NYC landmark vanishes…but not our engagement story :)

So I got the news this morning that Tavern on the Green in NYC would be closing it’s doors tomorrow. I’m not sure how definite or permanent this is…but everything seems to indicate the Landmark will no longer be.

The building was built in 1870 where it housed sheep! In 1934, it became the restaurant known as Tavern on the Green.

Pic taken in 1934 – not by me of course 😉

I first went to Tavern on the Green when I was in high school. I loved it SO much. It was beautiful. It had so much character and I loved the themed rooms. I visited it another time several years later. Again, I loved everything about it.

I honestly can’t remember if I’ve ever blogged about mine and hubby’s engagement story or not.

In 2005, hubby and I decided to plan a vacation to NYC. We had been once before, but we were with family. We thought a nice trip for the two of us was in order! We knew we wanted to go to Tavern on the Green. I thought it would be a good idea to make a reservation so we could pick which room with dinned in. We made the reservation online and reserved it with our debit card. I let hubby handle that part because I was a student and he was the working man. At checkout, they had the option to get a delicious looking cake. I don’t remember the price. We thought, maybe we should pretend it is our birthday so that we can taste a yummy bite of that thing! We decided to wait and check out the desserts on the menu…..

We arrived in NYC on July 27, 2009. It was misty with overcast. We had made a little itinerary so we could try to fit in the things we wanted to do. The first afternoon we were going to the Empire State Building followed by dinner at Tavern on the Green. The very top of the Empire State Building wasn’t open because of 9/11 but there was still a viewing level that had a balcony. We made our way up. It was QUITE crowded on the balcony. There was a large group of tourists with many umbrellas. We stayed for a bit but couldn’t really take many pictures because of the overcast. We got our picture taken by the photographer on site who printed them for us for a small fee. We then took a taxi to Tavern on the Green. We were a bit early and decided to take a carriage ride through Central Park.

We had a delicious dinner :) We were in the Terrace room….

After dinner, our waiter came out with a cake in hand and two glasses of champagne. The room was pretty dark but there were candles on our table. The waiter sat the cake down and I immediately thought he had the wrong table. We passed up the opportunity for the delicious cake. On a silver platter, surrounded in rose petals, the cake read “Will You Marry Me?”…I looked at hubby and said, “this isn’t mine.” He told me that it was. I, of course, freaked out. I kept saying “really, oh my gosh”…”really, oh my gosh” of course I started crying…we both did. He didn’t get any words out before he started crying so good thing it was written on the cake! 😉 Of course, I said YES!

I reviewed the day after dinner and it became apparent to me that hubby had been acting very quiet and not so much like his spunky self. I really didn’t figure anything of it. I thought maybe he had jet lag since we we did wake at like 3am that morning to travel. Well, we sat next to one another, multiple times, with the ring in his pocket. It wasn’t just floating around in his pocket. He had the whole box in his pocket! He was actually going to propose on top of the Empire State Building! However, the icky weather and large group of tourists changed his mind. So, if you have ever been to the Empire State Building, you may know they make you EMPTY your pockets before going up. He had to get me distracted and try to tell the ignorant(sorry, but that’s what hubs said about him…he just wasn’t GETTING IT!) security checker what was going on. He said he was extremely freaking out! He pulled it off and it was the perfect engagement at Tavern on the Green! It wasn’t a busy night in the Terrace room. It was us and a group of ladies not far from our table. When they saw what was happening they began to oh and ah and then cry! After, they stood up and clapped and offered to take pictures. I have many pictures but these are my two favorite…

Our carriage ride through the park
This one was on our “Save the Date” magnet :)

After he popped the question!
This one was put on a cake at one of our engagement parties :)

I think the closing of Tavern on the Green is all to do with money. Here is the NY Times article.

I texted hubby as soon as I heard the news and ask if we could leave right now (this morning) for one last dinner there. He said no. There was no possible way.

I guess I’ll have to preserve my t-shirt… yes, I shopped the gift shop after the engagement dinner. Don’t make fun. It was a special night :)

So after tomorrow, the restaurant may be gone..but not forgotten! To us anyway….

xoxo ~ Megan


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    what a great engagement story! hubby & i were there 2 years ago celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary. i surprised him with a replica of the top tier of our wedding cake that i had delivered to TOTG. it was christmas time, and snowing, and tavern on the green made the entire night a fairytale. i had heard they were closing, but i'm hopeful that someone will reopen it at some point. i heard it was to do with money as well.

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    First of all, adorable engagement story. I love engagement stories, but I love it even more when the guy put all that effort into planning it out and making it very special.

    But I am so so so sad that Tavern on the Green is closing. I spent my Sweet 16 there with my family and I am just sad I won't be able to create other memories there. That place is such a legend in its own right….

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    What an amazing engagement story! Thank you for sharing! I am so sad for you that the Tavern is closing…but at least you have an amazing memory & photos to preserve it! Happy New Year!!

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    I love this story! My h usband's proposal was a surprise as well and I think they're the best!

    It's funny because I can look back and see that he wasn't quite himself either, but I had no idea that day.

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    What a sweet story! Sounds like your husband is a pretty wonderful guy to propose like that :)

    Sad to see such a well known place come to an end. Never got to visit there, but was hoping I'd get the chance one day.

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    I too am devestated about Tavern on the Green. We went once and ate in the tavern room, too! How special that you were engaged there!!! That is awesome.

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    What a great story! I heard that the owners are changing and everything will be the same except they have to change the name. Still won't be the same!

    I heard on the radio during the OU game that Megan Marshall won free chicken for a year from Cane's in Norman … was it you or are there 2 of you??!?!??!?!

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    I love your engagement story, so sweet! I heard about Tavern on the Green but I thought they might re-model and re-open. After reading the article you linked, it doesn't sound like that is the case. It was a fun place~ so sad.

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    Love the story!
    Im sad about tavern but glad hubby and I got to experience it! We went there for his 30th birthday and for us floridians New York city is the ultimate vacation spot!

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