Fab Finds! T and T

{What is T & T? Target & TJ Maxx :) }

*Real Quick ~ THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for the sweet comments on my previous post! We are so excited and appreciate you thinking about/praying for us!

Hi all :) How was your weekend? Ours was great! I will post on it later but right now I'm going to show you some fab finds I recently purchased!

On Friday, Lindsey inspired me to take a trip to Target! She saw some pretty clothes and I wanted to go check them out! I did indeed find some great things :) As I mentioned in the previous post below, I was instantly in a GREAT mood so I kinda splurged :/

Here they are....

I can justify these purchases, too! haha. How cute are these FLAT leopard shoes?! I really always try to wear flats to work unless I have a meeting or presentation. I walk so much that I really don't want to hurt my feet (more than I already have). During winter, my typical outfit is black pants, a top and a cute jacket. Well, if the jacket is solid, I could wear these! I have about 15 solid color jackets so just think of ALL the use I will get from these beauties....
As I have mentioned before, Target has great work dresses. I bought these a few months ago. I got the one below on Friday. I think they have all been $25. They are look enough for work and very cute. I don't know if you can see the detail it, but it has some ruffles around the bust.

Here is the ruffle shirt Lindsey spotted! They only had mediums left. It was a little big but still fit pretty cute! I do have pretty long hair, so I'll probably pull it back so that you can see the pretty rosette! I got the cream/white one, too. You will see me wearing it in my next post. .I think they were $12-15 bucks. Yes, very similar to those at J.Crew that cost quite a bit more. I'm not saying J.Crew isn't great, because I myself,love it, but I like finding cute deals (especially when I justify spending much on clothes very often).

I've been trying to only go in TJ Maxx once a month. However, I just went two weeks in a row! For good reason this time. I am doing some updates to our guest bedroom. I wanted cute bedding and I found some! However, I'm not posting that just yet :) I want to wait till I have it on the bed and show before and after. While in TJ Maxx, I found these things...

I have been trying to carry my own bags for groceries. The bags to the left I came across and thought they were cute and had my initial :). They are great and spill proof. They are the same material as the Whole Foods one I have. They were $2.99 for both. How cute is the table runner? It was on sale for $5. The big football platter I LOVE. It was only $10. It is heavy and porcelain. Hubby has people over for games and I thought it would be great for snacks. I will also use it for an upcoming baby shower! The bar of soap is Lotus - Stella Mare lemongrass. I LOVE the smell of lemongrass! I got all of this for $20!
When getting ready to exit TJ Maxx, this lamp caught my eye! Notice the red clearance tag :) It was only $20! I'm not sure if I have ever mentioned that I have a slight lamp obsession! I honestly could not think of any place I needed a lamp. However, it was cheap and so cute! The base is glass. I just have a vision of it somewhere with some pretty pink flowers close by!

So, I highly recommend checking out the clearance sections right now. Fall stuff is coming in and summer is going out! The only other thing I got was some bedding which you guys will see very soon! I'm trying to fix up our guest bedroom, so stay tuned!

Did you all do anything fun this weekend? Here is a little preview of ours :)

Have a good Monday!!

xoxo ~ Megan


We can start trying next month!! :)

**First - sorry again about the bday typo on previous post... Also, I had a few comments/emails from people saying they didn't know that I was adopted. I guess the way I originally worded that paragraph, it may have sounded like I was. I was not. My parents adopted my brother and brought him home. A year to the day later, my mom had me :) I hear this happens so often. So, never give up hope :)

Speaking of.....My fertility nurse called this morning with the results from my HSG (hysterosonogram), and everything looks GREAT!! Yes, I said a quick prayer when her number popped-up on my phone. Yes, I kinda started to cry in the middle of Target when she told me it was good news. I just feel like a weight has been lifted and hubby and I can work on starting our family :)

We will start trying in September after the first part of my cycle is over(period). So, that is only about TWO weeks from now :) The nurse talked to me for a bit. She told us the only measure we need to focus on is no less than every other day doing the "baby dance"...This is TOTALLY Summer B's term but I like it for this time in our life :) The nurse doesn't want me calculating anything else or stressing about anything else. The less stress, the better, right? I will continue to take my vitamins, vitamin D, & Metformin. I am thinking about switching to FertliAid (as mentioned before) as my prenatal. I am going to try and get back to only the good carbs and not so many bad carbs. I feel as though I've had a few too many "bads" lately.

So, we will just go with the flow for three months. If no luck during that time, the doctor will evaluate our situation and go from there.
Please keep us in your prayers! We both have enjoyed sharing this journey and would be happy for you all to continue to read along :) Yes, hubby reads the blog and comments. Thank you for all the sweet comments and emails all the time. I am happy to also answer any questions you keeping sending my way!

And yes, I may have been SO filled with joy that I spent WAY too much at Target : / I'll show you what I got soon :)

xoxo ~ Megan

"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit" ~ Romans 15:13

Thirty-Seven Years of Marriage :)

*Correction - Thank you guys for letting me know about the typo on MY birthday! haha I was TIRED :( I fixed it though! :)

My parents celebrated 37 years of marriage on Wednesday! That seems like a REALLY long time to me! I'm sure for them, time has past all too quickly :)

Here are a few pics (sorry if the quality isn't great. yes, I took pics of pics)

My mom was even a bride when she was a little girl :)

My dad was in Vietnam and then went to college. This is where he and my mom met. Part of my dad's fraternity initiation was to find the biggest bra possible. He came across my mom and asked her for her bra. I believe they were on campus. She took it off and gave it to him. He got her number in order to call her and return it. When he called her, he asked her on a date and they have been together since. Here they are at a sorority/fraternity dance in college....

Then, they decided to get married :) This is one of my mom's bridal portraits I have framed in my house....

My parent's got married in the town my mom grew up in at the Catholic Church. My dad had to get permission from the Pope to marry. Their reception was at my mom's parent's house. It was also the house she grew up in. All the pictures I have seen are beautiful! Aren't they sweet.....

Here they are leaving for their honeymoon. They went to Puerto Vallerta, Mexico...

I'm really not sure if this picture was taken before or after marriage. (mom?). It is cute though. So, I thought I would post it :)

My parents tried to have a baby for a little less than 10 years. They were not having any luck. They decided they wanted to adopt. On October 29, 1982, a beautiful little boy was born into their world. They brought him home on January 4, 1983. Well guess what, a year to the day later, I arrived. I was born January 4, 1984. My parents got pregnant on their own and had me. God is good and blessed my parents with the two children they always wanted :)

And here we are....

This picture is not very recent of my parents. It is from the 90's and they are at some sorority dance. I do have more recent pictures although neither one of them like taking pics.

I think I need to have Brent's mom do a family photo shoot soon :)

So, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my parents! They are the BEST parents in the world :)

xoxo ~ Megan


Apparently I'm Random Quite Often

I can't help it. I do lots of random posts and well, the title ends up having the word "random" in them!

How is everyone's Wednesday going? This week has gone by rather fast! The weather has gotten a bit warmer but is supposed to cool back down. That could mean rain though. We will see!

As I have probably mentioned before, every time my mom comes for a visit she brings us LOTS of stuff. She cooks yummie stuff and brings it. She buys things at the store for us as well. She too, likes going to garage/estate sales. I just asked her about a bed tray she has. I really want it...or one like it. She said she was keeping it because it was old and antique but she was certain that she, I or one of her friends could find me one at an estate sale. My friends are often astonished at the boxes of things she sends via USPS or brings when she comes.

One of my mom's friends is moving out of town and she was downsizing all of her home items! Things are two things my mom picked up for me!

How cute is this Boston coffee mug? We honestly don't have many boston "things" around the house but I think this is cute. My parents probably love our dog (next to us) more than anyone. Elton has been wandering around looking for them since they left!
She also got my this punch bowl! I do not have a punch bowl...except for the Halloween one! So, now I have one and I'm certain I'll make a yummie punch soon so that I can use it :)
She brought us lots more books and stuff stuff. Thank you, mom!

On Monday night, while the parents were helping my brother move, these little sweets and their parents came over. My parents thought they would be finished in time to see them, but they weren't. They were sad to have missed them. My mom cooked a ham and I made a few other things for dinner while hubby cooked some steaks on the grill. (yes, they are making creations with grapes and toothpicks:)
Fresh mozzarella, basil and tomatoes with olive oil and balsamic
Red potatoes. I didn't really go by a recipe with these. We don't do potatoes much but we had company. This is when I first start making them..
I put olive oil, butter, parsley, garlic salt & pepper and browned them in the skillet for about 20 minutes or until soft. If the potatoes are big (which mine were), cut them into smaller pieces. (you like all that non-recipe lingo, don't you? HA!) They were a success! Everyone loved them :) Finished product .....
Morgan brought over this and I had not had it before! Well, I have now and I really like it! The bottle caught her eye so she got a few. It is called VOGA and made in Italy. Here is the site.

A cute pic of hubby and Elton I took this week :)

Have you all seen previews for this...

I like Jennifer in movies. I think she is so cute. However, I think it seems like a strange roll for Aaron Eckhart considering his last roll he played a "bad guy" (in Batman). I still will be seeing this :)

Tonight, hubby and I are going to a surprise birthday dinner for a friend. We actually have a surprise birthday party for another friend, tomorrow night. I don't think we can make that one. Yes though, that is THREE surprise parties within 6 days. CRAZY!

Hope you all had a great day!! :)

xoxo ~ Megan


Want Dining Out Discounts?

Have you all discovered Restaurant.com? If you have not, you MUST check it out! Here is how it works... You type in your zip code. If there are any participating restaurants in your area, it will list them. It will also list the "gift certificates" they are offering. If there are no restaurants participating, you could even buy one for a close by town or vacation you are going on.

What is a "gift certificate" with restaurant.com? If you click on a $25.00 gift certificate. You will only BUY this certificate for $10.00. You must spend $35.00 to get the $25.00 off. So, you end up saving $15.00 on your meal. If you only spend $35.00 at dinner, then it is almost half off. These are options. Some restaurants participating offer all options and some only a few..

"Your Price" means how much you will buy it for at Restaurant.com..

$10 Gift Certificate | Your Price $4 (Certificate valid with minimum $20 food purchase)
$25 Gift Certificate | Your Price $10 (Certificate valid with minimum $35 food purchase)
$50 Gift Certificate | Your Price $20 (Certificate valid with minimum $100 food purchase)
$75 Gift Certificate | Your Price $30 (Certificate valid with minimum $150 food purchase)
$100 Gift Certificate| Your Price $40 (Certificate valid with minimum $200 food purchase)

You simply print the certificates off and take them when you go to dinner. Here are a few of mine..

I hope I am making since. Do you all get it? I am now going to tell you the BEST way to get the BEST deal.

I am a member of Borders Bookstore "Reward Perks Program". I do not believe there was any charge to sign up with this. I signed up several years ago. It is really like every other rewards program but I think it is REALLY good. You can probably sign up for one even if your town doesn't have a Borders Bookstore. They give you a card and a mini one for your key chain. Each week they mail you coupons for books or things in their store. Not only do you get discounts in store, they work with other companies to provide discounts. I have an online profile. I view other companies they work with. I select which companies I like or want to be notified of sales or discounts. They work with a lot of different companies..even Macy's! They also work with Restaurant.com. So when they are running their "special" I get an email from Borders Reward Perks. I then click a link given and it takes me to Restaurants.com. The BEST part, it gives me 80% off the certificates listed above. Yes, you heard me, EIGHTY PERCENT.

So, the $25.00 off a $35.00 meal only cost me $2.00....YES, TWO DOLLARS! That means a $35.00 meal costs me only $12.00. On the $50.00 off a $100.00 meal costs me only FOUR DOLLARS. Therefore, spending $100.00 on a meal, only costs $54.00.

My last purchase, I got 9 certificates. Four of them were for one of our favorite restaurants :) I got the $25.00 certificates. That is $225.00 worth of certificates. My total purchase was only $18.00. Great deal, yes. The certificates exclude alcoholic beverages so you can take that into consideration as well. ALTHOUGH, one place (our fav) did include our cocktails. So, it probably depends on the day, the server, etc.

REALLY good deal. So, I highly recommend checking both of these programs out! I figure if we are going to spend money going out to eat, why not get discounts. My town is really pretty big. There are probably 20 restaurants participating. Some aren't are favorite, but luckily, some are! :)

And because I love you all, here is a coupon for 20% off at Borders! :) It is an in-store only coupon.

To get 25% any one item online at Borders.com, you can enter this code SLA6475H.

I'm excited for Rachel Zoe tonight!! (I recorded last night since the fam was over!)

Hope you all are having a good day!! :)

xoxo ~ Megan


Fun Finds!

Hi all :) How was your Monday? I was SO tired today. I wanted to sleep in...and probably could have slept ALL day!

This morning, I had breakfast with Jessica & Lucy :) Jess had to get her car serviced so I picked them up once she dropped it off. We went to a local place called Savoy. I had never been there but they are known for their cinnamon rolls. Let me tell you, it was DELICIOUS. I'm sad I didn't take a picture of it...or Lucy for that matter! She was sweet as usual. I stuffed my face and wanted to crash once I was finished. I paid for the carbs I consumed. That is what happens when I eat to much ALL weekend. I just continue to eat terrible! Tomorrow I will get back in the groove of things!

While on my lunch break today, I ran into TJ Maxx. I didn't feel like eating nor driving home to rest (because then I wouldn't have wanted to get up). I found a few great finds! I saw a girl carrying two purses. They were the same style, one tan and one pink. I noticed a yellow clearance tag on them. I thought they were so cute. I just knew they wouldn't have any others..especially considering they were on sale. Well it was my LUCKY day..not only did they have the purse..they had it in both colors..even better, it was ONLY $7.00! Actually, one was marked $10 and one was $7. When I got to the counter, I told the girl, and she said she would do them each at $7 :)...my lucky day. Here are the purses... The brand is "LuLu"...which I believe is different from "Lulu Guinness"....I have both but the tags are different...so that is why I'm thinking they are different...anyways....

I also got this Essie nail polish! I had never seen an Essie at TJ Maxx. It was $3.99! I think at Ulta it is somewhere $7-10...so I got one :)
So, I got out of there for less than $20.00! Very unlike me but I need to save more money. They did have some cute plaid shirts but I didn't feel like trying on anything since I was in work clothes. Perhaps I'll go back by soon!

After hubby had been at work for an hour this morning, I received this text message...

And no, he is not actually serious. You must know him probably to "hear" the sarcasm in this..still really funny.

I know this is probably giving her more "press" or "attention" that she really deserves...but Heidi Montag is OFF her rocker! I try not to be too judgmental but this girl asks for it! I think she would proudly admit that so I don't feel quite so bad. She will do whatever she can for attention. It's sad really..but this video, there are just no words....

Hubby is watching Tropic Thunder. I don't get it. There are a few funny parts. Last night, hubby and dad went to see the new movie with Brad Pitt...Inglourious Basterds. They said it was pretty good. There are a lot of movies out that I want to see.

I'm sad my parents are leaving tomorrow. Tonight, Morgan, Curtis and the girls came for dinner. I post on that tomorrow :) I made some yummie potatos!

xoxo ~ Megan.


Weekend Recap :)

Hi everyone! How was your weekend?? Ours was SO fun and very busy! This post will be LOTS of pics!!

My parents got here around noon on Friday. It has been nice having them here. I think they are leaving Tuesday. I am going to do a post about some of the things my mom cooked while she has been here. It will include pictures and recipes. She really is THE best cook!

The weather has been AMAZING the entire weekend! I only wish it would stay like this! I think it will warm back up but hopefully the evenings and mornings will still be cool. I can really start to smell fall in the afternoons.

(These pics are in order of the weekend)..

Friday night our friend, Dara, had a surprise birthday party for her boyfriend, Myles. It was a lot of fun. We went to Dara's mom's house for snacks and cocktails. At 10pm a trolley came to pick us up and we headed to the Hard Rock Casino. It was my second time at the casino and it was a lot of fun. It was my first time since they changed it to a Hard Rock. Casinos, to me, are kind of like the fair. Many varieties of people! Here are a few pics from the night...

Dara, Me, Cameron, Andra & Kristen
Hubby & I playing with party favors!
Cameron, Andrea, Me & Kristen
Myles birthday cake!
Myles with his cake
Cameron & I
Dara & I - yes we loved the little blow things...
Hubby loved it too
Tallee & Myself
Dara & I on the trolley!
Cameron & Tallee
On the way to the Hard Rock Casino
posing with a slot machine... Me, Dara & Allison

On Saturday morning, the Mentzel's came for a visit! They were attending a birthday party close by so they came and spent a few hours. Hubby got to meet Molly! My parents did as well. We had such a nice time :) (Katie I used some of your pics too..thank ya! )

Sweet Molly

Molly & I
Hubby holding Molly - it was early & bright..he just woke up (hence his eyes)

Mommy & Molly
Daddy & Molly
The guys with Molly

SO sweet!
Getting ready to leave :(
All of us :)
Check out these cookies the Mentzels brought us. SO DELISH! Thank you guys :)

We woke up pretty early on Saturday but also went to bed late Friday night, which we had not done in a long time! We just hung with my parents and napped a bit Saturday. We really should have gotten outside a bit more and enjoyed the weather!

Saturday night, we met some friends at a restaurant for a little get together. One of our friends, Aaron, is moving to NYC to be a doctor and some other friends, Jason & Emily, are in town visiting from China :) We went to a place called Oscars. Here are a few pics I snapped.

Emily & Jason
Hubby & I
Cameron & I
Margo, Me & Emily
Emily & Hubby
Some of the guys

This morning (Sunday), the Cermaks came over for breakfast! We had a great breakfast made by my mom then just enjoyed hanging out :) Lucy is growing up so fast...before we know it, she will have a baby brother in sister.

Jessica & Lucy
Lucy playing under the table!
Look at the pretty flowers the Cermaks brought to my mom. So sweet of them!

Hubby and I ran a few errands with my mom today and have been pretty lazy :) I love lazy Sundays!

I hope you all had a great weekend!!! Stay tuned for a few more DELICIOUS food recaps from this weekend! I have eaten WAY too much!

xoxo ~ Megan

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