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As you probably have heard me say before, I have lots of sweet friends and family with little ones :) I feel super lucky because I get to be around babies quite often, which I love! I’ve also found it can be quite nice when I am pregnant. Why do you ask? Well, they are super helpful! I’m able to ask them things anytime I want :) They also have SUPER cute hand-me-down maternity clothes :) My besties Katie & Jessica both gave me some of the cutest maternity pieces :) I can’t wait to wear them! They are mostly spring/summer pieces. My sis-in-law just gave me a container of her maternity clothes as well. So, unless I see something I need or just HAVE to have, I think I’m all set in the clothing department!

A few of my girlfriends have given me some pregnancy “goodies” to help prepare me for anything I may run into!

How cute is this basket of goodies Cameron gave me? A Be Band, crackers, Wet Ones, PJ pants, cupcake papers & lots of Ginger Ale :) Thank you Cameron! (oh, and I should taken a pic of the cute basket she got at Target!..I’ll definitely be able to use it around the house!)
Cam’s cute card

Here are some tummy helpers that Jessica & Andra gave me. So far, I’ve tried most of them with and they all seem to work pretty quickly! I haven’t tried the ginger in the orange bag below. Ginger, when pretty fresh & raw, smells like bath products to me and isn’t appealing.
The bottom book Katie let me borrown, I got the Eating While Expecting & the rest came from Kristen. No, I’ve not read them all yet…but I have gone to them for reference :)

These next two cards are friend Kristen and her sister, Katy. They are pretty hilarious!

I got these cute Whitney English cards and created my own thank you notes with some stamps hubby and I picked out. I thought about getting them printed on…but I just didn’t know what to put…our last name…Baby M…etc… So I thought about the stamps and went with it! I know I haven’t sent them out yet..so a handful of you are getting a preview haha.
Envelope stickers…

Speaking of sweets, how CUTE are my nieces?! This is this years school picture…. they are little hams! Their little brother will be arrive this Tuesday!!!

Thank you to all my sweet friends and family for helping me prepare and enjoy this pregnancy :)

This weekend has been a good one so far :) I can’t believe it is already Sunday. I’ll probably do a recap tomorrow.. I will tell you we did get the tree up last night……

I think Elton loves the tree :) I’ve not put ornaments on it yet but I’m going to start any second! I hope I have enough because this is the first year with the 9 foot tree! It’s big and beautiful! I also have two others… a 7 foot and 6.5 foot..haha.

We were going to go to the Arkansas game last night but I woke up not feeling well yesterday. I didn’t keep breakfast or lunch down. I turned 10 weeks yesterday. I keep thinking surely I won’t START getting heavy morning sickness now if I haven’t had it too bad thus far! We’ll see!

Since I had to go to Omaha last week, I had to move our doctor appt until this Monday. I’m going to ask which direction he is leaning towards gender wise :) He has delivered the most babies for the past five years in our city. Also, with every patient, he does an ultrasound every time. So, needless to say, he has seen LOTS of babies :) He told my sister-in-law at 12 weeks and one of our other friends at 10 weeks and 2 days. Granted the were both boys 😉 Tomorrow I’ll be 10 weeks and 2 days so, we will see!

Yes, I was going to do the Intelli Gender pee test however, it says if you have PCOS it will automatically say boy. I figure the same thing with the drano test. So, no at-home guessing for us! I haven’t bought one thing for Baby M and I’m ready!

I hope you all are having a good weekend!!

xoxo ~ Megan


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    Those cards are so adorable!! You are going to be the cutest little pregnant lady. :)

    You should try the needle/compass test! It's supposed to work each time. 😉 Something with holding a string above your belly, and how it spins determines the gender!

  2. says

    I was sick until the second trimester and YOU know it was aweful! Just eat what you can even if it's not the best food…and try and get lots of sleep to pass it off. Being sick is a good sign so they say! I put our tree up last night and may post a picture…those cards are HILARIOUS! You have great sweet friends :)

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    Ok so I'm not even pregnant (or trying yet!) but I've read the Pregnancy Bible and I loved it!!! I thought it was really informative and it doesn't scare the you know what out of you like some other books do! I know it's kinda weird that I'm already reading pregnancy books but I HAVE to be prepared!!! :) :)

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    you have such amazing friends!!! i love the pregnancy bible book. it's my fave!! did you try those gender prediction tests yet?! what did they tell you?

    and.. how lucky are you that you get an u/s at every visit!!

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    You do have some great friends…those gifts are so cute and helpful! You can read those books at all the doctor appointments! I can't wait until you find out boy or girl..how exciting!!

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    SWEET FRIEND!! How in the WORLD did I miss that you're expecting? CONGRATULATIONS! That is wonderful!!! I must have been gone from blogger for a while!!

    Again congrats and I can't wait to read more about your experiences!!

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    I love those cards! They're great!! I must have missed the news about you being pregnant in the midst of the stuff I was going through, so here is a belated but a very big CONGRATULATIONS!! What exciting news!

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    What great friends you have 😉 Sorry you're a little sick.. hopefully it will pass soon though!! And all those anti nausea gifts will hopefully help :)
    Your thank you cards are adorable! So excited to follow you and read your thoughts for the rest of this pregnancy ;)!!

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    Your nieces are such sweeties! Adorable!
    And all of these goodies are so sweet… what wonderful friends you have!
    And those cards… love them!

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