Oh Christmas TreeS :)

Hi all :) So, as I’ve mentioned, Christmas is my FAVORITE time of the year! I LOVE having trees around the house. Sitting by them at night and in the mornings…and really anytime of the day. It is just such a cozy feeling. I have 4 trees this year. Three are normal size and one is a mini. Here they are….

** I did take quite a few pictures. I got my new camera. It is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G but I’m still learning to use it and it’s settings…hence taking TONS of pics :o)

This tree is in the living area. It is 9ft and our first year to have it. I will say, I may add a few more lights next year. I feel like there are more lights at the bottom.I think having a 9ft is amazing! I didn’t add any ribbon this year…it may could use some having so much area to cover.The ornaments are all silver, cold, clear, sparkly, etc. The skirt..is actually material right off the roll. It was only like $8! It is like a champagne colored silk/satin.

(I would move the cable box, dvd player & pic if I could. I’m working on getting the tv hung and the boxes hidden!!)

Here is the skirt during the day when I first started decorating the tree…

This tree is in the kitchen area. I call it my polka dot/kitchen/ misc. tree :) I am a big fan of polka dot fan… this tree has all sorts of ornaments. It’s skirt is also material right off the roll :) I wanted something that matched good. It’s red with little white polka dots.

razorback ornament, shaker, boston terrier, etc.

my mom gets us the boston terriers :)
I will say I must have packed this tree wrong bc it seems super messed up this year. There seem to be lots of open space. That is pretty much why I added the green bows. It could just be the tree. I got it last year at Walgreens for $20. It’s 6.5 feet.

This one I LOVE. It may be my favorite this year. It was my first year to do it. It is our old tree. I have it in the dinning/sitting room. The room isn’t really finished or put together put the tree fits perfectly in the corner :) We have had the tree for maybe 4 years and it is a 7 foot from Target.

The theme I am going for with this tree is SERENDIPITY! :) Some of you may remember me talking about how much I love Serendipity in NYC. Last year, when hubby and I went in December I kept thinking how much I wanted to make garland a goodies like they have!

Here are some of the Serendipity pics I posted last December. You can check out my tree below. It still needs some work..but I think it’s a start!! I need to get some sort of white hanging pieces like they have. I didn’t think about it so I cut up some strands of beaded white that I had for now. I could also maybe add a strand of color lights because how they are at Serendipity.

This is my little mini tree in the guest bathroom :) It has gold pine cones and pine cones with white (appearing to be like snow/frost). I also added some small red balls.

I can’t wait to see all of your trees!!!! Happy Holidays! :)

xoxo ~ Megan


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    Your trees are GORGEOUS! It was difficult to pick which one I liked best, but I think my favorite one is the serendipity tree. Simply beautiful.

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    I'm beyond impressed – they are all so beautiful! Love the different themes of each tree. I wish I had the space in our little house for more trees (or somewhere to store them the other 11 months out of the year!)

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    All your trees are beautiful, but I absolutely LOVE the first one! I only have one tree, but am planning on getting another small one at the end of the season, for my girl's room next year.

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    Your trees are gorgeous!

    I love Serendipity also. I had wanted to go there for the longest time when I saw it in the move Serendipity, plus I had heard about the Frozen Hot Chocolate. When my husband (then boyfriend) and I went to New York City for New Years 2006, he took me there. So yummy! Patricia Arquette was there with family at the table across from ours….kind of fun celeb spotting =)

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    love all of them!!!! i'm making myself wait until after christmas, and i'm buying more trees for our house for next year. don't think i can pick a favorite… they're all GORGEOUS!!!!!!

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    I put my tree up around the 2nd week in November… I know, normally I wait until after Thanksgiving, but once my finals are done, I am heading back to my hometown where I have a clerking job, so I wanted to make sure I would have enough time to really enjoy it. Christmas trees are one of my favorite parts of this time of year. Your trees are beyond amazing. Wow!!!!

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    Lovin those trees! They have a Serendipity 3 in Vegas now and I was going to go when I saw Bonnie, but I was so sick I couldn't enjoy any food! blah! She did get me some of the frozzzen hot chocolate mix to take home though, I am sure it's much better in the restaurant.

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    pssstttt… there is a cake/pie plate on my blog post that you will die for!

    p.s. please text me first after you leave the doctor tomorrow :)

    love you, brent, elton, and baby (boy?!) m :)

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    yea i'm with everyone! totally digging all of you trees! I really love the kitchen one… and the serendipity one… and well all of them! ha And I love those tree toppers! did you make them or where did you find them?

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    Oh my gosh!!! Your Christmas trees are gorgeous. I'm not joking Megan, you should start a business and help people decorate their houses for Christmas. I know a few people who hire someone each year to decorate their house. You could SOOO do it. :)

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