Displaying Christmas Cards

As previously mentioned, I LOVE Christmas & holiday cards! I love sending and I love receiving! I think it’s a nice greeting, typically sent via the postal service. Most communication seems to be through the Internet these days. It’s so fun checking the mail for those few weeks when greeting cards are arriving! I also enjoy displaying them. I did the same thing this year as I did last. I attached ribbon to some of my bare wall, and clipped the cards on it! :)

Do you all display your cards??

I just posted the recipe for these delicious cinnamon rolls! YUMMMMMY!

Hope you had a good Monday! I finally drove in the slushy ice today..all by myself! It wasn’t too frozen or slick when I was out. I believe late night and early morning will be! We may also get more snow this week! Crazy!

xoxo ~ Megan


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    I love love love love your Christmas card display!! How do you keep the ribbon on the wall?! I'm fascinated because I've tried this before but it always fell down!

    Mad decorating skills – I don't have them!!

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    Beautiful! I have had a card addressed for you for well over a week, maybe two and somehow it got in the mix of my 5 or so cards that didn't get put in the mail. weird! sorry! it will arrive soon=)

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    What a GREAT idea!!! I love it and might have to borrow it next year. I taped my cards to a door in the kitchen. Your idea is much better. :)

    My mom and I love cinnamon rolls. I'll have to check out your recipe!!! YUM.

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    I like your display, I may have to copy it! :) I have mine sitting over the fireplace, but they always fall down when I walk by. Hope you had a very merry Christmas!

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    what a fab idea- i used to just tape ours to a blank wall in the shape of a christmas tree but now have taken to stepping it up a notch and clothespinning them to twine strung up with holly and garland!! :) i figure, we need to keep it classy! i LOVE those bows on the end!

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    What a great idea to display your cards, that way you can truly think of the people who sent them to you! Those cinnamon rolls look divine, I hope you had a lovely Christmas!

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    I love how you displayed your Christmas cards!! So cute! You are the second blog I have read today with cinnamon rolls on their post, now I am craving them!

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    i have to tell you something – i loved you idea so much, i displayed the cards in my parent's house just like that! i didn't receive enough cards to fill more than a small strand so it was more fun dressing up the dozens of cards they received! great idea!

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    I love how you displayed your cards! It makes me want to go take mine down and do the same thing…even though Christmas is over. But hey, we have people coming over for New Year's and it will look nice! :)

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