Our New Nephew Has Arrived!!! :)

Hi everyone!!!

First off…thank you all SO much for the super sweet comments on my last post! You all are just so stinking sweet and nice! It melts my heart. I appreciate the comments! We will be so blessed with a little boy or little girl and are just so tickled! I’ll keep you all updated as our next appointment is December 7th.

Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA…

Yesterday, our sweet nephew arrived! :) I’m sure you have all seen many pics of our two sweet nieces…the blondies! Well, they welcomed a brother yesterday about 12:40pm and he was 7 lb 8 oz and he is BEAUTIFUL! Things went perfectly! We arrived at the hospital about 10 and Morgan went back to have him about noon. It was so wonderful to be there for it all! We waited in her room until he was born then we followed him to the newborn nursery! It was so sweet to watch the girls meet their new brother! I’ve been able to spend lots of time with mama and baby the past two days :) We are so thankful to live less than a mile. I love being around them all so much and look forward to helping whenever I can! Here is a slide show of some of the pics I snapped yesterday…..

(I know some of them may look blurry but that is because I lowered the quality once I uploaded them but then I made the slide show large…those don’t really make for a good mix. If you think they are too blurry, let me know and I’ll make the slide show medium viewing and not large!)

As some of you may have guessed, my mother-in-law (the photographer) took probably a million pics yesterday and just as soon as she has posted them, I’ll send you all the link! Mine won’t compare to hers!

I know this is a happy post and yesterday was such a special day…but I do have a sad prayer request.. some of our very close friends found out today that they lost their baby. She was about a week ahead of me but the baby stop developing and breathing about two weeks ago. She will have a D&C tomorrow. Please keep them in your prayers. It broke my heart in half..and I think hubby’s too. God has a plan for them and luckily, they know that :)

I hope you all are having a good week!

xoxo ~ Megan


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    Oh i haven't checked in for a while and seems like there's been so much going on.. you are pregnant??? boy that is so sweet! congrats!!! and now your nephew came in to the world… the pics are just to precious:)
    Congrats on both… being a mommy and meeting your new nephew!

    Oh and if you're craving for something… check this out.. it might just help you:)


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    where to start… Morgan is SO beautiful! The whole family is! THe girls looks so sweet cuddling up to their mom and new baby bro!

    And you! well you just looked GORGEOUS holding beaux! ahhh made me all wheepy eyed thinking about when it's going to be YOURS!

    Definitely keeping them in my thoughts!

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    Beaux is so pretty! i guess you can credit that to no trauma coming out! Do they think he looks like tatum or taylor when they were born!? i'm anxious to see whether he will be "curtis's" or "morgan's"!

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    Well, look at you with your new camera! I think your pictures are terrific! It was an exciting day and I'm glad you guys were there. Fun to see Brent hold the baby too! xxoo!

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    the pictures are ALL adorable!! the momma looks great and the kids are ALL so cute!!:)

    i am sorry to hear about your friend, keeping them in my thoughts and prayers.

    hope you are having a good week hun! XO

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    First… I ma newer to your blog so I have not seen the blondies before and and they simply beautiful. And congrats on the new nephew!! What's his name?? Wonderful picture slide show…
    And I will say a prayer for your friend, that her and her family find healing and peace. So sorry to hear about her loss.

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