Some Thursday Randoms.....

****UPDATE re: comments - I AM going to a private resort/house, yes...mostly family owned, too. Our people have been in contact with the people there all week and they say things are fine and there are no cases of the SF. Lets hope it stays that way!!

Thanks for all of your sweet comments on my posts. They make me giddy :)

How is it that the swine flu comes just before I'm supposed to leave for Mexico?!?!?! I'm going. I'm going to stop stressing about it. In Cabo....where I am going, there have been no cases. I will wear a mask on the airplane if necessary. I will do whatever it takes to get to Mexico safely and healthy...and return the same way! We leave next Sunday morning the 10th. Please pray this flu starts to fade for everyone out there in danger or that may have it! ...and those going to Mexico too :) I NEED a vacation!!

On top of Mr.swine in my mind, black mold was found in our coat closet yesterday!!! It was a SMALL amount..but still...Husband never has allergies and he has over there past few months. I'm certain that is what it was. The closet backs up to the garage where the hot water heater is. There was a water valve that was covered by wall and leaking. It is fixed now. However, still very annoyed. I have sprayed all kinds of stuff all over this house and have the humidifier going. PS - We are house hunting. Haha...not REALLY....but kinda. Remember me saying we thought about refinancing because rates are so low? Well I think we will wait a bit and see if any good houses and deals come along. I like being open to the idea. I love our house..but we've only been here two years so why not?

I had shot number FIVE today! Can you believe it. Time has really gone by FAST! Thank goodness :) It doesn't seem like it's been 5 months..sometimes I feel like it has, haha. I took my last Actonel pill this morning. So, no more of that. Hopefully these shots haven't hurt my bones too much. I start Metformin tonight. I will also be praying I don't have any side effects from that (the worst probably being "dumping syndrome"...just imagine). I take it with dinner every night. They said I will take it through the first trimester once I'm pregnant and he even keeps some people on it throughout the whole thing. I'm still feeling pretty good today..just starting to ache and be nauseous. Not to mention this weather is probably NOT helping! Oh, and my doctor was not in today but is going to be calling me tomorrow for his opinion on the swine and me going to Mexico.

On Monday night, Brent and I watched Twilight and I really liked it! I haven't read any of the books but I thought the movie was so sweet and nothing really like I imagine! We also picked up sushi from In the Raw. SO YUMMIE!

Have you all seen this? I know I've read a lot of people have. Should I still read the books if I saw the movie first?! What does everyone think?

Tuesday night we went to Brent's sisters for dinner. We hung out and played with the girls. They are so funny.

Taylor in her shades
Tatum playing with husband..she loves her uncle brent
sitting on a pillow, on top of Brent, haha.

Last night Brent and I ate dinner at the Brook, went to drive by a house I saw for sale on the ineternet and then to Lowe's. With this mold stuff..we have NOT had the urge to cook.

These weeks go by so fast it seems! This weekend we have a wedding and I have a bridal shower. I think I'm going to REST tonight!

Hope you all are having a good week!!

xoxo ~ Megan


Sweet Lucy got Baptized!

On Saturday, one of our favorite little girls got Baptized. Lucy had a very special day. The ceremony at her church was so nice followed by a fun reception at her Godmother's house. It was a Mad Hatter theme and so very cute. I loved the decor and cute treats/food! I think Lucy was pleased after her nap to find she had some fun friends & family at her reception! Here are some pics!

Lucy with her Godmother, Barbra (Photo by LSD Photography)
Me with Lucy's beautiful momma, Jessica!
how cute is this arrangement with the goldfish?
these were marshmellows covered with yummie toppings
cute foods
veggie platter
me with my handsome husband

Us with Dave
The sweet treat table..so cute.
at our place setting
she just woke up from a nap!
Dave with Kyle & Jessica
Lucy was so happy to see him, haha.
Kyle & Brent

We were so glad to be there in support of Lucy becoming a child of God. We are so excited to watch her grow up! Her mom and dad are truly some of the greatest people and we love hanging out with them. They were so welcoming when we moved to Tulsa. I actually wish we were neighbors so we could spend more time together! Once wedding season is over...hopefully we can see them more!

Yes, that is right. David Co*k was there. As I've probably mentioned before, Jessica & Kyle introduced us to Dave. I just realized they/we always called him Dave, haha. Anyways..he did live in Tulsa before and when he tried out for Idol & was good friends with Jessica & Kyle. The summer we moved here, we hung out with him a few times and had the pleasure to hear him sing/play around town. Though this seems weird, I remember the last time I heard him play here in Tulsa (because I got a call that a friend had passed away in Texas once I got home). Jessica and I had met for drinks at a bar to hear him and another guy play (acoustic). Jessica and I were the only two in the bar. How crazy is that? People did NOT know what they were missing!! It is awesome what he has now accomplished!

Love ~ Megan

"I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord." ~Romans 8:38-39


8 Things & Friday Recap

**I had the urge to change my background..what do ya'll think? I've also always wondered if I should put picture captions under or above the pic...I've always done above, but I think I'm going to switch to under.

Two sweet girls tagged me with the 8 things post :) I love reading Alyssa & Emily's blogs so much! I had a few awards given the week I was sick and I never did post them. Shame on me. I do appreciate them blogger friends, THANK YOU :)

8 things I'm looking forward to:

1. meeting some bloggy friends for lunch next weekend
2. molly's shower and birth :)
3 .going to Mexico in two weeks...flu man, I will beat your butt if you mess with this trip!
4. being done with my shots and out of menopause
5. being a mommy & brent being a daddy
6. a summer of sitting on porches with cocktails
7. holidays
8. the rest of my life :)

8 things I did yesterday:

1. ate cheerios
2. laid in bed
3. drank a real coke
4. watched the kardashians
5. watched pretty woman
6. went to family's house for dinner (same place at rehearsal below, yummie leftovers!)
7. hung out with family
8. drank wine..red wine..until 1am this morning

8 things I wish I could do:

1. sleep all night
2. get prego easily
3. go to nyc soon to meet my new cousin
4. dye my hair
5. travel to far away places
6. eat whatever I wanted without gaining weight or having allergies
7. rid my freckles
8. win the lotto

8 shows I watch on t.v:

1. gossip girl
2. one tree hill
3. american idol
4. csi: miami
5. real housewives of whichever city
6. law & order svu
7. old 90210
8. without a trace

8 people I tagged:


:) I think the "8 Things" has been going around for a while so if you've not done it and want to...go right ahead!!

I've had a pretty busy past few days! This weekend, I had a rehearsal dinner, Baptism & wedding. LOTS of fun :) On Friday morning I made these lil yummies for a bake sale. It was held at a fair for senior citizens. I love working with seniors :) After work, I helped set up for a rehearsal sinnwe. Brent's family is quite extended. His stepdad's ex-stepson got married :) The whole family is close! It has been fun meeting and getting to know everyone over the past 7 years :) Marcus and Mandy have been dating for a while and tied the knot on Saturday! The rehearsal dinner was at Marcus' brother's house and it was wonderful! Zio's catered and it was delish! Here are a few pics.

pretty table!

view of the back porch from inside
Tatum playing dress up in her cousins clothes :)
pretty arrangement!
us :)
Tatum & Taylor with their cousins...playing dress up
Sonya & I
Brent & Curtis
Me & Brent's little sister, Kate.
more us :)

Will, Brent's stepbrother, and myself

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!! There are lots more pics from my weekend I'll post over the next day or two. Our friends Kyle & Jessica's little girl, Lucy, got Baptized on Saturday. It was a wonderful service and such a fun reception. The decorations were SO cute! Lucy is so popular that David Cook even came! Lucky girl!

xoxo ~ Megan


80's Party Pics..finally :)

Here are the pictures from my friend Cameron's 80's birthday party! It was on Saturday night and so much fun! I know I posted a to but they are just too funny. I hope it doesn't take forever to load on my blog. If it does, ya'll comment and let me know and I can perhaps figure a way to help it. I just threw my outfit together..picked up the leggings. The shirt I had in college and I thought it went more off the shoulder. I called myself Kelly Kapowski, haha. Husband was Pee Wee Herman (we did have another Pee Wee show up, shockingly). As you can see below we had Prince, Tina Turner, a Prom Queen (notice corsage), 2 Madonnas, Brett Michaels, Michael Jackson, a Girl Scout from Troop Beverly Hills, Miami Vice, etc.... Enjoy!!

Add caption

Ashley & Cindy, if you are reading...I love how he was a sport and put on the glow necklace...he even posed in lots of pictures. Here he is with Tina! haha

Tallee squirted me with the water hose in the sink!

Have you all been to an 80's party? I love themes!!


love and hugs ~ Megan

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