Lots of Cupcakes!

So, Friday afternoon...the night before the snow storm..I stayed warm and cozy and made the yummie snacks below. It started out as me wanting to make some for the family across the street as the welcomed their FOURTH little girl last week! :) I decided to get creative with the spring colors to have around here! I bet you can guess which is for the neighbors...yes, the pink ones! The mini ones I did with my extra icing..I had some blue and pink left and it swirled out nicely!

Guess what cupcake is staying the night with us tonight!

This one :) This picture is Halloween 2007. I thought it was appropriate because she was eating a cupcake I brought her!

She is our sweet niece Tatum and I love her! She is always asking us to stay the night with her or to come stay the night with us, so we picked tonight. I see many more sleep overs in the future! Some exciting news in her life...her momma is expecting another baby!!! She got pregnant on her second round of Clomid. She is only about 5 weeks. As of Monday at her second doctor appointment, her levels are very high and the doctor thinks the baby might have a friend!!! So there MIGHT even be twins! Can you believe it!? They are hoping to find out on Friday but it could actually happen anytime in the first trimester (twins)..which I did not know! So Tatum & Taylor might have two new siblings around Thanksgiving. Husband and I -aunt & uncle x5. Say a prayer for Morgan!!

Happy last day of March! Geeesh, time flies!! Hope you all are having a great day!! More tomorrow!

xoxo ~ Megan


A Snowy Spring Wedding

This past weekend, our friends Katy & Austin got married! It snowed at least a good 5 inches the day of their weddings and things were still perfect! Their ceremony was in a quaint little church. The reception was at a lodge called Five Oakes. It is a big lodge with a big veranda porch that sits on a lake! They were able to get a tent on the porch with a heater which was awesome. I stayed warm, cold, warm, cold all night. Imagine that! ;) Everything was SOOOO pretty! We had a great time :)

Here husband and I are the the reception :)
First Dance
beautiful cake!
I love this picture. Katy's mom and sister are standing to the side in yellow and slate.
cutting the cake
Micah & Kristen
Me & Tallee
Tallee, Jennifer & Myself
Myles & Dara
Cameron & myself

Jen & Cameron
Micah & myself
Tyler, Will (my brother-in-law) & I on the porch (under the heated tent)
hmmm not sure what is happening!
Our little photoshoot! Tallee, Cameron, me, Kristen & Jen
Brent and his besties...Spencer, Grant, Judd, Husband & Tyler...no, he did not realize his jacket was still buttoned.
Us, some more :)
With the bride!
Cameron & Myself
Brothers, step-brothers
Me & Tal, again :)
sisters, Kristen & Katy
hahaha..yes, the is AFTER the reception...we all felt awesome after those chocolate cake shots.

I just love weddings :) I will post more weekend pics soon. Tonight we are just hanging out. It is hailing outside! Yes, snow Saturday, beautiful Sunday & warm and hail & rain tonight, nice!!

Sweet Dreams!

xoxo ~ Megan

Dangerously In Love

So, I had never been to or eaten Maggie Moo's until yesterday. They bought out all of our Cold Stone Creamery locations. At Sunday dinner, Morgan picked Maggie's up. Have I ever mentioned how I'm not that big into eating cupcakes? Well I make them all the time. My biggest love is the batter than I constantly eat as I'm making them. WELL, Maggie's has a ice cream called "Better Batter"...and OH.MY.GOSH! I AM IN LOVE WITH IT!!! It is seriously amazing!!! I took a bite of one of the girls then finished off one Morgan started on. Today, I want some!! I looked it up online and it doesn't appear to be THAT bad for me ;) If you don't count the fact I'm not supposed to eating sugar and all. You should seriously hunt this stuff down and try it!!

I will post weekend pics soon!!




Snow Storm!

I still can't believe this crazy weather! A few days ago it was in the 70's and last week in the 80's! Today, in the 30's with a snow storm!! I've NEVER seen it snow for this long of a period, EVER. I mean it has been stowing HARD HARD since about 6am this morning. I woke up about 8am. Our heating/cooling unit was making a funny noise in the attic. I called my friend, Cameron to have her ask her dad who does building and home improvements. He came over and looked at it for us and told Brent a few things to know about it. SUCH a nice & helpful guy! Hopefully he will be helping with some improvements on our yuck tile floor and remodeling of our master closet soon!

Brent and I left about 10:45 to pick up our friend Alyssa from the airport. Her plane was to arrive at 11:56. All the way up until 11:56 it said on time. Then, about 12:05, it said DEL 2:11. So a few minutes after I got a call from her. The plane was 15 minutes from Tulsa and turned back around to DFW because of the weather here! TERRIBLE! So, she thought about driving but didn't know about the road conditions. DFW airport told her it was not certain if a flight could get in here today or not. They are still sending her luggage here....those turds. So, she isn't coming :( Brent and I ate at Chickfila, which was packed! People will make it there no matter the weather conditions.

The wedding is still on! My friend Katy will have a beautiful white, spring wedding tonight :) Crazy thing is, the terrible ice storm we had at the end of 2007, happened to occur on the night of her sister, Kristen's wedding!

I've taken several pics today. I will upload them tomorrow with the wedding pics. In the meantime, here are a few short videos I took. I've never put any on my blog so I hope they work! I don't think they do justice to show how HARD the snow is coming down!

That lovely mud by the neighbors yard is where the electric company dug up the ground to replace some lines, ughh.

hope you all are having a good saturday!!!

lovie ~ Megan


Lucy at Lucky's

Yesterday, I met my friends Jessica & Lucy for lunch. They are both precious. Lucy mostly snoozed because she is just a little bambino! She gets bigger and prettier every time I see her. We ate at Lucky's. It was only my second time. I really enjoyed it. A good lunch spot.

I haven't really used my iphone camera much so I snapped a few pics :) I think if the phone would have a flash, Lucy might have LOOKED at the camera. She was teasing me.. Little does she know, I got one with her sleeping :)

Tonight, I have not done much! I did watch this movie. I LOVE it. I love both one and two. I could watch them at least once a week. Of course I cry. It is my hormones!

I am hoping for a good night of sleep tonight. Not likely. Last night was a little better. The two worst things with this menopause lately is the LACK of sleep and the TERRIBLE skin. My face has just gone nuts and I do NOT like it :( O well.... next week is shot 4! I'm over half way done!! WAAAHOOOO. Brent goes in the week after for his IUI screening.

This weekend is my friend Katy's wedding. Of course we are supposed to have SNOW or a wintery mix on Saturday!! REALLY?! yes, the weather here is insane...hot cold hot colt hot cold. Hopefully it's nice..either way, the wedding will be beautiful! I'm picking my friend Alyssa up from the airport around lunch time tomorrow as she is coming in to celebrate the wedding to :) Should be a fun weekend! I will post soon :)

xoxo ~ Megan

"Carpe Diem"


I heart Reese

Did anyone see Reese Witherspoon on Regis and Kelly yesterday? She is pretty much the cutest thing ever! I think she is classy and a great actress! I thought her hair looked amazing on the show but I can't find any pictures of it! I thought I could find some by today. Here are a few that I like though :)

This is at a premiere for her new movie

so cute
I think it is fun she did a movie like Monsters vs. Aliens 
On the cover of April Elle
Finally, she is down to earth! I like that she just hangs out with her kids. She wears normal clothes and doesn't glam herself up for a walk. 

xoxo ~ Megan


Couples Shower & St. Paddy's Pics

Here are a few pics from St.Patrick's day and our friend's couple shower. Brent and I went downtown with some friends for St.Paddy's and it was a blast! Here are a few of the pictures.
Us :)
White & Cameron
Cameron & I @ McNellie's
Cameron, Me, White & Dave
Brent, Tyler & Chris Jr.
White made some friends on the street!
Tyler, Myself & Will
Brent & white
Cam & I again
Ashley, Jen & Tallee met up with us after the Elton John/Billy Joel Concert!

Here are two pics from our friends Heather & Matt's couple shower. I forgot my camera! So, I borrowed two from a friend. I may post a few more once Cam posts hers!

Heather and Matt playing a FUNNY game at their party. They answered questions about one another and tried to guess. If they were wrong, they had to add a piece of bubble gum and take a shot of champagne!
Cameron, Myself, The Bride (Heather) & Margo

Happy Hump Day!!!

xoxo ~ Megan

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