby went home yesterday and are doing good! I hung out and helped some yesterday afternoon. Here is a pic I snapped with my phone of Tatum holding Beaux...she is smitten!

Okay all, I better get going! Have a super duper FRIDAY!! I HEART FRIDAYS!

I'll probably post this afternoon regarding our weekend plans! Talk to everyone soon :)

xoxo ~ Megan


Our New Nephew Has Arrived!!! :)

Hi everyone!!!

First off...thank you all SO much for the super sweet comments on my last post! You all are just so stinking sweet and nice! It melts my heart. I appreciate the comments! We will be so blessed with a little boy or little girl and are just so tickled! I'll keep you all updated as our next appointment is December 7th.

Sorry I've been a bit MIA...

Yesterday, our sweet nephew arrived! :) I'm sure you have all seen many pics of our two sweet nieces...the blondies! Well, they welcomed a brother yesterday about 12:40pm and he was 7 lb 8 oz and he is BEAUTIFUL! Things went perfectly! We arrived at the hospital about 10 and Morgan went back to have him about noon. It was so wonderful to be there for it all! We waited in her room until he was born then we followed him to the newborn nursery! It was so sweet to watch the girls meet their new brother! I've been able to spend lots of time with mama and baby the past two days :) We are so thankful to live less than a mile. I love being around them all so much and look forward to helping whenever I can! Here is a slide show of some of the pics I snapped yesterday.....

(I know some of them may look blurry but that is because I lowered the quality once I uploaded them but then I made the slide show large...those don't really make for a good mix. If you think they are too blurry, let me know and I'll make the slide show medium viewing and not large!)

As some of you may have guessed, my mother-in-law (the photographer) took probably a million pics yesterday and just as soon as she has posted them, I'll send you all the link! Mine won't compare to hers!

I know this is a happy post and yesterday was such a special day...but I do have a sad prayer request.. some of our very close friends found out today that they lost their baby. She was about a week ahead of me but the baby stop developing and breathing about two weeks ago. She will have a D&C tomorrow. Please keep them in your prayers. It broke my heart in half..and I think hubby's too. God has a plan for them and luckily, they know that :)

I hope you all are having a good week!

xoxo ~ Megan


Doctor thinks baby M is a ..........

Hi everyone!

So yesterday Hubby and I had a doctor appointment!

It was with our new doctor.

We think he is AWESOME. We immediately knew he was a perfect fit!

He told us Baby M looked GREAT!

Heartbeat was 176.

At that point, he said "seems like a girl so far"....

Then he did some more, moving, enlarging and "D" changing...

He has the ability to make the sonogram in whatever 3d,4d, etc..that he is ready for..

I think he did just the lower numbers since I'm so early...but...

He is pretty sure Baby M is a


Baby M was moving and wiggling! :)

Doctor zoomed in.... in the all dark room with the big screen. We could see a lot.. of course the picture printed doesn't really portray everything that we saw, but it was something like this......

Doctor said he was pretty certain baby M was a boy! I'm not sure what angle the above or below image was taken it, but that is supposed to be his little boy feature in between his legs :) No, that isn't the term he used...he is quite funny!

Isn't this the most precious thing!?

Doctor said of course, don't paint the room blue, because that would jinx him! He said he would be shocked if that wasn't what he thought it was.

He talked to us for a while and told us lots of good info and answered all of our questions. I gave lots of blood and urine sample.

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!?!? We might be having a little boy!!!

You know, I honestly thought if he said he was leaning towards girl, I would think....aw, I wish it was a boy. And that if he said boy, I would think....aw, I wish it was a girl! BUT I DIDN'T!! I was just so thankful he said things looked good and he was moving a lot!

Hubby and I have been working on names. Of course, we have decided not to really go shopping for anything, just in case Baby M has flexible hands! We have both had moments and been like, oh you know it will end up being a girl! I think it's just the typical feeling with it being so early. We did make a trip to Target after dinner for a few things. We always walk around Target while we are there. We decided to pick up one little boy thing :)

I should have zoomed in...but how CUTE is that little number?!? haha
Yes, we told Elton he might have a brother! He wasn't sure what to think......
The doctor sent me home with these goodies...

Here is baby belly pic #1 :) I'm 10 weeks!

I will disclaim...or at least hope...those are wrinkles from the sweater dress on my back and not lumps in my skin..HA! We will see. I don't know my starting weight. I'm not keeping up with it at home. Doctor said I was doing good on weight. He asked me if I exercised. I said not since May. I immediately thought he would tell me to start. He said he predicted I would gain 22 pounds. He said he doesn't care how much more. He said baby will take what it needs :)

New Doctor put me back to where I originally thought I was! That's crazy to me. I thought my change day would be Tuesdays and sure enough...he said it was! So, that means today I turn 10 weeks!

We go back to the doctor on December 7th. So in 3 weeks! Surely by then, the sex will be certain. I'll post the pictures after!



~ Megan :)


Sweets :)

As you probably have heard me say before, I have lots of sweet friends and family with little ones :) I feel super lucky because I get to be around babies quite often, which I love! I've also found it can be quite nice when I am pregnant. Why do you ask? Well, they are super helpful! I'm able to ask them things anytime I want :) They also have SUPER cute hand-me-down maternity clothes :) My besties Katie & Jessica both gave me some of the cutest maternity pieces :) I can't wait to wear them! They are mostly spring/summer pieces. My sis-in-law just gave me a container of her maternity clothes as well. So, unless I see something I need or just HAVE to have, I think I'm all set in the clothing department!

A few of my girlfriends have given me some pregnancy "goodies" to help prepare me for anything I may run into!

How cute is this basket of goodies Cameron gave me? A Be Band, crackers, Wet Ones, PJ pants, cupcake papers & lots of Ginger Ale :) Thank you Cameron! (oh, and I should taken a pic of the cute basket she got at Target!..I'll definitely be able to use it around the house!)
Cam's cute card

Here are some tummy helpers that Jessica & Andra gave me. So far, I've tried most of them with and they all seem to work pretty quickly! I haven't tried the ginger in the orange bag below. Ginger, when pretty fresh & raw, smells like bath products to me and isn't appealing.
The bottom book Katie let me borrown, I got the Eating While Expecting & the rest came from Kristen. No, I've not read them all yet...but I have gone to them for reference :)

These next two cards are friend Kristen and her sister, Katy. They are pretty hilarious!

I got these cute Whitney English cards and created my own thank you notes with some stamps hubby and I picked out. I thought about getting them printed on...but I just didn't know what to put...our last name...Baby M...etc... So I thought about the stamps and went with it! I know I haven't sent them out yet..so a handful of you are getting a preview haha.
Envelope stickers...

Speaking of sweets, how CUTE are my nieces?! This is this years school picture.... they are little hams! Their little brother will be arrive this Tuesday!!!

Thank you to all my sweet friends and family for helping me prepare and enjoy this pregnancy :)

This weekend has been a good one so far :) I can't believe it is already Sunday. I'll probably do a recap tomorrow.. I will tell you we did get the tree up last night......

I think Elton loves the tree :) I've not put ornaments on it yet but I'm going to start any second! I hope I have enough because this is the first year with the 9 foot tree! It's big and beautiful! I also have two others... a 7 foot and 6.5 foot..haha.

We were going to go to the Arkansas game last night but I woke up not feeling well yesterday. I didn't keep breakfast or lunch down. I turned 10 weeks yesterday. I keep thinking surely I won't START getting heavy morning sickness now if I haven't had it too bad thus far! We'll see!

Since I had to go to Omaha last week, I had to move our doctor appt until this Monday. I'm going to ask which direction he is leaning towards gender wise :) He has delivered the most babies for the past five years in our city. Also, with every patient, he does an ultrasound every time. So, needless to say, he has seen LOTS of babies :) He told my sister-in-law at 12 weeks and one of our other friends at 10 weeks and 2 days. Granted the were both boys ;) Tomorrow I'll be 10 weeks and 2 days so, we will see!

Yes, I was going to do the Intelli Gender pee test however, it says if you have PCOS it will automatically say boy. I figure the same thing with the drano test. So, no at-home guessing for us! I haven't bought one thing for Baby M and I'm ready!

I hope you all are having a good weekend!!

xoxo ~ Megan


If they say it is time, so do I !! :)

Well if Starbucks has whipped this out....

(their red holiday cup)

and the radio is playing these....(and MANY more...yes, we have 2 stations that play non-stop)

It is time for me to do this...

Yep, I'm giving into my heart! I'm decorating for Christmas this week/weekend!!! :) I have several reasons for doing this...

2.I spend a lot of time putting up pretty decor.
3.I would like to make the holidays last as long as possible.
4.We aren't having the Thanksgiving feast at our house.

I think that about sums it up! :)

Also, the ornament I won from Heather came in last week and of course it has me in the Christmas mood! It is so CUTE! Thank you, Heather!! :)

I know I have been such a bad blogger lately I feel like. I have so many intentions of getting caught up and then I'm either dragging I'm so tired, or on the go! I'm currently in Omaha on business. I'm heading to dinner but hopefully I'll be catching up with you all soon! love love!

xoxo ~ Megan


This freaks me out....

So, since I've gotten pregnant I've read and come across many many things I never thought I would. Some of them are exciting but some of them are scary.

Safe, Not Sorry, Hair: The Case for
Nontoxic Shampoos, Conditioners and

by Maureen Ryan

Marianne Kapfer, a librarian in Washington, D.C., likes a
natural look. She doesn't wear much makeup but loves to
indulge in a good shampoo and conditioner. When she
started reading labels more closely, however, "I realized
that my 'natural' shampoo wasn't so natural," Marianne
says. And that's not all. Due to labeling loopholes, many
"natural" and "organic" personal-care products in the
United States contain hazardous chemicals, some of
which, at high exposures, have been shown to cause
cancer, birth defects, damage to nervous and
reproductive systems and liver damage in lab animals.

According to "Skin Deep," a 2004 study and ranking of
7,500 cosmetic products published by the Environmental
Working Group (EWG), 100 percent of shampoos tested
contained ingredients that have not been assessed for
safety by either the Cosmetic Industry Review panel (an
industry body) or the U.S. Food and Drug Administration
(FDA), which is charged with regulating cosmetic
ingredients. Other hair-raising facts:

*69 percent of hair-dye products may pose cancer risks

*76 percent of conditioners contain ingredients that are

*93 percent of shampoos possibly contain harmful
impurities linked to cancer or other health problems.

"As an organization, we urge consumers to take action
and reduce their exposure to industrial chemicals," says
Timothy Kropp, Ph.D., a senior scientist in toxicology with
the EWG. One simple way to do this: Read labels and
choose hair-care products that are free of the following
Top Four hazardous chemicals (for The Green Guide's full
"Dirty Dozen" list, see Resources, below).

Top Four Ingredients to Avoid

1. Phthalates: These chemicals get covered up on labels
by the general term "fragrance," which the FDA permits
to protect "trade secrets." But they're readily absorbed by
our fingernails, skin and lungs. This July, the U.S. Centers
for Disease Control and Prevention reported finding the
metabolized forms of dibutyl phthalates, used in nail
polish and synthetic fragrance, in every person tested in
their national "body burden" study. Studies have found
that phthalates can lead to liver cancer and birth defects
in lab animals, and now research into the effects on
humans is beginning to emerge.

For example, a study from the University of Minnesota,
published in the May 2005 Environmental Health
Perspectives, found a connection between phthalates and
genital abnormalities in baby boys. Researchers measured
the level of phthalates in the urine of 85 pregnant women
and found that mothers with high levels of phthalates
gave birth to boys with one or more developmental
issues, including problems such as smaller penises and
scrotums or less developed testicles. Although Dr.
Christine Ternand, one of the study's authors and an
assistant professor of clinical medicine at the University of
Minnesota, said it was "premature" to instruct women to
avoid these chemicals altogether, she added, "If I were
pregnant or trying to get pregnant, I would reduce my
exposure—and my fetus's exposure—to products
containing phthalates."

To reduce exposures to phthalates, steer clear of
shampoos and conditioners listing "fragrance" as an
ingredient. Although some manufacturers have recently
declared that they've removed phthalates from their
products (see below), in the absence of specific labeling it
remains unclear to what extent, and in which products,
this is actually the case. Instead, choose products whose
labels list only non-synthetic fragrancing ingredients, such
as essential oils of lavender, mint or verbena. And before
trying any new cosmetic product, do a touch-and-sniff
test, since natural oils can cause irritation or allergic
reactions in some people.

2. Parabens (methyl-, propyl-, ethyl- and butyl):
Some studies have shown that parabens mimic estrogen
in rodents; the chemicals also have been shown to
stimulate growth of human breast-cancer cells in the lab.

3. Coal Tar: In 1993, the FDA issued a warning to
consumers about coal tar being a possible cancer risk.
Coal tar appears in many hair dyes and strong dandruff
and psoriasis shampoos, but the FDA failed to ban it even
though studies have linked it to cancer in lab animals. The
EWG found that 71 hair-dye products contained
ingredients derived from coal tar. John Masters of John
Masters Organics, a New York City hair stylist for 30
years, says that he shuns the use of coal tars in his hair
dyes for his own safety and the safety of his clients and
staff. "The skin absorbs 70 percent of what we put on it.
It's important that people know what they're applying and
taking into their body," Masters says.

4. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth
Sulfate (SLES
) are found in some shampoos and
conditioners and may cause hair loss and scalp irritation.

Companies and Governments Making Healthy

If you live in Europe, you're somewhat better protected
than you are here in the States. In September 2004, a
European Union ruling went into effect banning hundreds
of carcinogens and reproductive toxins from all personal-
care products on the European market. To put that in
perspective, in its 67-year history of monitoring
cosmetics, the FDA has banned only nine chemicals.

In response to the EU ruling, the Campaign for Safe
Cosmetics is urging American companies to sign its
Compact for Safe Cosmetics pledge to stop using
dangerous chemicals. More than 150 companies, including
Aubrey, Avalon, Burt's Bees and Terressentials, have
signed. But as of July 2005, several mainstream
companies had not. "We continue to be surprised by the
lack of willingness on the part of major conventional
cosmetics companies, like Estée Lauder, L'Oréal, Revlon,
Avon, Unilever and Procter & Gamble, to make the
commitment," says Janet Nudelman, coordinator for the
Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

Complicating matters is an ongoing debate as to what
constitutes a health risk. A May 2005 Journal of the
American Medical Association (JAMA) review of 79 studies
did not find "strong evidence" of a "marked increase" in
cancer among personal hair-dye users, even though risk
of some cancers was significantly, though slightly,
increased. But according to Tongzhang Zheng, M.D., head
of the Division of Environmental Health Sciences at Yale
University and an author of a 2002 hair-dye study
examined by the JAMA reviewers, "The report ignored
important information. Because [this report] didn't have
original data from individual studies, the analyses had to
select some results from each published paper," he says.
The JAMA writers chose to include studies based on
systematic criteria (such as the way the study was
designed). As a result, however, the analysis left out
some related research, such as a study Dr. Zheng
published in the American Journal of Epidemiology in
2004. "In [that] report," he says, "we found that the risk
of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma was doubled for those using
darker permanent hair-coloring products for more than 25

Until scientists agree as to what's risky (which may not
happen soon), consumers can take the simple step of
avoiding potentially dangerous ingredients. Below are
some products that are in agreement with the EWG's
safety concerns and that avoid chemicals on The Green
Guide's Dirty Dozen list. "It's great to know that there are
safe options out there," says Kapfer. "I don't have to
compromise my health to look good."

Safe Shampoos

Not your traditional shampoo, Terressentials Organic Pure
Earth Hair Wash in Fragrance Free, Cool Mint and three
other varieties contains no synthetic ingredients or
detergents. Made from Moroccan clay, this unique, nonlathering
mud wash was ranked number one by the EWG.
(www.terressentials.com, 8 oz., $10.75)
If you want to ditch the bottle, you can try a bar of Burt's

Bees Rosemary Mint Shampoo. It contains oat protein,
peppermint oil, nettle leaf, rosemary leaf, avocado oil and
coconut oil. Plus the smell is totally invigorating.
(www.burtsbees.com, 3.5 oz., $6)

The phthalate- and paraben-free Rosa Mosqueta shampoo
from Aubrey Organics is great for color-treated hair.
Added bonus: The rosy scent lasts all day long.
(www.aubrey-organics.com, 11 oz., $9.50)

The EWG ranked Weleda's Rosemary Phyto conditioner
number three, and it's great for treating brittle split ends.
(usa.weleda.com, 8 oz., $10)

All of Avalon Organics' products are phthalate- and
paraben-free, but the Lemon Clarifying Conditioner is one
of the best. It contains 100 percent vegetarian
ingredients and brings out your hair's natural highlights.
(www.avalonorganics.com, 14 oz., $8)

A great product that controls tangles and flyaways is
Aubrey Organics' Green Tea Finishing Cream Rinse.
(www.aubrey-organics.com, 11 oz., $9.50)

Hair Dyes

According to David Steinman, M.S., author of the Safe
Shopper's Bible, the easiest way to determine if your hair
dye is dangerous is to check for a "warning label"
instructing you to avoid the eyebrow area. This means
that the product likely contains dyes that could potentially
cause cancer, Steinman says. He adds that if you're
pregnant or trying to conceive, "This is not the time to be
dying your hair." As a general rule, avoid permanent dyes
and caustic ammonia, which can burn scalp and eyes.
Semi- or demi-permanent colors are gentler.

Safer Options

Aubrey Organics' henna-based dye Color Me Natural is
free of coal tar. (www.aubrey-organics. com, 4 oz.,

Light Mountain's 100 percent henna-based dye works
wonders covering up gray. (7 oz., $11)

If you'd rather hit the salon, John Masters Organic Salon,
in New York City, offers clay and herbal-based highlights
that are 100 percent ammonia and coal-tar free and
contain very little hydrogen peroxide.
(www.johnmasters.com, herbal dye starts at $90; clay
highlights start at $125)

Or try Aveda's very gentle, semi-permanent colorenhancing
shampoos and conditioners. (http://www.aveda.com,for/ prices call 866-823-1425)

For what to avoid, print out a wallet-size shoppers' card of
The Green Guide's Dirty Dozen list of chemicals.

*Also see http://www.organicconsumers.org/

For more product recommendations:

*"Beauty Secrets," Green Guide #94 and Shampoo
Product Report

*The EWG's 2004 study "Skin Deep" and searchable
product database (http://www.ewg.org/)

*The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

*Breast Cancer Action's

Soap and Shampoo: Personal Best
by Diane di Costanzo
Organic Soap With Petrochemicals?
by Vincent Standley
Shampoo report

So what did I do? I went and bought these.....

They are the Avalon Organics lemon shampoo & conditioner

I will admit I like the shampoo smell better than than the conditioner. So far, my hair hasn't been much different than before. There are also several other brands I can try out to see if they make a difference in my hair.

While I know God has a plan and knows every little detail of mine and my unborn babies life, I will still feel better thinking I could be living my healthiest life and providing a healthy life for my baby :) While, I may not have the hair off the Pantene commcerical, I will have healthy hair that isn't poisioning my body.

No, I won't be that mother that doesn't allow their kid sugar until 13 or only vegtables and fruits until a certain age. While that certianly may be some mothers choice, I don't want to feel like I'm going overboard. Overall, I know what is healthy and what is not. However, I learn something new all the time, like the article above. And this wasn't the only article I came across on the dangers in hair care products and body care, it was just an article I thought presented the info well.

Here is a list I've come across on several sites of body care products to avoid. A lot of lotions can have harmful ingredients as well. If you are like me, you lather lotion on daily.

Oh, and by the way, my face soap also had bad ingredient #4 from above in it.

Here is a link to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. You can find articles about products and ingredient lists for most products as well.

Just thought I would share!

xoxo ~ Megan :)


Oh ladies......

Hi everyone :)

First off...this lady is one of my long time besties, Whitney! She celebrated her birthday yesterday :)

I was a forgetful friend. I spoke to her on gchat early Saturday morning and never even thought about her birthday! Terrible of me, I know. Of course, I know that every year November 7th is her birthday. However, on Saturdays, I don't open my planner...I don't sign on Facebook first thing... and well, yes I did use the excuse that I have the pregnant forgetful mind though she wasn't having it, haha! (It's bad folks!) Last night at like 8pm on the way to dinner, I thought oh my gosh, I talked to Whitney early and FORGOT to tell her Happy Birthday...so, of course that clearly means I didn't put a card or gift in the mail. Ek! I have some catching up to do! Love ya, Whit!!

Onto some less important ladies......

Some ladies I NEVER thought I would cry over!! Yes you heard me, I'll get there shortly. I think they are freaking hysterical! I've watched the Kardashians for a while now. However, I've not seen any of the season where Khloe and Courtney are in Miami. So, I am behind. I have seen all the hoopla in the news about Khloe getting married so when I saw the commercial about wedding special tonight, I had to watch! Actually, I FORGOT about it at first so I missed a little of the first half. Let me tell you all, you probably would have laughed at my sobbing over the proposal, speeches, etc. I could not keep it together. They showed previews for the upcoming season and I can't with. They simply crack me up!

Did you all watch the Housewives of OC last week?

Two words - CRAZY & MEAN!! They astonish me really. They are brutal. I don't know how they are actually still friends (the few that are) after watching the previous seasons and seeing one another bash and talk about each other. It is still addicting.

Last night I went to dinner with some ladies :) It was my first little ladies night since I got pregnant and I actually made it until about 11pm. We went to dinner and then dropped by a friend's birthday party! It was a bit weird not to have a glass of wine at dinner or a cocktail at a party but it didn't bother me at all. I didn't even care that I simply look puffy and probably not pregnant! I'm debating went to start with the pics. I suppose people start "showing" at all different times. I do have an area that seems to be sticking straight out! People around me have pointed this out even, haha.

Did you all have a good weekend? Ours ways good! I'll do more or a recap soon perhaps! My parents arrived today for a visit. Always nice to have them!! :)

More soon!!! Hope you all have a good Monday!

xoxo ~ Megan


The September Issue

So last week, Lindsey discovered that The September Issue was playing in our town! I was so excited when she contacted me about going to see it with her. I know it was out but didn't think it would ever venture to our city!

The movie is a documentary about Vogue Magazine focusing on the September Issue of 2007 and director, Anna Wintour. I will tell you that I did already know who Anna Wintour was. I've been getting Vogue for many many years. However, I did not realize the September Issue each year was the "BIG DEAL" of year. They said the September issue is like January is to the start of a new year. It is the issue everyone sees to start things fresh.

This is the 2007 September Issue they were creating in the documentary...

While I do believe Anna Wintour is genius, I do think she is quite smug. She has the heart for fashion but I think that is about it. She literally just tells people to get out of her way!

Personally, I like Creative Director, Grace Coddington!

Sienna Miller was on the cover of the September Issue 2007. Here she is with Anna Wintour.

An interesting fact...I STILL have my 2007 Vogue September Issue! It is mint condition and the perfume samples still smell :) I remember when I found out Sienna was on the front and then how BIG the magazine was. It has been the biggest ever at 840 pages. I've been looking through it since last night and it's pretty interesting looking at all the things they were working on in the movie!

Lindsey and I went to a local cinema that neither of us had been to! It has been around for 80 years and was super cute! Of course, it has now been remodeled. Here it is in 1952...

Lindsey took a picture too but here are two that I found online...

I wanted to come back to Sienna Miller. I BIG HEART love her! I think she is so beautiful. Something about the blonde hair and darker eye brows, I really like....

She has two movies out that I have not seen I've been meaning to order on Demand...maybe this weekend. Have you all seen either??


Mysteries of Pittsburgh

Alfie & Factory Girl are my FAVORITE movies Sienna has done!

If The September Issue is playing close by and you like fashion, I highly recommend going to see it!

happy Friday!

xoxo ~ Megan

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