The September Issue

So last week, Lindsey discovered that The September Issue was playing in our town! I was so excited when she contacted me about going to see it with her. I know it was out but didn’t think it would ever venture to our city!

The movie is a documentary about Vogue Magazine focusing on the September Issue of 2007 and director, Anna Wintour. I will tell you that I did already know who Anna Wintour was. I’ve been getting Vogue for many many years. However, I did not realize the September Issue each year was the “BIG DEAL” of year. They said the September issue is like January is to the start of a new year. It is the issue everyone sees to start things fresh.

This is the 2007 September Issue they were creating in the documentary…

While I do believe Anna Wintour is genius, I do think she is quite smug. She has the heart for fashion but I think that is about it. She literally just tells people to get out of her way!

Personally, I like Creative Director, Grace Coddington!

Sienna Miller was on the cover of the September Issue 2007. Here she is with Anna Wintour.

An interesting fact…I STILL have my 2007 Vogue September Issue! It is mint condition and the perfume samples still smell :) I remember when I found out Sienna was on the front and then how BIG the magazine was. It has been the biggest ever at 840 pages. I’ve been looking through it since last night and it’s pretty interesting looking at all the things they were working on in the movie!

Lindsey and I went to a local cinema that neither of us had been to! It has been around for 80 years and was super cute! Of course, it has now been remodeled. Here it is in 1952…

Lindsey took a picture too but here are two that I found online…

I wanted to come back to Sienna Miller. I BIG HEART love her! I think she is so beautiful. Something about the blonde hair and darker eye brows, I really like….

She has two movies out that I have not seen I’ve been meaning to order on Demand…maybe this weekend. Have you all seen either??


Mysteries of Pittsburgh

Alfie & Factory Girl are my FAVORITE movies Sienna has done!

If The September Issue is playing close by and you like fashion, I highly recommend going to see it!

happy Friday!

xoxo ~ Megan


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