HAPPY NEW YEAR!! - A review of my 2009 :)


1.01.10 - I just wanted to type it out...feels a bit strange!

We had a wonderful New Years Eve and I'll recap soon. For now, I wanted to do a little review of this past year.

So, 2009 was quite a year! Not too happened, but the things that have happened...have been BIG things!

I'm not going to include any specific calender. I'm just putting down things that come to my head at this moment! Someday, I will make this blog into a book....or two or three :) So, I must document...as I do quite often you may notice! haha

Every color can be clicked. It will link you to a post regarding the topic or a group of posts that are designated in my "labels" section...If there are multiple posts on the topic they are in chronological order so, if you kept reading, you might eventually end up in a previous year!

January 2009
- I turned 25 years old :) Hubby threw me an awesome bowling birthday party!
- Our cousin, Christian, was born in NYC on 1.29.
- I started Lupron Depot shots for PCOS and went into menopause.

February 2009
- Nothing jumps out at me besides I love the month of lovie things <3

March 2009
- Hubby and I bought our first car together.
- Had a Fab Five weekend in Arkansas.

April 2009
- Lucy got Baptized.

May 2009
- Went on an amazing vacation to Cabo!
- Broke my hand & ring finger playing red rover and to have my engagement & wedding ring CUT off :(

June 2009
- The first of the fab five part 2 was born on 6.29! Molly Jane :)
- Took my last Lupron Depot Shot.
- Started the 1st of 3 (june-aug) rounds of birth control.

July 2009
- Celebrated hubby's 28th birthday with family & friends.

August 2009
- Got the news (via phone call) the Lupron Dupot shots, Metformin & Birth Control had done their job and my HSG indicated we could start trying for a baby in September.
- Got a new ring to replace my wedding & engagement ring.

September 2009
- Began trying to conceive!
- My best friend's dad passed away :(

October 2009
- Found out I am pregnant on 10.03!
- Celebrated our 3rd year of marriage :)

November 2009
- Heard Baby M's heartbeat!
- At 13 weeks, doctor believes baby M is a BOY!
- Our nephew, Beaux, was born on 11.17!
- Had a Happy Thanksgiving vacation with friends in Dallas and family @ the Big House.

December 2009
- At 17 weeks, doctor says he is 99.625% baby M is a boy :)
- Started a Kitchen Queens group with Lindsey.
- Had a Merry White Christmas with family minus my brother :( He was on a healthy living vacation ;)
- Found out our engagement spot closed down (fresh on my mind as it happened yesterday!)

Things throughout the year.... all months :)
- Prayed really hard to become pregnant & stay pregnant.
- Spent quality time with our wonderful families.
- Enjoyed fun times with some really great friends.
- Treasured each moment with the little kiddos we are so blessed to have in our world.
- Started REALLY watching The Office, everyday. As we speak, I'm watching Holly, Michael & the Warehouse Manager sing Life is a Highway in the delivery truck as we speak. LOVE IT. I sing Life is a Highway every time it comes on :) I'm singing right now..
- Blogged, blogged & blogged :) I've so enjoyed blogging and actually meeting with bloggers in person!

We also attended some amazing weddings, showers, birthdays, parties, concerts/plays, sporting events, dinners, etc.

2009 started out a bit rough but could not have ended ANY better than it has. Hubby and I are incredibly lucky and thankful and do not take that for granted!

Thank you all for being a great support & friend system!

I'm excited that mine and hubby's life in 2010 (and probably forever & always) will mostly revolve around this precious being...

{13 week pic}

and we....


I will tell you this, 2010 started out with me feeling that little bambino moving :)

I hope you all are eating your black eyed peas today! I will try to get our recipe posted on Sugar & Spice later on!

I'm so excited that tomorrow, Allison, Kyle, Katie, Erik & Molly are coming to town for a visit! They will join us, along with the Jessica, Kyle & Lucy :)

More soon!

xoxo ~ Megan

"Honey, I'm just throwing this out there... I really want to watch football but I just saw that your show, G String Divas, is coming on in 15 minutes....." ~ hubby HAHAHAHA yeah right, GROSS! funny guy!


  1. busy 2009! it's going to be a great year and even busier! have fun with Shuggie and Katie tomorrow! :)

  2. What a wonderful year! I'm so excited to see you two become parents! yay!

  3. It's been great reading your blog and following your journey!!

  4. What a great 2009! I am SO happy for you and your hubby and all that you have to look forward to is 2010. I can't wait to read more about your journey. It has been fun to "get to know you" through your blog! Happy 2010!

  5. I have SO enjoyed getting to know you in 2009 and look forward to celebrating with you in 2010 as you become a sweet mommy! Yay!!

  6. Its been a pleasure reading all of your posts from 2009. Congratulations on all of the amazing things that have happened and I look forward to reading all about 2010! (this is my first time commenting).
    Funny you said about the black eyed peas... my family eats lentils and I just blogged about that... :-)

  7. I have really enjoyed reading your blog this year. Congratulations and best of luck in 2010! :)

  8. you had an amazing 2009, and i'm hoping you have an even happier 2010!!!! thanks for sharing your year! looking forward to following you more!

  9. What a great year you two have had! I hope 2010 is full of love, health and happiness for you!

  10. You've had a great 2009! I hope 2010 is just as wonderful!

  11. yay for 2010! We'll see you in a little bit!

    and i love that quote from brent! he's so cute!

  12. kind of crazy how 2009 turned around for both of us from where we started! and i'm so thankful that i got to meet you in 2009! here's to a great 2010!

  13. What a year! I hope the new year brings you many more blessings! :)

  14. I have had a wonderful time reading your blog so far...I look forward to reading about your adventures in 2010...


  15. What a way to start 2010! Yay for feeling Baby M! I'm so glad I have gotten to know you over this past year!

  16. This year is going to be SO exciting for ya'll!!! That pic is amazing!! Reminds us that miracles really do happen!!!

    Happy New Year!!

  17. What a fabulous year and know your 2010 is going to be even sweeter. Love you, friend!!! :)

  18. What a fun and exciting year! I'm so excited for your 2010... yay baby!!!!

  19. I am so happy your year turned out for the best. I am sure 2010 will be filled with so many wonderful things for you!

  20. you have had such an amazing year!! your blog is a blessing to read! can't wait for 2010!!

  21. What a wonderful year in review megan! how in the world did i miss the post about your new *goregous* ring?! sorry, it hear about the break -ouch!
    you guys will stay in my prayers for a healthy, bouncing baby boy!! it's gonna be an incredible year for you guys!!

  22. Happy 2010 Megan! Its going to be a great year :). Glad I found your blog in 2009!

  23. 2009 was such a great year for you and I'm sure 2010 will bring you much joy as well!


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