Shopping DOES Help!!

So, I figured since I've been lacking sleep the past few nights I needed some cardio to make me a bit more tired. I dropped in Target yesterday after work and TJ Maxx today after work. Usually when I go to Target I browse the WHOLE store as I can find something to look at in each section. When going into TJ Maxx, I usually hit the shoes to look then, browse the other sections pretty quickly. Let me just say, I have a little fetish with shoes. Let me also say, I've not bought myself anything in a while. And honey, these places both have GREAT prices, haha (yes, I'm buttering him up as he gets ready to read below).

I FINALLY got the Taylor Swift cd! I am in the car so much I can catch her songs on the radio quite often and of course on the computer. However, I now have it and can pick which songs I listen to and when...over and over again. LOVE IT! PS - It this cd is on sale for $10 this week. I saw it in the Sunday newspaper.

Target had these cute little ballet flats! The seemed spring like so I bought them :)

Now below, really excited me! You should have seen me as a grabbed each pair once I spotted them. TJ MAXX HAS J.CREW SHOES! They are ALL brand new. Yes, instead of paying over $100 per pair (which each of these would be been) I got all these for less than $60 bucks!! I didn't take pics of the ones I came home with (I probably will at some point). Instead of uploading my pics, I looked online to find the closest pics as I could.

I got these. Except the ones I got have brown, gold, silver & bronze straps.

Love these. They seemed a little snug when I initially tried them on so I will wear them around the house and decide if I want to sell them on ebay. I only paid either $14.99 or $19.99 for them.

LOVE the ballet flats. They are gold with a nice sole.

I got some cardio and spent less than $100. I'm proud. True, my sleeping has nothing to do with my cardio or how tired I am unfortunately :( It is just menopause, restlessness and now dreams! For the past two nights I've had dreams and wake up non-stop bright-eyed as if I need to do whatever is going on in the dream. Weird! Shopping does help my mood and I figure that is pretty important! haha..Well tomorrow is Friday! Thank GOODNESS!


I will leave you with this..and if I can ever capture my friend Kristen getting on her knees performing it, I'll post it because it is great.

"And I said,
"Romeo save me - I've been feeling so alone.
I keep waiting for you but you never come.
Is this in my head? I don't know what to think-"

He knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring and said,
"Marry me, Juliet. you'll never have to be alone.
I love you and that's all I really know.
I talked to your dad, go pick out a white dress;
It's a love story - baby just say 'Yes.'"

~ Love Story, Taylor Swift


My fortune?

My friend Cameron has been very sick with the flu so, today I picked her up lunch. I went to Pei Wei and while waiting, I grabbed one of these. I do love the cookie and reading the fortunes...but I didn't eat it today..just read "my fortune"...

"A lifetime of happiness lies ahead of you"

I immediately look up at the first person I see and just smile. It just made me happy! I look down and flip the little fortune paper over. On the back is a word translated into Chinese. I'm not sure what the word is supposed to mean. I am going to pretend it means I should have good fortune/luck in.....the word was JUNE. June is my last month to get a shot and hopefully my first month to try for a bambino. We shall see. The Lucky Numbers on the fortune are 1, 13, 17, 21, 35 & 48. I of course know God has a plan but hopefully I have good fortune too :)

Cameron, Kristen and I were going to start attending our first Beth Moore Bible Study tonight. However, since Cameron is sick we are going to wait until next week. She has a upper respiratory infection so she has a terrible cough :(

So the past few days, I have been given bloggy awards!!

Sweet Jill @ the young & the precious gave me the below Sisterhood Award!

here is what Jill wrote....LOVE IT!
"because i'm being a lame-o blogger tonight, i'm taking the easy way out and not nominating a whole 10 girlies. but i am bestowing the award to two awfully friendly sistas who walked the same gray-cemented hallways with me for 4 window-less years at good ole' pghs.... pleasant grove senior high for those of you not in the know. grovers unite!!!! hah. hee. ho. wow. i'm kinda a dork.
and megan, you have got to be one of the most precious chickies i've EVER seen. when you and brent have a mini-marshall, i don't know if i'll be able to stand the cuteness!! but if you name her something with an s, please be assured i have lots and lots and LOTS of monogrammed cutesies that sophie b would love to share!" ~ Jill

THANK YOU JILL!!!!!!!!!!! And as for my Sisterhood Awards, I think you 3 fellow bloggers know who you are considering we walked those same halls as Mrs.Jill.... Katie, Allison & Whitney.

I got this "Love Ya" Award below from Megs @ Perfectly Imperfect.

"These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award!"

THANK YOU MEGS!!!! :) This goes to all the blogs I love..there are a lot!

I love awards...clearly. Who doesn't like things that make them feel special ? haha.

Everyone please say a prayer for Rachel!!!!

LOVE ~ Megan

“If Jesus gives us a task or assigns us to a difficult season, every ounce of our experience is meant for our instruction and completion if only we'll let Him finish the work. I fear, however, that we are so attention-deficit that we settle for bearable when beauty is just around the corner." ~ Beth Moore


Birthdays, Free Quizno's Sub, Technical Difficulties, Etc...

Happy Tuesday! Fat Tuesday might I add. I have two friends who share a birthday today! They are both from Tulsa and I think they're great! Tallee & Grant have a birthday today. Here are a few pics. I have tons but these are the first few I could grab!

Tallee & I at Micah & Spencer's Wedding April 2008

Me & Tallee on my 24th Birthday. January 2008

Us at Kristen's Bridal Luncheon..December 2007.

Bridesmaids in Kristen's Wedding..December 2007.

Love this picture of Grant. He was Oscar the Grouch! He and Brent on Halloween 2008.

Brent & Grant bowling in October of 2007.

No celebrations for Tallee yet as she is in CABO! Lucky girl!! Tonight, Brent and I had a drink with Grant..I'm sure there will be more celebrating soon. Love birthdays.

Quizno's is giving away free subs. Click the below link to get one. I use to love their turkey,bacon & guacamole. However, I can't eat that being off carbs. I do like the Raspberry Chicken Salad. The coupon is only for a sub.

I have had some blogger technical difficulties. I've had a few people comment and email me that they've not been able to "follow" me. I have no idea why this is. I became a follower of my own blog to see if it worked. It worked but it took a few attempts. There have been times when other blogs wouldn't allow me to follow and I typed the URL into my reading list on the dashboard (instead of clicking "follow this blow" on their page). Sorry about that, hopefully it will work! Email me if not. I've also had a few blogs that were not updating on my dashboard :( I came to realize and got all caught up. I also removed their blog from my following list and added it back. That worked..so if you have troubles, try that!

This week is going by slow :( I've had a few yucky nights not being able to sleep. I've also had cramps..which isn't really possible considering I'm going through menopause. The doctor called last week and put me on a prescription of Vitamin D for 50,000 IU (International Units). They said after my lab work from shot one..I showed low counts of calicum and having bone loss. So, not only am I taking caltrate with vitamin D twice a day and Actonel once a week. I take 50,000 IU of Vitamin D once a week. I thought I had been sleeping wrong because my body was REALLY achy..although I guess that doesn't make sense with the lack of sleep. So anyways, when the nursed asked me if I was having aches and pains... it all mad sense. So mostly my lower back and shoulders have been bugging me. I've not been quite as moody(emotional?) as a felt last month. Still nauseated quite often. I get my 3rd shot next week. I'm a bit nervous mostly due to the fact I am to start Metformin. I've been warned of "dumping syndrome" I could get with this! (TMI!) Yes, say a prayer I don't get this. More soon!

OH MY GOSH! I must meniton...I won a giveaway today!! Can you believe it??? I NEVER win anything!! I was super shocked! Sweet Jill hosted a giveaway and my name was picked! I am super excited to get her fun gifts! I LOVE her blog. She should be a writer because she is so FUNNY. Her little sosie is sooooo cute!

XOXO ~ Megan


Oscars 2009

I loved the Oscars last night. It was different & beautiful!

Here are some things I'd like to comment on.... :) I think if you click on picture, it will enlarge to see dress detail.

This dress was probably my favorite! I love the pink and the bling on it.

This dress and necklace (?) caught my eye right away! LOVED it.

My 3rd favorite. This looked great on Jen.

This seems to be either a "love it or hate it"..somehow, I'm in between. I don't like the belt and back. I like from the waist down because I think it is very unique!

I thought this dress was really pretty. Kind of reminds me of my wedding dress. I think she needs more color or a different hair do with it.

Alicia Keys looked beautiful! Love the pink though the slit is a bit high in my opinion.

I thought Anne's dress was amazing! However, not right for her skin. She has great beautiful skin but it jet white...so, she needs more color.

Diane, very pretty. Like the black and the fabric.

Now, I'm not sure what is happening here. Someone, help her. She is "old school glamour"..but this is NOT cutting it!! Sophia dear, no.

Go back to this...natural make up, simple up-do..and Valentino!

Here are some moments I liked

I MUST see this movie. These people are truly so precious. They seem genuine and I love their happiness.

This was happy and sad. Heath Ledger's family. Of course I shed tears. They are strong folks.

I just like this because it looks so glamours!

Happy dress dreaming!

xoxo ~ Megan

Oscar acceptance speech by Heath Ledger's family

"First of all I'd have to say this is ever so humbling - being amongst such wonderful people in such a wonderful industry. Firstly I'd like to thank the Academy for recognising our son's amazing work, Warner Brothers, and Christopher Nolan in particular for allowing Heath the creative licence to develop and explore this crazy Joker character. To Steve Alexander, Heath's mentor, special friend and agent for 10 years, we love you Steve. This award tonight would have humbly validated Heath's quiet determination to be truly accepted by you all here, his peers within an industry he so loved. Thank you." ~ Kim Ledger, Father

"Heath was such a compassionate and generous soul who added so much excitement and inspiration to our lives. We have been truly overwhelmed by the honour and respect being bestowed upon him with this award. Tonight we are choosing to celebrate and be happy for what he has achieved."~ Sally Bell, Mother

"Heath, we both knew what you had created in the Joker was extraordinarily special and had even talked about being here on this very day. We really wish you were, but we proudly accept this award on behalf of your beautiful Matilda. Thank you." ~ Kate Ledger, Sister

A Wedding on the Day of Love

Here are some pictures from last weekend. My friend Katheryn got married in Texas and it was a beautiful and wonderful Valentine's weekend!!

Natalie & I at Katheryn's Bridal Luncheon. Natalie is a childhood bf. She just moved to Jackson Hole.

My other Natalie who lives in Dallas.

Us girls at the luncheon - Emily, Conway, Me, Katheryn, Natalie & Tiffany

After Katheryn's Fiesta - Katie, Allison, Me & Natalie

Husband & I before the wedding

Some of the beautiful reception!

Allison, yes bf too..at the reception.

Allison, Natalie & I with the bride!

Husband singing at the wedding. Allison took this pic and I love it!

CUTE Razorback cake Katheryn had. Rick's in Fayetteville made her cakes and they were SO good!


Natalie, Allison, Natalie & Myself. Natalie convinced us to drink Diseranno.


xoxo ~ Megan


Happy Birthday to Holly

Today is my friend Holly's birthday! Every year on the 22nd of Febuary, I think of you. Yes, I have one billion pictures of us but they are mostly at my parent's house in Texas. I did manage to find a few randoms here. They are funny. I am glad I can keep up with you and your cute family on your blog! :)

The quality of these pics are not great as I only used disposable cameras through high school. So, I took pictures of these pictures. I probably don't know dates either! Happy Birthday Holly!

I believe this is inside Walmart ? I have a pic of your mom too.

Before prom my Junior year and Holly's Senior

Think this is spring 2001. Ashley (the triplet's momma), Fallon, Jade, Me (w/ a terrible smile) & Holly @ a party

Holly & I are her wedding.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!! I'm so very tired! I went to a bachelorette party last night which is always fun.

Don't forget the Oscars are on tonight!

xoxo ~ Megan


Lots of Sweet Babies!

Can you imagine having triplets and a two year old? Well, I have a friend who does! On September 1st of this past year, my sweet friend Ashley had triplets! At that time, she also had a one and a half year old! So, yes 4 kids under two years old! Ashely had triplets natually. I still can't believe it! She had all 3 healthy and above 5 pounds..two were above 6!

I've been friends with Ashley since junior high when we were pen pals. Yes, we lived only a few miles but used mounds of stationary to write one another through the mail (before email was cool). Yes, we did hang out in person, too. Anyways, Ashley is a great mom and so very organized! She always has been :) She has four kids and they keep her busy. This past weekend, while in Texas, my mom and I had the pleasure go to meet the triplets and play with everyone. They weren't fussy at all. They were happy babies! Cannon sat in my mom's lap for about an hour just hanging out. It made a good Valentine's Day! My mom wanted husband to go with me to see all the babies, but I was un-selfish and he did groom and dad stuff for my friend's wedding.

Here are a few pics I took!

The boys, Griffin & Palmer

Sweet girl, Cannon

Reese with her little brothers

I let Reese take some pics :) about 20, she was pretty good for the most part!

Me & Ashley with Cannon - if I ever had mutiples I would have to cut my hair! the boys loved pulling on it when I was holding them :)

Reese is a doll

Griffin just resting as he plays

Ashley with all her kids!! (I took this from her facebook)

So glad to see you all Ashley!!

Holly & Jill - I'm coming to see ya'll and the princesses next time please!!

Happy Friday! xoxo ~ Megan :)

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