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Ahh yummy, yes :)

Well, I went and saw New Moon! Yes, on the day it came out! Crazy? Maybe. Crazy in the fact that I almost went crazy on the teenies that wouldn't stop TALKING behind us during the movie!!

Thursday night, Me, Brent and Cameron went and saw Twilight. It was only my second time to see it..first time in the theater. I was glad I watched it again. I hadn't read the book the first time I saw it. I thought it was good it lacked detail and it was cheesy. Katie, the more I thought about it, I definitely thought so! New Moon, on the other hand, was great! I went with Cameron, Jamie & Callie at 7 last night. Hubs didn't go. New Moon does leave with you a feeling that something was missing (in my opinion)...BUT I think that is only because technically it is considered a cliffhanger.. so, it just leaves you waiting for the next movie! There are some cheesy parts but I don't think they are near as bad. This one felt "deeper" and I cannot wait for the next two. I haven't read Eclipse or Breaking Dawn but I'm sure ready to start!

What do you all think? Have you seen New Moon yet?

In case you are wondering, I consider myself on "Team Edward" :) HA! Never thought I would say it but hell, you should have seen ALL the shirts people were wearing...even adult men! Hey, whatever floats your boat!

I thought the Vamp white make-up looked much better on the actors in New Moon.

Last week when I was in Omaha at my convention, a lady at the next table pulled out some lotion that had a delicious smell. I asked her what it was.... "Oh, its Bath & Body Works Twilight series lotion..."....WHAT? REALLY? Yep, and let me tell it, it smells great! I went and picked up one of the little mini bottles. I'll only use it on my hands. You should try it...

Oh by the way, the picture of Kristen & Robert above was from the Haper's Bazar shoot and I loved all the pics...

You all have any exciting plans this weekend?

My plans....

-Go get donuts (any second now)
-Make snacks for the Arkansas game that we are watching from home today
-Buy Eclipse & start reading it!
-Finish decorating tree 1
-Put up tree 2 & 3
-Read all the magazines arriving daily that I'm behind on
-Go see Baby Beaux

I'm sure I'll come up with more!

Hope you all have a good day!

xoxo ~ Megan


  1. I was totally team edward but
    Im thinkin team jacob now!!!

    I looooved the movie!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I went and saw it at midnight... with all the crazy teeny-boppers but I did make it on the news :)
    I really loved the movie, but the book gives you so much more. The relationships are deeper and more complex, you get more backstory... but I still loved the movie. And I thought the ending was perfect!!!
    You really should read the next two books- they are amazing. Eclipse is not as exciting as Breaking Dawn, but I think you'll love 'em both.
    And I am very much Team Edward... love that man!

  3. I didn't see the movie yet, but I had a few students absent yesterday because they went to the midnight showing!

    Definitely read the next 2 books! I think they're much better than New Moon, which was my least fav of the series!

  4. You DEFINITELY need to read the books. They have SO much amazing detail and such a rich storyline - you simply must read them. And you have 6 months to read them, so it's perfect!

    I have the shower gel and lotion of Twilight Woods - yum!

    I went at midnight... amazing. The film itself was so much better than Twilight...

  5. I'm so excited to see it but I'm not brave enough to go right now with all the people!!!!

  6. I think I'm the only person who has never seen a Twilight movie or read the books. Ha! I'm glad you enjoyed the movie. I'll have to check out that lotion. I'm always looking for a new scent.

  7. We went and saw it today and I of course LOVED it! I just started reading Eclipse. I have a feeling it won't take me long to finish it!

  8. I am going on Monday and can't wait!! I just read all of the books in less than a month! Team Edward here too!

  9. i still havent seen any of the movies or read any of it!! so im clueless!!!!

  10. I thought this movie was WAY better than the first. Glad you enjoyed it!

  11. haha! I saw New Moon and blogged about Twilight Woods too! That's hilarious! And weird, but totally thought I saw you but then we had a nacho disaster (see my blog) and when I got back, it was time to go in the theater, but I think we might have been at the same place!!!!

  12. Hope you have had a great weekend!! I have been wondering about all this Twilight stuff and from reading here it sounds like I need to go see or start reading the books.

  13. Us girls are going to see it tomorrow night and I cannot wait!!! I thought Twilight was cheesy too, but the love story just takes your breath away, you know??!!

    Beaux is ADORABLE and I love that name!!

  14. I loved the book...still need to see the movie! Those donuts sound delicious!

  15. I have not seen New Moon yet, it is on the agenda for this weekend after shopping of course!

  16. I'm seeing it tomorrow and cannot wait!

    Totally Team Jacob here though =)

  17. im SO team edward! we all saw it last night!

  18. I was so frustrated by all the crazy young firls too. ugh.

  19. I love these photos!! I haven't seen the movie yet but I seriously want to!


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