Molly's Arrival!!

So my bestie, Katie, had her baby today!!!!! It was a great day!

Molly Jane is absolutely ADORABLE!! Such a pretty baby! Since I live close, I was able to floor it and get there soon after she was born! I was just so excited to meet her and see her mommy and daddy become parents!! Very special. I have a feeling hubby and I will head back for a visit soon!! I can't wait to spend more time with Molly and her parents...they have been blessed!!

holding her daddy's finger

getting ready for her first bath

welcome to the fab five, Molly!! :)

These are only the pics I took with my iPhone. Our computer wouldn't turn ok yesterday and I can't get an appt with Apple until Wednesday at 1pm! Pray it's okay bc I've put a lot of hours on it over the past 5 or 6 years! I think it's the battery. Once it is fixed, I'll get my camera pics posted!

More soon!!



A late Father's Day post & Honest Scrap

First of all, I've come across such sweet Father's Day Posts. I wasn't online last Sunday so I didn't post anything. However, I do want to say as far as father's, my dad is the best :) He is pretty much the smartest man I know (by a long shot). He lives in Texas but I got to see him two weekends in a row and hopefully he will move here one day! I love my dad. Anyways, just FYI :)

Sweet Alyssa awarded me with the Honest Scrap award! Her and her fam are too cute and you should check out her blog if you don't already!

The Honest Scrap award comes with a few rules. First, you have to tell your readers ten things about you that they may not know, but are true. Second, you have to tag 10 people with the award. Third, let all the people you've tagged know that they've gotten it. And finally, make sure you link back to the person who awarded you.

So here goes....

1. Sometimes I drive through street lights and don't remember what color they were. I feel like I didn't even look...but yet, I had to of.

2. I usually only wash my hair twice a week. It's so thick and it doesn't really get oily. However, during the summer I wash it more because I'm outside more.

3. I may be going to Cabo again this year and the thought of that REALLY excites me.

4. I'm certain I have the smartest dog ever. Hubby and I really do treat him like a child. We wipe his butt when he comes in from outside (his allergy meds cause this). If he wants water and we are in our bedroom, he walks up to the shower. He if he wants water and we are in the kitchen or living room, he goes and looks at the sink. He sits in the same chair in the dining room, everyday, and watches and waits for us to get home. When we are in the shower, he sits on the rug waiting on the water to turn off then he gets up. He does like the shower and if you open the door and invite him in, he will walk right in. Hubby picked out a name for a female dog if Elton ever gets a sister, Anna Belle. He also likes to sunbathe..

5. I HATE to be hot more than anything. I ONLY like it when I'm laying out. Other than that, I feel as though I'm a crabby beotch because of it. When hubby and I get in the car, I immediately start yelling for cold air. It's sad...and of course it's abnormally hot already for this time of the year.

6. Hubby was going to propose on top of the Empire State Building but when we got up there, it was SO windy we could barely stand!!! There was also a large group of tourists from another country. After the ESB we went to Tavern on the Green. We had a carriage ride before dinner and then for dessert a cake came out that read "Will you marry me?" ... he planned this all on his own when we we decided to take a summer vacation to NYC.

7. I have an addiction to cake plates. I simply can't help it. I don't buy expensive ones, but I do have some that were wedding gifts. If I see a cute one though, I buy it. I like to have options.

8. I loved high school. So many people I talk to hated it but not me. There was just something about our town, school etc.. I think most of my friends feel the same way. I definitely played harder than I worked but I don't regret a thing and I'd probably agree to do it over again.

9. Speaking of schools, I ALWAYS said I'd never go to the University of Arkansas. My bestie wanted to go but since we lived in Texas, I said I wanted to go to Texas (this was elementary & middle school). I'm glad I went to Arkansas though. Red is much prettier than burnt orange (no offense to you Longhorns). Oh, and I met my hubby the 2nd week of college :) 7 years ago in September. Good thing I went to Arkansas. Oh, and I LOVED it!

10. I'm getting a new wedding ring :)

I give this award to all my wonderful bloggy friends who would like to post an Honest Scrap post! It was fun :)

I hope you all are having a WONDERFUL weekend!!! Hubby & I hung at the pool all day. Tonight we have a wedding! It will be fun..and HOT! More soon!!

xoxo ~ Megan


We Changed Our Mind.....& a Baby Shower

So we decided not to sell our house! It just doesn't feel right. Not yet anyways. After looking at houses last weekend to get an idea of what we want, we just don't want to leave this house yet. We have done a lot of updates and really, it fits us and up to one kid..perfectly. We are going to refinance so that we will be saving money on the payment each month. I was just lying awake at night thinking about selling it. I was also thinking about the fact that its summer, having to move out, maybe live with in-laws AND trying to have a baby! Not a great combo. I think the stress factor would be overwhelming. I prayed for a sign and I think the good doctor appointment Monday is one. As soon as I said something to hubby he said he was thinking the SAME thing. So, we're excited...to be staying in our home! We can finish a few things around here that need to be done...hanging the TV above the mantle, replacing or fixing the tile, pretty landscaping, redoing the back porch, hanging more pictures, cleaning out/up the spare room and maybe some new lighting in the kitchen :)

On Monday night, hubby and I went to a baby shower. Our friend's Andra & Roy are expecting their first baby in the next few weeks. It was unbearably hot (so excuse the sweat glow in the pictures!) but still such a fun shower with friends! Here are a few pics..

Andra & Myself
The YUMMIE cake & cake balls. SO good! The cake says "Welcome Baby Walker"
Me with hubby
Jessica & Myself; Me..She is also expecting a baby boy, Lincoln, in just a few weeks!
Baby Walker's gifts

Speaking of babies, my BF Katie is going to have Miss Molly at ANY time! I'm so excited! Luckily, I live quite close so when I get a call, I'm heading their way!! :)

happy hump day!!

xoxo ~ Megan


Dr.Appt & Fit for me ?

This morning hubby and I went to the fertility doctor. It went great! First off, the doctor said I responded really well to the Lupron shots. He said he could certainly tell a difference in my pelvic exam. YAY! I start birth control pills today..ugh. I am not looking forward to that but he said he should help my hot flashes and a few other things right away. YAY! Get this, the birth control pills are chewable and mint flavored. Weird huh!? I don't know the name because I already dropped the prescription off. So I'll take the birth control for two months. During the 10th day of my second cycle, I will have a hystosonogram. If this goes well, we can start trying! If they find scar tissue from my surgery, he will have to remove it. He said he hasn't had to do that in a LONG time but I could be the unlucky one...(knock on wood). If there is anything else that isn't as it should be then we may start a fertility med after the xray. If things go good, then we can try on our own for.. a while at least. YAY! Two months!!

So, I must head back here.....

I was thinking today but I am going to be too busy! I was going to post about "Fit for Her" at the beginnina April while I was in my trial period but I never got around to it. I did a 10 day trial and I really liked it. So I went every day for several weeks! I was also eating low carbs for the PCOS. I was feeling great! Then, Mexico came... chips, fruity cocktails, etc. I took a few weeks off when we got back bc I was just tired and needed some down time. Then, my whole finger/hand incident happened. So, not only have I not been working out, I've been eating more carbs. I've not really gained weight because I've been on the Metformin for abouy two months and it is helping break down my carbs...BUT I just don't feel as good as I did! I can tell a HUGE difference in the way carbs make me feel and the way I feel after I work out..except now I haven't been working out and I want to start again! I'll continue to eat carbs..juts not as many of the bad ones...

I did join "Fit for Her" because I really liked it and it is SO close to my house. I've never been a big gym person. Infact, I have a stationary bike I ride at home but I only go through phases when I want to use it and don't find SOMETHING I can or want to do around the house. There is a gym hubby goes to but it's just not for me.. it is always busy & there is drama there(not with him of course). I don't like people watching me when I'm working nor do I like stinky men all over the machine I use! HA! The "Fit for Her" that I go to is SUCH a nice place and very clean. A lot of the time, I'm the only person in the whole place. It does require an access remote when I have on my keychain. So, I feel safe too. It has all sorts of machines. However, for at least two months, I can only do treadmill, stair, elliptical, etc.. bc of my hand. That is okay though...cardio is helpful. They also have a sauna, classes, tanning beds, kids playroom & massage chairs. I get all of this for $30 bucks a month people! Awesome huh? Check it out..maybe the one closest to you is this nice..

In the locker room..the door goes into the room with the shower.

There are lockers to the left for people to use.

to the left is the room for classes, the middle room is for kids to play & to the right is the lobby.

Do you all go to gyms? Work out at home?

So, happy Monday!...maybe? haha

Hope you all had a great weekend! I'll do a recap of ours soon! It was mostly spent hanging out with our favorite little ones! Hubby and I are going to a couple's baby shower tonight and I'm excited!

xoxo ~ Megan


Some Randoms...

Why have I not been blogging? BUSY! So....

I think we are going to sale our house! That is our current decision anyway... It could change. My current biggest problem? Looking for another house. Why is that a problem? We have not even put ours for sale! We are thinking we will probably put it up around the first of July. If it sales quickly, then maybe we will have found a house we like already :) If not, we will stay in husband's parents house until we find something! Why are we doing this? We have a high rate because we bought two years ago. We were first time buyers. Needless to say, if we refinanced our house we could probably get TWO percent points lower! However, our lender told us don't refinance unless you plan to stay in the house another TWO years. Well, we aren't certain we want to do that. Well like our house but are kind of think of this as an opportunity so why not? We have been talking to a mortgage lender friend of ours that is giving us advice as well. Another thing we might be crazy for?

We are going to try to sale our house ourselves! For a while anyways.... there never seems to be any houses for sale in our neighborhood and if there are, they sale quick (knock on wood).. so, wish us luck!!

Monday night, hubby and I cooked, drank wine & watched The Bachelorette, the season premiere of True Blood & Saturday nights episode of Harper's Island. Some relaxation :)

Tuesday...well Tuesday is the day I found out mortgage went up $200 bucks! This was because taxes and our mortgage company creating a savings escrow account. No, thank you. So, I got $40 of the $200 taken off. Then we had a talk about maybe selling. For dinner Tuesday night, we went to hubby's parent's to eat and talk our house decisions. His mom has experience in the real estate industry. We had yummie enchiladas too :)

Wednesday night, we went to eat dinner at a local place called Leon's. We went with Brent's dad and his girlfriend. Leon's has a special on their pizzas on Wednesday night. They were wonderful! I should have taken a picture of my margarita pizza. It was great!

Today, I got to see this pretty girl! She was being such a ham and wanting her picture taken. She says "picture " "lemme see, lemme see"...she loves to look at it over and over again.

us :)

 Tonight, I will be watching the two shows below....and drinking some wine :) Hubby is going to watch the second part of Lonsome Dove with his stepdad (they started it the other night). Anyways, the finale of the RHNJ was something! I did NOT think it was okay that they left the younger kids stay in the room..especially when Teresa had her break down! Does anyone know if Dina is married? I'm confused on that. Tonight, they are recapping the finale table scene. Next week, the TWO after the season shows should be great!

Do you all watch this?? I LIKE IT! I like Hadley the best I Think!

I just realized I never did an weekend recap from last weekend.. I snapped a few pics and went to a fundraising event. So, I'll post that soon. I'll also be posting the night IT happened...breaking my finger/hand that is! Thank you all for asking and sweet comments. It is doing much better! It still hurts..it is still crooked..and taped. With all that said, it is still SO much better than it was! I was so very miserable that first week. I go for my next appointment with the hand specialist at the first of next week so I'll update on that.

I also go to the fertility doctor on Monday! That means hopefully this menopause is coming to an end. I believe birth control will start (ugh). Hubby and I go visit with the doc Monday morning and I'll also be having a pelvic exam. Hopefully that all goes well!

Tomorrow is Friday! YAY! I love Fridays! Hope you all are having a great week!

loves & hugs ~ Megan


Favorite Feature

So there are TONS of things I like about our new car (we'll we've had it a few months) but I think I just may have found my favorite. At the first of April, I "paired" my phone with the car. I still get tickled every time the radio cuts off and the ringing starts (I only drive it some on weekends). I think this is considered bluetooth. Our car manual came with a secret code. So, I went to my new iphone and hit add device. I typed in the code and boom! Right on the stereo dash pops up my address book. Not only can I talk to people through the radio speakers, but I also have my address book to pick from. When the phone rings, the radio stops and starts ringing and the person's name pops up! How cool is that. You just talk normal. No yelling or anything. You adjust the volume like you would the radio. You can pick a contact name to call, dial, answer and adjust the volume from the steering wheel as wheel! I mean this is a super good way to be safe! My phone stays in my purse the whole time. LOVE IT!!!

I snapped a pic :) I had just hit the contacts option.

Like a 12 Hour Movie

So, have you all seen True Blood on HBO? Well last season (it's first season), husband watched it. I saw bits and pieces of some episodes. I didn't see it from episode one so I usually ended up looking at magazines or getting on the computer. Well, I've heard a few other bloggers say how much they liked it. So, I thought I'd give it a try. After all, I really do like Twilight, so why not give these vampire's a shot? Yesterday, for TWLEVE hours, yes you heard me 12 hours, husband & I watched season one of True Blood. I liked watching them all back-to-back because because when a cliffhanger happened at the end of one, we could just start another one! So instead of 12 episodes..just one very very long movie, haha. Thank goodness for OnDemand :)

Have you all scene it? What do you think? It it is most definitely a bit graphic for me...so I do turn my head or cover my eyes at least once an episode but overall, I really like it! Some of it really does remind me of Twilight.

I hope you all had a great weekend! Ours was very relaxing :) I'll do a little recap later today!

Have a good Monday :)

~ Megan

*****The tie dyed roses came from Food Pyramid (which use to be Albertson's here). They have a pretty large size florist center. I came across the roses right as I walked in the door and thought they were great!


Target is bad for me

Why? (you may wonder)..because there is one going in less than a mile away!!! Why is this bad? When I go there, I tend to shop, a lot!

For instance.....

I bought one of the dresses right before I hurt my hand. They are sheer, comfy and long enough to wear for work! Once I hurt my finger, I couldn't wear pants because I couldn't pull them up easily nor button them. Therefore, I had to wear dresses. I didn't really feel as though most of my dresses were work friendly. I'm outside a lot; I'm in and out of my car and I'm around a lot of people on occasion. I liked the dress so much, I got it in another color. Then, I went back a few days after and they were on sale. So now, I have the three below. The coral color and black with white dots, are the same. The solid black one has ruffles on it. They all have a little slip under it and then the dress is sheer.

This blue dress is also work appropriate and cute!

I know this may appear to be a tunic...but, I can actually wear it as a dress. Yes, I'm short :) It's silk and so cute! I can wear it with flip flops, heels, or jeans! (but no, I probably won't wear it for work..silk & outside a lot = no good).
So this may seem like a lot....but, they were much needed! (for work of course) The prices, are great, too! I got all of these for about $100. There are tons of dresses that cost more than that for just one! I wouldn't know anything about that ;)

hope you all are having a good weekend!!

xoxo ~ Megan


flower power

I love flowers! Most of the time, I have fresh flowers in my house. In the past few days, I've picked up the beauties below!

tie dyed roses

big sunflowers

yay for the weekend being here!

loves ~ Megan


No Surgery! ! :) & Cabo day 5

so yesterday, i finally went to the doctor! he said the break had started healing nicely! he said putting pins in would really be over-doing it. the finger was not out of place so it doesn't need to be reset either :) all of this was music to my (and my mom's) ears! he said it would take 6-8 weeks to heal and feel better. however, in 30 years i would probably get arthritis..but there is nothing to prevent that. i also have to keep it taped to my middle finger in two places for at least 6 weeks (buddy taped they call is). which is okay... as long as i can keep the cast off! he said that would work as long as i refrain from using it. of course as soon as i leave im praising the Lord and thinking i can go on about my way...not so much. i can use my thumb and pointer but my ring and middle finger do NOT bend comfortably..just yet..but soon! YAAAAY!!! NO MORE RED ROVER!! :)

i snapped some pics in the doc office

buddy taped this afternoon at home

here are a few pics from the 5th day we were in cabo. it was a thursday. we hung at the beach, ate at the house then, hung out at buddha bar.

rebecca and i on our photo shoot by the water. my camera only got splashed with a few sprinkles of water :/
i like this pic of hubby
becca & jen
the birds loved us

us before going out :) the dress was purchased in cabo at a store in the mall
us girls - kristen, jen, me, rebecca & tallee
liked the light fixture above our table at buddha :)
tallee, jen, becca & steve
i need some bronzer on my face

rebecca and johnathan (our waiter) dancing

all of us!

i talked to jen last night. she is in cabo and called to let me hear our theme song for the week. one of the bands was playing it at dinner. oh memories! i miss the beach!!

i hope you all are having a good week! can't believe it is already wednesday! last night, kristen, her mom & cameron came over for dinner. mom and i made pasta with a white shrimp/basil sauce, her AMAZING CRAB CAKES & a few other yummie things :) yes, I will do some mom recipe posting soon! i should have taken pics last night! ahhh. today, hubby's mom came over for lunch. we had some leftovers :) tonight, turkey chili! delish!

xoxo ~ megan

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