red rover, red rover - i HATE you!

so at kristen's little bday gathering last night, we decided to play red rover...

yes, that is me with all boys. the other girls quit earlier (when I should have!)

it resulted in this....

the three above pics are when i was waiting for x-rays. the doc had already broken part of my band trying to remove my ring...by the time we got back to the doc my finger was still swelling...she had to cut it off....

yes, my broken ring in urine cup...
no, platinum does not bend...
my finger was broken badly. it broke all the way through right where the hand and finger meet..
had i known red rover was banned in schools, i probably would not have played with 10 grown men....what was i thinking? i thought if someone was running hard and fast i'd let go and they'd fall. well i tried to let go...my partner did not.

i immediately tried to remove my ring. no luck. i tried soaking my hand in pot of ice water to stop the swelling...that gave me tears. i went to bed and woke up with things so much worse. i went to doctors office that also offers after hour service. she said right away the ring must come off. she cut a small piece off the back of the band and tried to pry it apart. well, platinum does not bend. and those little gadgets hurt so freaking bad. hubby helped her. the piece cut out of the band gave me some relief. i went to x-ray then back to my patient room. within about 20 minutes the ring was tight again. she said she really wanted to get it off. after many tears of course i told her to do what she needed to. misery folks! my rings are soldered together. the pain of my hand and thought of my beautiful rings being ruined pretty much broke my heart :(

she said the break is bad and is sending me to a hand specialist. they are going to call me in the morning with my appt time. for now, they put on a splint cast thing. its half the hard stiff stuff then wrapped the rest of the way since another doc will need to see if within the next 48 hours. it hurts SO bad :( they gave me pain meds...which make me want to barf mixed with metformin...not to mention i felt like they only worked for an hour :(

i think my mom is going to come help out for a few days. i can do nothing at all with my left arm/hand. hubby is being very helpful with everything.... dressing me and even dried me after my bath. i feel helpless and well just want to cry. uggggghhh.

luckily i use my iphone keypad with one hand....i have no idea how everything else is going to work... ill keep you all updated.



Shots are offically OVER! (randoms)

I just posted a nice LONG post and I accidently deleted it!! HOW FREAKING ANNOYING!!! Well let's see...where to start over :( ...Yesterday I got my last Lupron shot!!! YAY! 6 shots are over! I cannot get over how TIME flies! In the Lupron case, I don't mind..in most cases..it makes me sad! Anyways, I will be in menopause for four more weeks. That only scares me because how HOT is starting to get. Menopause hasn't been too bad but it has NOT been pleasant!

If you are in the dark, you can click here to catch up if you would like!

I have now been on Metformin for a month. It is going pretty good. I feel pretty nauseous which is normal. It mostly happenes when I eat carbs and sugars. I had really done good about NOT eating them until I went to Cabo! Then, I dove in head first to the delicious tortilla chips! Starting Monday, I will once again cut most of them out of my diet. Again, my reproductive system had been taking carbs and sugar and building cysts in my ovaries with them. The Metformin is supposed to help/keep this from happening!

I go back to the doctor on June 22nd. He will do a pelvic exam at that time and hopefully find that the cysts are gone!! One can only pray....if not gone, at least some of them will be due to the Lupron shots, Metformin and low carbs and sugar. I will also start birth contorl on the 22nd. ICK. I do not look forward to more nausea, yucky moods and a puffy face! O well, if I've gone through menopause for six months, surely I can handle two more months of birth control! Afterall, I did take it for like 7 years (which the doc said was one of the greatest things I could have done to prolong all this issues from happening..ie:cysts forming) In August, I will go see a radiologist to have a hystosonogram. I will find out a lot more on the "plan of action" when I visit with the doctor on the 22nd. Thanks for your continuous prayers! They are GREATLY appreciated!!

Yesterday was just not a good day! After my shot, I attempted to work. To start out with...I get somewhere and lock my keys in my car! UGH. It is kind of hard to believe this was only the second time in TWO years I've done this! I am in and out of my car all day, too! Luckily, I had just found my spare key. My sweet friend Cameron, came to my house, got it and brought it to me. So nice of her! I ended up getting sicker than I normally do after a shot. I don't know if it is because I'm on Metformin now or what but it was not pleasant! As some of you know, I visit seniors and places where seniors live. Sometimes the places smell wonderful and very pleasant. Sometimes, they do not! Yesterday, I constantly felt like I was going to vomit and I was just having non-stop hot flashes! When I went into a nursing center. I had to RUN, yes run..in my heels...to a bathroom! ICK ICK ICK!

I feel like I've been a blog slacker this week :( Wednesday night, I cooked salmon and asparagus for the hubby and I. We watched "The Uninvited"...it was good! It was a bit scary which I tend to like. Have you all seen it? Here are two pics I snapped. The plate isn't fancy at all.. I was in a hurry to start the movie :) That is a horseradish/butter blend on the asparagus and a lemon/dill sauce for the salmon...it was YUM!

Thursday night (last night), hubby and I had another dinner & movie night. This time, we hung out in bed since I didn't feel well. He even stayed home from working out to lay with me :) For some reason I was craving pad thai. A new Asian cuisine kitchen opened close by and they deliver! FuWa is the name and I LOVE their pad thai. Hubby warned me it didn't sound like the best idea since I'd been sick all day. Why don't I listen? It was delicious but my stomach got really pissed off at me. I feel like I always learn the hard way? haha We watched "The Other Boleyn Girl"...another good movie. I thought it was quite sad though.

Did anyone see this on the Today Show this morning? She is a doll! I want to kick myself for skipping out on her concert last fall! I tried to get tickets for the one coming this year but they sold out or sky rocketed in price! I should have just got on a plane to NYC and went to the Today Show this morning. I probably could have met her too :)

Tonight we are going to a going away BBQ for our friends, Matt & Heather. Their wedding was one we went to recently. They are moving to Denver because Heather is becoming a doctor! Here is a pic of them from the 80's party :) We were also going to go to a Ghostland Observatory show but we decided not to. We wanted to rest because tomorrow will be a long & fun day!

Tomorrow, are having a little get together for my friend Kristen :) Her birthday is in a week and we figured tomorrow night would be a good time! Here are two pics of us from Dec 2007.

I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!! Yes, Cabo pics coming soon! I've already put together one post of pictures of where we stayed! I MISS IT.

XOXO ~ Megan


Weekend Recap :)

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day Weekend! Ours was very relaxing and fun!

On Friday night, we went to dinner at the Brook and then home. We went to bed early which was nice. Saturday, hubby golfed and I laid out for a bit with my friend Cameron at her parent's pool. It was a little cloudy but we still managed to get some sun! Saturday night, hubby and I went to a wedding! Kristen & Kevin got married :) They are so cute and getting ready to move to Tennessee as Kristen continues her journey to becoming a doctor! Brent has been friends with Kristen and her family since he was very young. Sunday, we had a few friends over.."Team Tulsa" as we were called while on our trip to Cabo :) We had a little picture viewing if you will! Hubby and Brother grilled lots of yummie food. For Memorial Day Monday, hubby went to golf and I slept in :) After he got home and napped, we went to hang out with our friends, Kyle & Jessica. We also got to play with their lil one, Lucy! She is adorable. It was some nice pool time with our friends! Here are a few pics I took :) I wish I would have taken more at the beautiful wedding! The reception was at the Golf Club..as our last few have been.

Us! :)
beautiful cake!
Me with the bride :)
I was so mad I didn't manage to get a pic of the two of them AT the wedding...what was I thinking!? Anyways, here is one of their enagement pics! My MIL was the photographer at the wedding as well!

Brady & Ben
Our sweet lil guy Sunday morning in bed
Sunday - One of my parfaits! They need a little work but I didn't think it was TOO bad for my first try :/
Cameron making mojitos !
Jen, Kristen & Tallee picture viewing..
limes for our cocktails

This picture cracks me up....if you only knew what they were looking at! ;)
about to go on the grill

Master griller

Kyle & Brent on Monday
The Cermaks :)
Lucy loves playing in the water with her daddy!
Her daddy is a magic jeanie, haha
Sweet girl...after she took her bikini off!
Me with Lucy :)
She loves this bouncy swing!

Brent trying to dry Lucy's tears


happy holiday weekend :)

Hi all!! I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day Weekend!! Any exciting plans? Hubby and I are going to relax and spend time with friends and family. As you would guess, we do have a wedding for close family friend, Kriste, that I posted shower pics for a few posts down. We will be doing that on Saturday night. Other than that, I will probably be laying by one of these....

drinking some of these....

reading & finishing this...

making these.....

and exfoliating with this! Kind of random I know. But, since Mexico, I've been shedding which I haven't done in years! It stinks :( I don't think I'm losing much color but the apperance is just gross looking! I picked up this yummie stuff and it smells SO good!

Also, my blogger friend, Danielle, has does a Fab Friday post and this week is SUNGLASSES! I love sunglasses but never been very good with them! For my two year anniversary hubby got my a pair of really nice, quite expensive ones. I've taken good care and I love them. They are the Chanel 5076-H tortoise brown with mother of pearl! Head over to her site to add your URL of your fav things each Friday! She also is a great designer!! (sorry not greatest of pics..taken with my iphone..which isn't too bad :)

I hope you all have a great one!! I'm sure while relaxing I'll find some time to post some Cabo pics!!!

loves loves loves ~ Megan

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